1st Elimination: Pole Wrestling 🤼‍♂️ (Sean vs. Idris) | The Challenge: War of The Worlds 2

1st Elimination: Pole Wrestling 🤼‍♂️ (Sean vs. Idris) | The Challenge: War of The Worlds 2

Welcome everybody to the proving ground! (competitors cheering) This is where all the elimination rounds are gonna be taking place on this season of The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2. Brits, you guys lost the first challenge. So, you guys had to nominate
one guy to come down here and fight for their right
to stay in the game. So who’s it gonna be? It’s gonna be Sean. All right, so Sean, come on down. (dramatic drum music) – [Woman] Let’s go Sean. How you doing?
I’m good. Oh, Sean. (laughs) Sean is like a rabbit. Put here and do, do, do, do, do. He’s nice. (laughs) Now, Tribunal, you guys
have to nominate one guy from either team, to come
down here and battle Sean. Now, you guys are gonna
vote as individuals. So, Wes, who’s it gonna be? If I was to go into the
elimination right now with Sean, I’d be so angry. I’m a legend of The Challenge. The world needs me here. Though I think I convinced
Jordan to not put me in, I’ve still got butterflies,
I’m full of adrenaline, I’m ready to go. (dramatic music) Wes, who’s it gonna be? Bear. Mother (beep), why does he vote me for? He’s just got a problem with me. All right so that’s one vote
for Bear, next up Laurel. Who’s it gonna be? Idris. Okay, so that’s one vote for
Bear, one vote for Idris. It all comes down to this,
Jordan, who’s it gonna be? Tonight’s a battle for the rookies. We’re gonna put in Idris. All right, Idris come on down. (competitors clapping) – [Jordan] Laurel and I
are switching our vote from Rogan to Idris. You know, it’s pretty much a wash. It doesn’t really matter if
one or the other goes in. They’re both essentially rookies, we can always fall back on that. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you.
Pleasure. I need to make sure my nerves are calm. I’m here to win this money, I’m here to win this million dollars. All right boys, tonight,
you are playing a classic. One of my all-time
favorites, pole wrestle. (competitors in audience gasping) So, to begin, you guys are
both gonna start in the center of this circle, holding on to that pole. (hooter honks) When I say go, you’re gonna
push, pull and yank that pole away from your opponent. You do whatever you gotta do to get that pole away from them. We’re doing the best out of
three, so whoever wins twice will wins tonight’s elimination
round, stay in the game and go to the big money. There is a million dollars on the line. Make this happen, all right. You don’t wanna go home this
early in the game, good luck. (clapping) – [Sean] Idris is a professional boxer. People have seriously underestimated me. A lot of people have gone into elimination and they’ve surprised people by winning. I’m a strong guy, and I
will do everything I can to get into the floor
and get the pole off him. (dramatic music) – [Idris] Sometimes a lion has obviously gotta prove himself in the jungle. So today is the day when I’m gonna prove myself to everyone. Get ready for a banger. Get low! All right boys, you ready? (hooter honks)
Go! I could have been boxing to this. They don’t know what I can do. Fast hands, nice movement. Flexible. – [Woman] Get low, get low! – [Woman] Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh, uh oh. (suspenseful music) Sean, yes, show them! At first glance you would assume that Idris would just
wipe the floor with Sean, but as this battle’s going on, Sean’s actually holding his own. – [Woman] Get up! Voom, first round to me. (hooter honks) Good job, Sean! Good job, buddy. All right Idris, one point, nice work. You win this one, you stay in the game, go for the million bucks. Sean, you gotta pick it up, all right? You lose this one, you’re out. All right boys, you ready? Go!
(hooter honks) (competitors in audience cheering) He’s got really really tight grip, really really tight grip. I’m thinking okay, crap, something’s gotta change. (dramatic music) The boys are like two dogs with a bone, apart from Sean’s more of a sausage dog and Idris is like an
angry Chow Chow. (barks) (dramatic music) I’m giving it everything I’ve got. I’m putting all my body weight into it, I just wanna get this pole off of him. This means everything to me. Keep going, guys! (hooter honks) Woo, I done proved myself! – [Woman] Yes! Are you entertained? (crowd cheering) – [Laurel] Yeah, that’s
what I like to see! Hell, yeah! (dramatic music) All right, well that was
a great battle, you guys. Unfortunately, Sean, you
couldn’t get it done tonight, so this ends your time here. But, hopefully we’ll see you
in the future, my friend. Thanks for that.
Take care. Smash it, Big T! Love you! I feel really sad, to be honest. I don’t want to be the first person to go. But I think that from the
moment I got into the house I’d been kind of gunned for. Big T, I fucking love you,
bring home the money, baby, and we’ll go party and spend it, love you! (clapping) Sean, my advice for the next time you come on The Challenge is,
don’t come on The Challenge. [Congratulations, Idris! Man, that was awesome. (cheering) You did a great job. Since you win tonight’s elimination round, you’re still in the game
going for big money. However, there is a twist, you guys. And it’s a big one. If you win an elimination round, you will have a decision to make. You can renounce your
loyalty to your flag, and switch sides to the other team. You can change your allegiance. (competitors cheering) It’s gonna be a battle, it’s going to be a lot of
fighting, a lot of manipulating. Everybody wants the million dollars, and I think anyone’s going to
do what they can to get it. (dramatic music)

91 thoughts on “1st Elimination: Pole Wrestling 🤼‍♂️ (Sean vs. Idris) | The Challenge: War of The Worlds 2”

  1. I was surprised to see this elimination right away but I like it So much because it shows their strength. Love turbo he’s funny…. sean=rabbit hunter=chicken

  2. You can see in his eyes sean wasn’t all there, it seemed to me something else was on his mind that really made him not give it his all, which is sad bc i feel like he could of really proved himself. Hopefully he comes back next season and shows everyone what he’s made of.

  3. “Sean my advice for the next time you come on the challenge is..dont come on the challenge” John “Johnny Bananas” Devenanzio.

    1st eliminated on the Duel (his debut challenge) & wouldve went home 1st on vendettas if rogan didnt have his injury. Also have to try to pay people to throw eliminations & stage stunts for publicity. This dude isnt just a clown🤡, he’s a whole circus🎪

  4. Idris wasn't playing around. He let the others know. I can't believe they didn't take my boii CT and he was rooting for team America. Jordan is a straight asshole.

  5. i wanna see sean back ( im shocked bb victor isnt back yet ) i only wanna see sean once if he bombs again i dont want him back and i only want him back because he seems like a competitior and didnt get given a shot, but his downfall was expecting these vets to come talk to him and i think big t is gone episode 2 to some uk girl

  6. Yes!!! I am ENTERTAINED IDRIS!!!😍🙌🏾

    **I freakin love Turbo!!! He is hilarious and loyal! “Rabbit, do do do do do..” 🐇 😂

  7. Idris was hella corny with that "are you not entertained" bit. Your performance was good no need to dampen it with cringy lines.

  8. I was quite surprised only one person was eliminated in the premiere given this is a 32 person cast. It looks like either a LOT of people (12+) will get to run the final or there will be a massive purge at some point.

  9. Idk if anyone knew this about Sean was that he was Gay and LGBT Supporter Alley. He was the lone representation for this season. Want him back next sesson. 😘

  10. Am I the only one whose hoping Johnny bananas and Ashley’s curse is still live and well? I’m not trying to be mean, it just is kind of funny… they still get paid to be on the show

  11. I feel bad for Sean. He felt like the loner and I always feel that in a group. Always the outcast. Wish he had that fire in him though

  12. I love Sean they pick him because he was a rookie and came in last in the first challenge. I love Sean personality I can tell that he has a heart of gold. Also, Sean and Big T would look so good together. I have a feeling he is going to be back next season. The problem it is with the vets is they always trying to get the rookies out first when they on the other hand don't trust each other. The Challenge is a physical game, but mainly mental. Wes trying to pull Bear in to soon the trick is wait until later in the season to get rid of the person you want gone. Idris is also a great competitor proud of him. I love Idris name its so unique!❤❤

    Edit: OTOH Turbo sneaky and I'm not a big fan of him. 🤷 AND I'm riding for Cara Maria thats my girl right there yes sometimes she is wrong about things, but I'm riding for her periodttt… 💯🤗😊💜

  13. Johnny with advice haha if ct aint up there no more. Johnny your a middle of the pack competitor. Johnny got punked by the lavender ladies haha felt tortured by the dumb bucks, got eliminated by natilie and paulie… natalie probably has the top losing record, johnny the great ones know when 2 retire.6 titles ! An amazing accomplishment, dont tant your legacy, and take ct with you! Cus we'll never get the chance to face you in your prime, pass the torch already

  14. LOL all the girls want sean back cause he was like a little puppy. Honestly though, he didn't seem ready to be there. He was nervous and didnt look confident at all during the show. Im sure he had something else going on. I really thought he woulda had more will to be there. If he comes back, he HAS to do decent. He cant lose that easily again

  15. I felt so bad for Sean! I hope he comes back! He seemed so nice! I wanted to punch Wes in that tribunal for how he treated him! turbo was right he’s just like a sweet little bunny rabbit 🐰😢

  16. Can’t watch this knowing Theo is in this video, he was in Ibiza vacationing and because of an accident he lost total eye sight on his right eye. I don’t know if he will ever come back.

  17. I love Turbo. If I was to ever meet him, I would just hug him….. and sniff him. Cause he looks like he wears good cologne 😂 ahaha

  18. Idris my goodness, that man is beautiful. Skin is so smooth. Sean, such a handsome guy. I love them all, different shades and all.🥰

  19. Sean was so robbed 😭 This breaks my heart because I was such a big fan of him on shipwrecked and I know how good of a competitor he is. Y’all better bring him back for another season 💙

  20. I liked Sean too. He seemed genuinely sweet. I did crack up at Bear saying that he was a challenge legend. Dude, you’ve been on two seasons. 😂

  21. I love how Johnny's all like "Don't come back on the Challenge," like this muthafucka wasn't eliminated on Day 1 on his first Challenge ("The Duel.") By his logic, maybe HE shouldn't have come back to The Challenge. Let people grow and evolve, you arrogant asshole.

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