Bray Wyatt Wants Finn Balor at Summerslam | WWE Smackdown Live 7/23/19 Full Show Review & Results

Bray Wyatt Wants Finn Balor at Summerslam | WWE Smackdown Live 7/23/19 Full Show Review & Results

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just do it ladies and gentlemen it is approximately 9:45 p.m. and I am
starting my Smackdown live review early you know why I’m starting my Smackdown
live review early because I just don’t give a damn about the main event on
Smackdown live tonight folks when I heard that this match was being put in
the main event I just have to chuckle I have to chuckle and laugh of the fucking
sure stupidity kevin owens vs roman reigns Dan Roman Empire with drew
McIntyre the special guest referee Elias as the timekeeper and Shane
McMahon as the ring announcer ladies and gentlemen who comes up with this shit
who comes up with this garbage folks you can legitimately see the people in the
arena walking out of the arena on television you can see a lot of people
walking out and gaining up for their seats you can see empty seats starting
to appear on television because of this main event I asked you I
asked you do you care about the main event of SmackDown live tonight folks
SummerSlam is right around the corner we are three weeks away from SummerSlam and
what are we getting for SummerSlam they should rename it rematch slab because
that’s all we’re now now we’re getting that’s all that we’re getting a bunch of
fucking rematches a bunch of fucking rematches shane mcmahon vs kevin owens
again didn’t we see this match a hundred times in 2018 Brock Lesnar Brock Lesnar
versus Steph Rollins for the universal championship again again people again
finn bálor vs bray wyatt didn’t we see this match already in 2018 ladies and
gentlemen apparently they’re building seeds for his fucking Miz
versus Dolph Ziggler match we’ve seen that match a hundred times over the
years do you care about the mace versus Dolph Ziggler at SummerSlam well how
about this one the pancake man versus the Viper
Kofi Kingston said himself this match happened a fucking decade ago and we’re
getting it done again in 2019 this time for the WWE Championship the only thing
I’m excited for is RKO Randy Orton is gonna take the title off of this fucking
pancake man because I am sick of Kofi Kingston and his fucking pancakes I am
sick of him absolutely sick of him and I can’t wait
so Randy Orrin comes in and our kales the hell out of all those pancakes and
gets rid of this pancake champion that we have right now seriously people Kofi
Kingston and his pancakes have to go have to go but ladies and gentlemen are
you guys excited for SummerSlam the biggest show of the summer is going to
be the fucking rematch show of the summer because that’s all that we’ve
gotten slated so far it’s a bunch of fucking rematches you know what that
spells to me absolute lazy booking that’s what it spells to mean you
telling me that w w cannot put up a better card and better storylines than
what they are presenting us for SummerSlam this year Brock Lesnar versus
Steph Rollins didn’t we have this match at WrestleMania what is going to be so
different what is gonna be so different that we didn’t do at WrestleMania with
the storyline what Kevin Owens versus aiming man if if
shane mcmahon beats kevin owens he is to be fired from the w w or quit the WWE do
you care do you honestly care to see that match at SummerSlam folks I don’t
know I just don’t know ladies and gentlemen I just don’t know I just don’t
get it with this company anymore I really really I really really really
don’t I really don’t ladies and gentlemen tonight’s Smackdown live was a
hundred times better than Monday Night Raw and I don’t want to hear these these
these fucking fake fans you know that kiss and and sucked corporate cock of
the WWE to say Monday Night Raw was a great show last night we saw all the
legends back ladies and gentlemen you know what Monday Night Raw was last
night it was a ratings crap all these stars came back to take the TV time away
from the current talent that we have on our rosters and then to top it off the
old-timers can’t come in and put anyone over what old-timer last night put any
current Superstar over last night besides Mick Foley the HoCo can come in
and put anybody over or or say anything positive about the the young WWE talent
that we have Stone Cold Steve Austin he’s same thing about the young talent
that we have in in the WWE absolutely not absolutely not ladies gentlemen I mean if you’re a new
fan if you’re a new fan tonight if you’re a new fan tonight
and you’re watching Smackdown live what does Smackdown life gets you interested
as a fan to purchase SummerSlam April 15th what did it do if you’re a
new fan first eyes on the product is today and you sit down and you watch
Smackdown live did it get you excited it gets you excited to even purchase and
become a subscriber to the WWE Network or was it just boring television to you
and you and you and you actually friend that’s sitting there with you that’s a
die-hard WWE fan he says this is the shit that you like this is the stuff
that you like this is what you like 24/7 title that is defended eight damn times
that changes hands eight damn times in one night a 75 year old Pat Patterson
wins the in Tecate the 247 title Kelly Kelly wins a 24-7 title Ted DiBiase buys
a 24/7 title Alondra Brian evades wins the 24/7 title this is compelling
television to you this is gonna make you subscribe to the WWE Network or purchase
SummerSlam folks the answer is no the answer is absolutely no this week shows
especially Monday Night Raw was absolutely horrendous okay absolutely
horrendous you guys missed my Monday Night Raw review and you wanna hear rats
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gentlemen enough of that let’s get into this smack down live review we start the
show with the new day I’m like here we go again we’re gonna start the show with
the new day and their fucking pancakes the new day come out and they go
straight to the announcer table and I’m asking myself why are they at the
announcer table I completely forgot that um that the ring announcers dad passed
away I forgot his name four guys named damn ring announcer if you guys I’m
sorry I’m having a blonde moment right now anyway he’s his dad passed away he
couldn’t be there and the new day had to take up his spot on the round the ring
arm on the color commentary so the new they are there they’re fuckin dancing
like retards on top of the fucking table I’m like do we have to start Smackdown
live like this do we have to start start Smackdown live like this and then it
gets worse ladies and gentlemen Shane and make man the best fool in the world
appears and takes up starts to take up TV time from the current talent that we
have on these rosters he comes out and he calls out Kevin Owens Kevin Owens
comes out they set up a match for SummerSlam Kevin Owens versus Shane
McMahon if Kevin Owens loses he gets to quit WWE he is going to quit WWE loses
the match we get CM Punk chance weekend you can’t wrestle chance – Shane McMahon
it was absolutely hilarious that the Miami crowd was giving it to Shane
McMahon because he deserves everything that he’d come into him Shane McMahon
announces this match at SummerSlam do you care people do you care to see Kevin
Owens and a McMahon at SummerSlam you could put
him in a steel cage match you could put him in a fucking no-holds-barred mad you
could put him in a Hell in a Cell match I don’t care I don’t care later on in the night they announce a
match Roman reigns vs. Kevin Owens with the ring announcer being Shane McMahon
special guest referee drew McIntyre and the timekeeper Elias
at this point I’m like this show is going fucking straight off the hill
straight off the hill moving on we get a match between the Intercontinental
Champion schinsky Nakamura versus Apollo Cruz this was a good match it was a
pretty good match but I asked myself why is Apollo Cruz getting so much offense
on Nakamura wasn’t Apollo Cruz part of fucking titus worldwide four months four
months with Dana Brooke in his corner now you want me to care about Apollo
Cruz now you want me to care about Paulo troops abala Cruz is buried not six feet
under he is buried 20 feet under and there is no unburying him and making him
a star I’m sorry I’m absolutely sorry Paula
Cruz has all the talent in the world but WW has made so much damage to Apollo
Cruz that I just don’t care about apologizing either I don’t I have a
little bit of care for sinski Nakamura even though WWE absolutely ruined
Nakamura I mean if you’re gonna ruin that was the biggest ruins out of all
the fucking ruins that they have done from anybody for coming up from NXT
Shunsuke Nakamura I can’t believe how they fucked up schinsky Nakamura but
Shinsegae Nakamura hits of Kinshasa to Paulo Cruz pins him one two three after
the match he does another beatdown another King Shaw saw Nakamura is
starting to become strong again it started to showcase him the way they
need to showcase that I just wished it would turn him into a babyface and give
him peace theme music that he once had that the crowd absolutely
that sang along to his song I wish they were bringing me back that schinsky
Nakamura because this huge Shinsegae Nakamura I’m just not taking it I’m not
but Nakamura beats Apollo Cruz moving on we have a segment in the back a promo
between Mandy rose and Sonja de Ville oh what a great what a great women’s tag
team division we have many roles goes to Sanjay de Ville and says hey I talked to
Shane McMahon and next week we’re going to get a match between the ironic s–
the idiotic s’ the ikonics and if we beat them weekend a tag team title match
at SummerSlam I acts do you care many roses Sania de villes versus the iconic
get your pillows ready that’s all I have to say another Mustafa
Ali promo apparently Mustafa Ali is turned into
Alistair black every week Apollo Cruz is making promos Paula Cruz I don’t think
he had I mean Apollo Cruz did I say Apollo Cruz I mean stafa Ali Mustafa
Mustafa Ali is turning to promo man all of a sudden he has a had imagine weeks
he’s cutting promo after cutting promo after cutting promo after cutting promo
can we put him in a professional wrestling ring so he can show his
frustration instead of showing his frustration in a promo okay one promo is
enough we don’t have to have this guy who prom wife the promo after problem
after problem fucking weeks now put him in the ring please it’s SummerSlam
season miss TV yesterday miss tiwiii today
let’s have miss TV every day talk shows have to go ladies and gentlemen and of
all people the miss has Shawn Michaels as the guest now Shawn Michaels has to
take up more TV time from the current talent on these rosters I’m saying to
myself why is Shawn Michaels on Miss TV what is he promoting you so you’re gonna
get a magic SummerSlam – I don’t know people outcomes Dolph Ziggler Dolph
Ziggler’s arguing with Shane make out where we fought the maze and Shawn
Michaels I’m like where is this going where is this going
are we gonna have Dolph Ziggler vs. Shawn Michaels at SummerSlam are we
gonna have Dolph Ziggler vs. the Miz at SummerSlam either match I can care less
for I can care less for can we just get to the next segment please this segment
was fucking awful absolutely awful and ended up with Dolph Ziggler hitting a
superkick on Shawn Michaels knocking him out that means try to help Shawn Shawn
Michaels up I mean where is this going do you care the answer is no no one
cares about this match why even supplied the c4 it amber moon
versus Charlotte Flair this match lasted maybe a minute – amber moon beat
Charlotte Flair because Bailey and her dolls came out with her music playing
distract Charlotte Flair amber moon does a rollup in one two three and beat
Charlotte Flair after the match amber boom amber moon hits an eclipse on
Charlotte Flair and Bailey looking strong as fuck I think this is the best
that Amber moon has looked ever since she’s come up to the main roster but is
she gonna win the Women’s Championship at SummerSlam
who knows maybe they’re gonna make a triple threat man and put the women’s
version of Roman reigns in it Charlotte Flair and then the blonde with big tits
will become Sapir again like always we’ll see what happens the pancake man
appears yes the pancake man our current WWE Champion Kofi Kingston appears
he wants a match with the Viper Randy Orton at SummerSlam
Kofi goes back in time when they went to Madison Square Garden they had their
match and Kofi put Randy went through a table we get this match set up at
WrestleMania it’s gonna be Kofi Kingston versus Randy Orton for the WWE title all
I want is to Randy went to RKO this pancake man out of the fucking WWE title
picture and we have a legitimate champion going into Fox in October
that’s all I want I had enough for these pancakes
Kofi it was great it was a feel-good moment at WrestleMania but enough is
enough someone next please then all during his promos
it was something great that happened Randy Orton said I didn’t have to get to
the top to be have a fake Jamaican accent dance around like a fool and
throw pancakes ladies and gentlemen I was definitely laughing my ass off with
Randy Orton said that I think that was the best part of Smackdown live tonight
that was absolutely ha larious hilarious then we have a match set up with Kofi
Kingston versus Samoa Joe Samoa Joe is the jabra of all Chavez people I mean
seriously this guy takes L after L after L after L it’s it’s it’s sad it’s very
sad to say because Samoa Joe has all the talent in the world to be WWE Champion
and to be a damn good one whipped up in with the fucking mic
skills that this man has it’ll be great but wwg does not pull the trigger on
Samoa Joe nonetheless Randy Orton comes out of nowhere he hits the RKO in Samoa
Joe Disqualification then he hits an RKO again on Samoa Jill Kofi Kingston hits
the trouble in paradise and the segment goes off the air making the WWE pancake
champion look strong don’t care people just don’t care about Kofi Kingston Bray
Wyatt the theme appears a firefly funhouse segment which was fucking great
Finn Balor nothing bad Abreu white is the best thing going in WWE
I’m sorry Finn better bring white is absolutely awesome finn bálor vs bray
white is officially made at SummerSlam another rematch we’re gonna get the
fiend versus the demon king hopefully we’ll see how that goes but Bray white
has to win he has to win Bray Wyatt has to be undefeated for the rest of the
fucking year he has to have this dominant wrong like Kane had when he
first came up to the WWE I hope they don’t fuck this up people because Bray
Wyatt is absolutely money we got a match to announce officially Bray Wyatt versus
Finn Balor at SummerSlam and in the main event of the night Roman reigns and
Kevin Owens special guest referee drew McIntyre the timekeeper is Elias and
this the the ring announcer is Shane McMahon people do you care about this
main event we all knew what was gonna happen it was gonna be a beat down a
beat down with magnetar Shane McMahon analyzed beating down Roman and beating
down Kevin Owens they do the beat down but then Roman has to get his Superman
punch in he has to get his Superman punch in because that’s the most
devastating fucking move in the WWE and Kevin Owens has to get his stunner in
his Stone Cold Stunner I wish they would give Kevin Owens another move you know
that move the Stone Cold Stunner only stone cold can do that move great I like
Kevin Owens Stone Cold Stunner but every time I see it is just it’s just cause
for laziness really people you should get another mover I really wish you
would get another move then to use a stunner but Kevin Owens and Roman reigns
never have the match which I didn’t care of seeing anyways they look strong and
the show goes off the air ladies and gentlemen and that’s it people that’s
all I got for my Smackdown live review quick and quick and easy
I don’t do fucking our fucking long videos detail for detail I just give it
to you straight up and give you my honest opinion so you can go on with
your fucking day 23 minutes when we’re done with this Smackdown lab review
thank you guys so much for the love and support I hit about how about 800 views
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19 thoughts on “Bray Wyatt Wants Finn Balor at Summerslam | WWE Smackdown Live 7/23/19 Full Show Review & Results”

  1. WWE bout to get Charlotte Flair in the title picture again. I'm sorry but Bray Wyatt to me is the old Bray, just in a new mask. Kofi needs to get rid of the pancake throwing in the beginning. Best part of Smackdown is New Day at commentary. They are hype and its needed on every show. Obvious two babyfaces won't actually fight in the main event with heels as your ref and announcer. WHERE WAS DANIEL BRYAN?!!! TAG TEAM?!

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  3. Great show AC💯💪👍 I'm hoping summer slam comes with much excitement. The miz needs to go back to MTV and the real world😂

  4. Brilliant review.. The Bray Wyatt segment was superb… literally the coolest thing I have seen in months..

  5. the way people keep walking out during roman's matches make me laugh…………not because people dislike roman…………..its because of the disrespect they are showing his opponent………i dont give a fuck what you think of roman at least show some damn respect for his opponent.
    Ember Moon Vs Charlotte was there any need for bayley to come out and cost charlotte the match……….Ember moon vs Charlotte could have been a decnt 10 15 minute match
    Samoa Joe once his contract is up he needs to leave WWE And go back to TNA Or go to NJPW Or AEW Or even ROH

  6. OOOOOOFFFFFFFFFFF Was that a shot at JDFromNY206? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂You guys have the same mentality and views towards WWE HOWEVER the difference is you upload 20 minute Quick and to the point reviews he does hour long videos detail for detail reviews

  7. Shane McMahon Vs Owens sounds good I just hope Kevin destroys Shane I’m so tired of Shane wwe relies on they old talent cuz this pg programming and scripted promos are preventing them from bein able to build new stars and like Ive said before ion know wut anyone sees in naukamura all he does is make goofy faces I cringe so hard he needa go back to the Indy’s where he belong

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