Aleister Black brawls with Buddy Murphy: Raw, Nov. 25, 2019

Aleister Black brawls with Buddy Murphy: Raw, Nov. 25, 2019

100 thoughts on “Aleister Black brawls with Buddy Murphy: Raw, Nov. 25, 2019”

  1. No one should knock the door of The Duck Destroyer Aliester Black and pick a fight with him
    weather it's serious or a joke

  2. I'm an old school guy. I like guys like Undertaker, Kane, Lesnar.. well, big guys, but I really don't agree with some people, when they say Aleister Black and Buddy Murphy both are Vanilla midgets. Not everyone should be big and buff to wrestle. Look at Randy and AJ. Aleister Black and Murphy aren't midgets and especially Aleister looks really really intimidating. I hate flips and kicks too, but come on, there should be some kicks and I think Aleister has a unique way of doing it, and Murphy has got it in him too. I don't like small guys, I admit it and some may hate me for that, but these two has something unique in them. I didn't like Daniel Bryan at first but after his heel turn, I love him. That's how my mind set work. Should be equal.

  3. Here’s the matches that I would like to see:

    aleister black vs buddy Murphy in a falls count anywhere match or no holds barred
    And aleister black vs the fiend in a casket match

  4. Tommy End/Aleister is worthy of the WWE Championship. Don't know what the f**k is wrong with WWE creative.

    Hopefully this feud will have the chain reactions that will push him to finally hold a title.

  5. Aleister Black stands for Aleister Blackout because of so many Great Knockout Strikes so not "BLACK MASS" WMD like by The Big Show his Finishing Move The Weapon of MASS Destruction!

  6. Why? WWE could not give an championship opportunity to aleister black?he is one of the best..At TLC the no 1 contender for the WWE championship match is gonna be a fatal 4 way match is rollins vs black vs KO vs Rko or drew We Want that..

  7. I was waiting for this pair up if booked right they can have a very rating rising feud this match up along is just crazy I hope buddy gets over in this feud n get a title to

  8. Why didn’t WWE draft Nakamura to Raw so he could face Black 🤔 instead they wanna have him and Sami do nothing of relevance on SD, I don’t like that pairing either btw

  9. Believe me if wwe in future book this wrestler aliester black as a rival vs seth Rollins as a heel it would be more fun to watch monday night raw in future…If undertaker is the one creation of vince then Alister black is the one creation of triple h…

  10. He could be practicing his voice for Batman in the " NEW LEGO MOVIE" The Mac Mahon's are using you as a novis in this league. He should go after Bray Wyatt. Morbid vs Morbid. Or someone who has a tittle ????????

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