After Suzuki-Gun’s attack, can SHO make it to Osaka Sunday? (New Beginning)

After Suzuki-Gun’s attack, can SHO make it to Osaka Sunday? (New Beginning)

Hey, Ospreay, you heard the bell.
Why the hell did you keep going after our partner? Bastard. What you did shows that you have
no confidence in facing him. He can’t let his guard down,
even after the match is over. That’s not good,
what you did out there. BILLY THE WANKER…BILLY NO BRAIN… ビリー お前の脳みそは
空っぽだと思ってたが 脳細胞が2つくらいはあるようだ
よかったな その少しの脳細胞を
ヨークホールまでとっとけよ オスプレイ お前にとっておきの
バレンタインプレゼントをやろう 俺の脚で
チョークアウトさせてやる オスプレイ
今日はよく頑張ったよ たまたま運が良かった 誰にでも
運は巡ってくるものだからな SHO&YOH 大阪では
もう2人から逃れられないぞ お前のたちのファイトは最高だ
大阪であいつらを完全に潰してくれよ I got nothing from them,
throughout these matches. In Osaka, we’ll teach you real tag wrestling. You boys better study. Nobu says it all. オスプレイが付いてなかったら
あいつらが勝てるわけがない パートナーに頼りっぱなしだ
それが ROPPONGI 3DICKHEADSさ 正確にはあの2人+オスプレイで
ROPPONGI 3DICKHEADSだな Maybe don’t translate this part… 俺たち3人は本物の仲間だ You must have heard us, YOH,
so now you’re finally trying. That’s so typical of young guys.
Komatsu, I’m talking about you. After we mocked you,
now you finally show something. And that slap?
Proves that you’re still a Young Lion. Even if my legs break in the process, I have to reach the top
of New Japan Pro-Wrestling. I will be the one. They said nothing I do speaks to them. They can say whatever they like.
I’ll keep trying until it hits you. Because I’ve got something to hold on to,
that’s what keeps me going. I have to move forward. I’ve got dreams. That gives me strength. In Osaka, let’s settle this. ザック 楽しかっただろ?
俺を完璧に攻略したつもりか? ザック・セイバーJr. お前がどう足掻いても
俺を止めることはできない 時間が迫っているぞ… 2月14日のメインイベントで
お前の時代は終わる 鈴木軍の助けはないぞ
1 vs 1の正面対決だ お前から3カウントを
取ってやる オスプレイは”レベルが違う”

16 thoughts on “After Suzuki-Gun’s attack, can SHO make it to Osaka Sunday? (New Beginning)”

  1. I've got three big rules for facing members of Suzuki Gun:

    1) Never let Suzuki Gunun enter first
    2) Never let Suzuki Gun enter last
    3) Watch your freaking backs

    Nearly every Desperado or Taichi match has shown what happens when you don't follow those rules.

  2. SHOly, YOH will have to give up the belts. His partner is done for. The "champs" can't match Despy-sama and Nobu-sama's brilliance! For these two are of Suzuki-gun. ICHIBAN!

  3. YOHはYOSHI-HASHI化しそうではあるからな

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