5 WWE Wrestlers Who Will NEVER Be WORLD CHAMPION Again

5 WWE Wrestlers Who Will NEVER Be WORLD CHAMPION Again

When The Miz first debuted, he was told that
he wouldn’t last a few months in the WWE but 1 WWE Championship, 8 Intercontinental
Championships, 2 United States Championships and 7 Tag Team Championships later, The Miz
showed everyone just why he is “Awesome”. The Miz won his first WWE world title back
in 2010 when he cashed in his Money in the Bank contract and defeated Randy Orton. However,
his world title reign was never taken seriously and he was dismissed as nothing more than
a “paper champion”. Nearly a decade later, The Miz has yet to win a WWE
world title again but to his defence, he has been focusing his efforts on other commitments
as well as making the Intercontinental title the most prestigious title in the WWE. From starting out as Kerwin White’s caddy
driver and being part of a male cheerleading group known as “The Spirit Squad”, Dolph
Ziggler proved how damn good he is by winning his first WWE world heavyweight championship
without actually winning a match… OK, he was handed it! Despite his first title reign
only lasting a matter of minutes, Ziggler continued to steal the show every night and
that eventually translated into the pinnacle moment of his career when he captured his
second world heavyweight championship in 2013 after cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase.
Ziggler hasn’t touched world championship gold ever since or even reached the top of
the WWE ladder again. Instead, he has now turned himself into a living meme… Jinder Mahal shocked the world when he captured
his first-ever world title at Backlash 2017 becoming the first wrestler of Indian descent
to win the WWE Championship, not to be confused with the World Heavyweight Championship that
was won by The Great Khali. This kickstarted Mahal’s rise to main event prominence as
“The Modern Day Maharaja”, where he terrorised his opponents… some more than others…
with the help of the Singh Brothers. Since switching to the red brand, Mahal has fallen
down the ranks as a legitimate heel and is unfortunately back to his days of being a
human punching bag for others. When Mahal isn’t getting beat up, he is on a quest
to find inner peace. Mahal has basically gone from a world champion to this… Finn Balor is unquestionably one of the most
talented wrestlers to step foot in a WWE ring. But, while he may be a gifted competitor,
that pays little dividends to the fact that “The Chairman” Vince McMahon sees nothing
in him. In fact, McMahon believes that Balor isn’t “over enough” with the fans. When
Balor got drafted to the main roster, he had all the momentum in the world, winning his
first WWE world title in just under a month, that being the Universal title, at SummerSlam
2016 with a dislocated shoulder, torn labrum, torn bicep tendon and a torn pec tendon, mind
you. The aforementioned injury caught up to him in the end and thus Balor had to relinquish
his newly won title the following day on RAW. With Balor now back in NXT, it’s unlikely
that he will compete for world championship gold anytime soon. At WrestleMania 35, Kofi Kingston defeated
Daniel Bryan to win the WWE Championship, becoming the first African-born man to do
so. He sure came a long way from impersonating a Jamaican that’s for sure! As WWE Champion,
Kofi proved each week that he had what it took to be a fighting champion, displaying
a lot heart and a will to win, however, nothing could have prepared him for “The Beast Incarnate”
Brock Lesnar. On the premiere episode of SmackDown on FOX, Kofi’s 11-year journey was squashed
in under 10 seconds at the hands of Brock Lesnar. Following his loss to Lesnar, Kofi
has since moved on… perhaps a bit too quickly… and is back to throwing pancakes and dancing
around as part of The New Day. It’s as if nothing ever happened…

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  1. Your My Fav YouTuber of all time and I will always support you and Love you Dude (No Homo) But Keep Up the Good Work Man And That Awsome Edit 👍

  2. Kingston and Balor looks like freaking nerds. They should take steroids. Miz has a higher chance of being in the title picture anytime in future

  3. I think the only one I disagree with is Finn Baylor.
    Now I feel down the road kofi & jinder might find themselves getting a push again as a single’s superstars but I feel with Finn going back too NXT and trying to put over NXT it’s looking good for him in the back and he is not selfish. He has a great entrance, can play a heel/baby face, he’s big as a tag partner, and can do almost anything in wwe
    Down the road I got a feeling he’ll be the only one on this list holding the gold again

  4. I have to agree with Vince about Finn Balor when he first came he was cool but ever since injury he has been boaring

  5. The miz : i think the miz still have a chance to win world champions in the future before he retire (60%)
    Dolph : no momentum for dolph (20%)
    Jinder : (0,000001%)
    Finn balor : still high chance for balor, of course if he not injury (80%)
    Kofi : it's over for kofi,he maybe get a rematch for wwe champions in the future but he will not win again (10%)

  6. How about the 5 WWE superstars who will never win a WWE World Heavyweight Championship

    1. Bobby Lashley
    2. Cesaro
    3. Zack Ryder
    4. Braun Strowman
    5. Shelton Benjamin

  7. I'm not sure if Balor should be in the list. While the others absolutely has no chance anymore, Balor does.
    Also the NXT title is a world title now.

  8. Don't Judge itz only God who knows someone's Life,For instance Vince tried to restrain Kofi from winning the WWE,But at the end Everything become an Irony.Though you have done a good job to edit the Video.

  9. I felt so bad for balor man, it was his time, I know he will win the nxt title again soon but still to make history like that and have it end so soon its kinda heartbreaking

  10. It not fair you know?As we know like the new generation talented wrestler finn and kofi were good they won world championship universal championship before and why they cannot heve the opportunitywin those again.Like brock he is in old generation but he still can hold the world championship without attend wwe in many times!Fxxk not fair

  11. Balor has a championship match next week and now that NXT is a third brand the NXT title is a world title you might want to change your list

  12. I'm reading these comments and smh at the same time guys when NXT went to USA it became part of the main roster everybodys contracts on NXT are being changed to main roster contracts which means the NXT title is now a world title and Balor has a match against Adam Cole next week

  13. You know… The sad thing is. Miz really made intercontinental championship into the most prestigious title in WWE. Only to see how it going down once again in a toilet in a matter of a few months.

  14. -Miz:50 50 could get one more title or maybe not but I can see him break Jericho's record of IC title wins.
    -Dolph:sadly won't happen even though he deserves one reign.
    -Jinder:yeah won't get one.
    -Finn:won't get one now but definetly see one in the future.
    -Kofi:yeah won't get one.

  15. Finn balor's never going to give up he will become WWE world heavyweight champion or universal champion ps the universal championship is not a world heavyweight title just saying

  16. I have to disagree with Finn Balor. Next week, he is fighting for the NXT title (which is a world title) and if not now, he will definitely win it soon. Also I do see Balor getting into a world title picture on either raw or SmackDown if he does come back, NXT is basically re-inventing Balor right now.

  17. Number 1 really made me mad cuz they should push him again cuz it was a good run nd it made me mad that they make him drop it to brock

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