5 WWE Wrestlers Who Assaulted Vince McMahon In The Ring

5 WWE Wrestlers Who Assaulted Vince McMahon In The Ring

Back in 1998, Shawn Michaels was put as the
WWF Commissioner, a portrayed match maker and rules enforcer, eventually joining Vince
McMahon’s group of wrestlers called The Corporation as a villain. However, in a segment on Raw
is War, Vince McMahon explained his dissatisfaction with Shawn Michaels as Commissioner and even
went on to say that he sucks. Mr McMahon was unhappy with the fact that Michaels was holding
back The Corporation from intervening in a match between Mankind and Shane McMahon, in
which Shane was getting his ass kicked. As a result, Vince McMahon fired Shawn Michaels
as Commissioner to which Michaels replied with a sweet chin music to the chairman. You
got to give props to Shawn on his dance moves! Ok now that’s just going to get us demonetised… Stone Cold Steve Austin has had many run ins
with the chairman, Vincent Kennedy McMahon but one memorable moment was Stone Cold’s
first ever stunner to Mr McMahon. This memorable moment featured in a 1997 episode of Raw and
saw Austin deliver a stunner to the chairman after telling him that he can kiss his ass.
Although it wasn’t the greatest of sells (let’s be honest) nobody ever thought to
do anything to Vince McMahon back then which is why this moment is so memorable. Austin
was arrested by the New York police soon after he delivered the stunner as part of the segment.
Oh yeah, there is also the moment where Stone Cold Steve Austin pretty much gives the whole
McMahon family a stunner. In this amazing segment, we witnessed possibly the greatest
sell in WWE history… Yep, that’s right you guessed it! Stone Cold Steve Austin’s
stunner on Linda McMahon. Just look at it! It’s a thing of beauty! On the January 28th episode of Monday Night
Raw in 2013, Brock Lesnar returned after he quit back in SummerSlam to confront Vince
McMahon about his decision to fire Paul Heyman. After giving Mr McMahon a romantic nose snuggle,
Lesnar then gave Mr McMahon a devastating F5 after Mr McMahon warned Lesnar not to do
something he would later regret. According to WWE.com, Mr McMahon suffered a broken left
hip that required surgery, however, since it was planned that Mr McMahon was getting
hip replacement surgery, the whole thing was most likely a work that was added in the storyline
to put over The Beast. In an episode of Raw back in 2009, Randy Orton
was in a segment with Mr McMahon which saw Mr McMahon let Orton know that he made his
dad (Cowboy Bob Orton) a superstar. He said that if he had not done that, Randy would
not have been here now and probably would have ended up being a gym teacher in St. Louis.
The chairman then wanted an apology from Randy and threatened to fire him if he did not apologise.
With his patience wearing thin, Mr McMahon had enough and just as he was about to fire
Randy Orton, Orton slapped him across the face before delivering a stiff kick to the
head. He then gave Mr McMahon a legitimate nasty punt kick across the head which saw
the chairman suffer a legitimate concussion. It was revealed backstage that Mr McMahon
had actually told Randy to legitimately kick him in the head and he was very pleased with
how the segment went. I know! I too am wondering what goes on in that weird twisted head of
his… Must have taken a few too many hits to the head… Also, if you listen carefully,
you can hear a screaming banshee. I didn’t even know these things existed! On the September 12th episode of Smackdown
Live, we saw Vince McMahon return to confront Kevin Owens about his son’s actions. The
very same actions that got Shane suspended after he snapped and started brutally attacking
Kevin Owens after Owens insulted his kids. Vince McMahon started off by insulting Kevin
Owen’s physique and how he got his ass kicked by his son Shane. He then went on to let Kevin
Owens know that he has not lost one court battle out of his many due to the fact that
he is a billionaire *cough* corruption *cough* Kevin Owens responded by making Vince give
his permission to be able to beat a McMahon senseless and he agreed, mindlessly. Owens
then viciously headbutted the chairman which busted him open. He then gave Vince a super
kick before delivering a frog splash to him from the top apron. You got to give Vince
credit, 72 years old and still willing to take bumps for the business he loves!

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  1. This is literally the funniest wrestling vid that I have ever watched! Thank you fact 5 wrestling, u r the real G.O.A.T.

  2. Vince McMahon deserves more respect than Goldberg. At least you know the older guy was willing to take bumps instead of cut corners with lazy ass matches.

  3. Bret Hart assaulted him twice on Raw, shoving Vince in the ring after a cage match and fighting with Vince at the Commenters table on another episode of Raw after Bret got into his face

  4. Great Channel, good to see that your judgement on wrestling is on point!
    Orton punting Vince was so man xD
    Keep it up bro! <3

  5. Tbh, Vinnie Mac is the chairman of a company that involves guys bating the shite outta each other.
    Are we really surprised he's been on the receiving end of a few of beatings over the years?

  6. my god….amazing and vey humours content…..adding angle's theme when vice said "u suck" u got me like 😞😲😃😂

  7. The Rock doing the "Suck it" trademark is literally the funniest shit I have ever seen, cannot believe after all these years I haven't seen that. 😂

  8. people say that the rock sells stone cold stunners the best like wtf please Linda mcmahon is the best at selling the stone cold stunner

  9. If a wrestler had a grudge against vince ( and i bet there is many) They could smack him around in the ring on front of the crowd. If vinnie tried to press charges, just say it was staged and part of the show. How do you prove it wrong.

  10. I was at the WWE event when Kevin attacked Vince and if u pause at the Frog Splash part, and look up 8rows u can c me in my Orange shirt

  11. Y'all should've mentioned the times wrestlers LEGITIMATELY beat McMahon's @$$. I'm thinking about Nailz who almost strangled him over some kind of grievance & Bret Hart punching him In the face after the Montreal Screwjob. Nice that some folks he treated like $#!+ got payback!

  12. Stone cold assaulting Mr. McMahon should have been number one. And you should have included Undertaker and Kane breaking Mr. McMahon’s leg.

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