Bianca Blair devours the field at the WWE Performance Center Combine

Bianca Blair devours the field at the WWE Performance Center Combine

(music) – The PC Combine, what it meant to me was testing on all different levels, speed, agility, and strength. My athletic background
before coming to WWE, I ran track majority of my life, started when I was five. And I earned a full scholarship
to Division I schools, and ran collegiate track. I was a 100 meter hurdler
and 400 meter hurdler. I did CrossFit for about two years, and then found my way to NXT. (crowd cheering) (weights clattering) – She’s not only competing
with the rest of the girls. She’s in there doing some
work with the guys too. I mean, 400 pound trap bar deadlift. She ran a 10 yard sprint in 2.07. She did pull-ups with plus
40 pounds on her, okay, and she weighed in at 158 pounds. So, she’s pullin’ almost
200 pounds for three reps. She’s not just one of the
best female athletes here. She’s one of the best overall athletes. – Lifting 400 pounds in the deadlift, and probably lifting closer,
higher than some of the guys it’s a great feeling. When I got that third rep, I just had a smile on my face (chuckles) ’cause I realized, like, I’m
really accomplishing something that I didn’t think that I
could, so it was a great feeling. – Diamond in the rough,
for me, was Bianca Blair, a stud, a stud. Here is a woman who came in
here and just blew away times, deadlifted 400 pounds, and did it with a smile on
her face the whole time. I can see big things happen for someone like a Bianca Blair. – I think I’ve proved
a lot in the Combine. I think I proved the fact that when I walk around saying
I’m the EST of NXT, I’m the est. I’m the strongest, the
toughest, the roughest. I think I proved that in the Combine, and I’m pretty proud about that. I always say I walk around
with a hand on my hip and a smile on my lips. I love every curve and muscle
from my head to my toe. And I am someone to look out for. But at the same time, I hope
it encourages them as well. – Come on don’t get too cocky about it. (claps) (chuckles)

99 thoughts on “Bianca Blair devours the field at the WWE Performance Center Combine”

  1. shes the total package. shes beautiful, strong as hell, confident, and athletic. shes the next generation and i cannot wait to see her on tv.

  2. She is going to be great in the ring! Most black women that get into WWE grasp the wrestling rather quickly and do quite well for themselves! Jacqueline was the toughest, Naomi the most athletic, Alicia the best seller, Kharma had a great presence and power, and Jazz was badass. Hell Kristal Marshall was doing well for herself, and even though people hate her, Cameron was making improvements.

  3. So WWE have 5 black women now… Alicia, Naomi, Sasha, Ember, and Binky. Woohoo! Jacqueline and Jazz would be proud.

  4. Shes easy on the eyes, seems to be a beast on the weights meaning she will be a monster in the ring against other ladies, if she can cut good promo's and can wrestle, we have another queen for this womens division. Put her on smackdown and let her run rough shot (smackdown needs women BADLY)

  5. Love seeing these PC stuff. Honestly WWE other than Raw, SD and NXT they should expand more. And I wish I had WWE network to get to see the other shows too. I wanna see all the back stage stuff. Have show where they follow the management and decide on venues for promos.

  6. right there @ the end when she did the LeBron James with the chalk, the girl behind her looked very intimidated. lls

  7. I really wanna see her go in the ring. She looks really promising. I love her gimmick/motto: "EST."

    If that doesn't say, "You're GONNA take me seriously." I don't know what will. I'm keeping my eye out for her. 🔥💜💪

  8. This girl is damn strong, but let's hope her mic skills r better. Being strong is not all there is to wrestling. To Vince I guess physique matters but everywhere else, no

  9. hopefully, she wins and moves on to feud Becky and Asuka. Those two are stale. A mark henry type of gimmick is needed with horrible workers like Natalya and Nia being the powerhouses.

  10. She just needs to develop a character and be good on the mic…if ure not good on the mic or have no personality than being a great wrestler means nothing

  11. She's great in the ring at her level of experience!! She's only going to get better!! She's going far future legend for sure she has the whole package!

  12. Shes beautiful.

    Shes gonna be the next big thing if she keeps this going.

    If she can cut a mean promo, she will be one of the biggest superstars in WWE.

    Her ceiling is so high that it looks like a dot.

  13. Why do u people compare her to Sasha banks Cameron Naomi and all the other black women race doesn’t matter and especially not the looks I ain’t goin lie she do kinda look like a darker form of jojo but what matters is that she’s gifted strong intelligent women

  14. She will be the one to dethrone Kairi Sane after she beats Baszler for the NXT women's title.

  15. Wait Bianca Blair has a long hair when she's wrestling but if she's training it's not Long that's mean,s her hair is fake

  16. I am writing this is February 2019. She is still in NXT but needs to be on the main roster. What are they waiting for. She is amazing and is a future champion.

  17. Bianca Belair is a very talented WWE female wrestlers. However she is not that strong at all and I definitely am not impressed. She can't deadlift more and is certainly not stronger that any of the male wrestlers. 😁👍

  18. Ok. When I look at Bianca Blair, she remind me of the Rock, Curt Angle, and the Game. A triple threat!!! She smooth like the Rock and confident of her abilities. She strong like Curt Angle and athletic as hell. She have the Game energy and no she is great. I never had a favor woman wrestler at all, because it was about beauty back in the day, but she is a Strong, black beautiful, athletic woman, and my favor woman wrestler. She will be the NXT champion, WWE woman champion, and the most unstoppable force in the NXT and WWE. Montez you luck MF. What a woman you have, good luck to the both of you and stay blessed.

  19. I am a new Bianca Blair fan. I was sold on entrance and pure wrestling skill in ring. I know for sure she can take Queen Charlotte Flair. I haven't followed a female wrestler since Jacqualine AKA Jackie in WWF-WWE between 89-95

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