Avengers vs Justice League – Rematch  – No Powers

Avengers vs Justice League – Rematch – No Powers

Rematch – Avengers vs JL The following contest is and e-cat match all the way to the ring at a combined weight of 531 pounds the surfer man, Bruce Wayne Tell me Corey do you like his chances here tonight? Well, it’s hard And their opponents at a combined weight of 800 three pounds whole Iron Man the spider-man ball task ahead of him here. That’s for sure This is it fellas We’re ready to get this thing started if you haven’t hit record yet now might be a good time to do that These guys are gonna have a match you’ll want to watch over and over again Just look at this man. He’s all business Moves like that can upset your opponent more than hurt them though. That was a hard shot. What a strike How about we touch on man a bit? All these superstars have the ability. But what does he need to do specifically to come out ahead here Every single time two superstars step in the ring It seems like fireworks always follow and this guy he’s capable of lighting fuses with the best of them Well, he’s trained all his life to be here is either gonna pay off or not. We’ll see real soon No, I think this man means business It might be cliche but it’s true here it ain’t over till it’s over Nice His clothesline finds the mark Move there guys He might a punishing strike Well, look out the flying forearm finds his target it’s all academic from here Looking to catch him off guard man. I thought he had him nice kick-out I move like that. It’s completely unnecessary unless you want to degrade your opposition. Of course There he goes crashing to the floor And there’s the stutter this thing might be over real soon And his elbow finds the mark Absolutely has to get back in the ring. There’s no way around it I can tell you nobody’s happy about it Here are your winners home Ironman the spider-man and big win albeit via count-out Hey rules are rules. You got to pay attention to the 10 count. Are you gonna lose? It’s that simple?

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