Brock Lesnar OFF WWE Until Summerslam?! TNA Impact Working With WWE! | WrestleTalk News May 2018

Brock Lesnar OFF WWE Until Summerslam?! TNA Impact Working With WWE! | WrestleTalk News May 2018

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Brock Lesnar Not At Money In The Bank On a recent episode of Wrestling Observer
Radio, Dave Meltzer revealed that Brock Lesnar currently isn’t scheduled to appear at WWE’s
next pay-per-view in six weeks’ time Money in the Bank on the 17th June.
And to go even further, CageSideSeats’ rumor section reckons the Universal Champion will
miss July 15th’s Extreme Rules show too, writing: “It’s now expected that Brock
Lesnar’s next match will be at SummerSlam, likely as the main event.” – which, if that’s
to be believed, would be even longer than Lesnar’s post-WrestleMania hiatus last year,
where he was back in time for July’s Great Balls of Fire – because, remember, that was
actually a pay-per-view name once – to successfully defend his Universal Championship against
Samoa Joe. It’s been speculated for a while that one
of the pettier reasons WWE could be keeping their top title on Lesnar is so he’ll surpass
CM Punk’s 434 day title reign. Lesnar’s tenure with the belt currently stands at 402
days, and if he doesn’t defend it again until Summerslam on the 19th August, he can
add another 101 days. Which is… divide by Samoa Joe’s 33 ⅓ percent chance of winning
at Sacrifice… a lot more days than Punk. Not all title lengthy title reigns are created
equal, though, as The 434 have acutely pointed out with their infographic showing Punk defended
his championship 141 times… while Brock has only managed 10 so far.
Further evidence that Brock won’t be around again until Summerslam comes in WWE’s live
event listings for everyone’s most anticipated feud of modern times – and by ‘everyone’,
I mean ‘just Vince McMahon’ – Roman Reigns vs Jinder Mahal.
Reigns Vs. Jinder is reportedly being advertised for Raw live events through July, meaning
their feud – which began in the main event of Monday’s episode – will likely continue
past Money in the Bank and into Extreme Rules. There’s a slither of hope, though, as it’s
possible Roman is programmed against Jinder because a) Brock doesn’t work house shows,
so Reigns vs Mahal is just filler while he’s not there, or 2) WWE will switch to Braun
Strowman for Lesnar’s next big feud. But don’t worry, it’s not all gloom and
Roman in wrestling… Best Of The Super Juniors Brackets Revealed!
…because New Japan’s Best of the Super Juniors 2018 tournament is set to begin next
Friday! The Best of the Super Juniors is New Japan’s
annually recurring tournament, featuring wrestlers from their Junior Heavyweight division and
from outside the promotion. It’s where the famous Ricochet vs Will Ospreay vs the concept
of Gravity match took place back in 2016. And now New Japan have announced the brackets
for this year’s several week long tournament. Block A will include Tiger Mask IV, ACH, Will
Ospreay, Ring of Honor’s Flip Gordon, Yoh from the Junior Heavyweight tag team Sho and
Yoh, the Bullet Club’s newest member Tajiri Ishimori, Suzuki-gun’s Yoshinobu Kanemaru
and LIJ’s BUSHI. And Block B will feature Hiromu Takahashi,
Marty Scurll (whoop whoop), KUSHIDA, Ring of Honor’s Chris Sabin, Ryusuke Taguchi,
El Desperado, CMLL’s Dragon Lee and Sho from Sho and Yoh.
And New Japan aren’t the only wrestling company working with other promotions…
TNA Footage On WWE! …as WWE have supposedly struck a deal with
long-time nemesis Impact Wrestling. Despite TNA founder Jeff Jarrett not once
mentioning the banned initials in his Hall of Fame speech, and WWE completely skipping
over the Impact Wrestling part of Bobby Lashley’s career in Monday’s ‘I love my sisters
segment’ – seriously, what the hell was that segment all abou- the most recent episode
of the WWE Network show Table for Three – which featured Shane McMahon, Kurt Angle and AJ
Styles, showed footage from the Last Man Standing match between AJ and Kurt from TNA’s Hard
Justice 2008 PPV. The episode even ends with a plug for Impact’s
Global Wrestling Network streaming service, where viewers can watch all AJ and Kurt’s
TNA matches in full. When asked about how WWE were able to show
TNA footage on the Network, Dave Meltzer confirmed the obvious: “They made a deal with TNA
for it” [A new faction could soon be coming to WWE!
Find out all the details by clicking the link onscreen now! And subscribe to keep up
to date with all the latest backstage wrestling news. I’ve been Oli Davis, and that was

100 thoughts on “Brock Lesnar OFF WWE Until Summerslam?! TNA Impact Working With WWE! | WrestleTalk News May 2018”

  1. for those of you that are happy the brock retain his title against roman at WM34 and the GRR here are the result, a champion who is going to be off of TV for three months i mean i know alot of people hated roman but seriously you can tell me that its better that brock has the title but is hardly there rather than roman having the title and defending it every ppv event.
    ps. fuck wwe for keeping this boring ass universal reign just as a petty fuck you to cm punk even if i didn't like him as much as other fans did during the majority of his run there, expected for his 2010-2012 run

  2. The deal was probably very simple … something like "pay us X amount of dollars and plug our streaming service after the episode."

  3. If Brock sets any record it should have an asterisk next to it were he's only a part timer. No house showes and limited appearances calls into question his legitimacy for a title reign. Also Roman sucks in case someone thinks I support that jackass.

  4. I wonder what the chances are that Braun strowman would win the title at SummerSlam? Probably won't happen. Roman Reigns vs Lesnar Wrestlemania 35 book it.

  5. what's this another bullsh!t inVasion angle?

    boooooring! where is my indie flippy midgets heroes that dave meltzer and dumbass legion endorse 24/7?

  6. as long as Lesnar will not break Bruno Sammartino's streak championship reign, there will never be a problem.

    The f'k is a Cm puke? some midget that meltzer and weeaboo goons endorse before? or that dude who got beaten up badly in ufc?

  7. You can’t beat a record with a championship you don’t have and if the record isn’t actually a record.

  8. Punk held a different belt though. That title has a different legacy. So the comparison is a bit unfair. I mean, the Universe title is sort of just a prop isn't it?

  9. Brock Lesnar doesn't deserve to be the WWE Universal champion. Yes CM Punk was cocky when when was the WWE Champion, but at least CM Punk defended the title on every Pay Per View. Brock is a PAPER CHAMPION compared to CM Punk.

  10. im so sick of lesnar this is a joke he's the worst champ ever seth rollins is the real champ on raw not lesnar

  11. Huh, i almost forgot the Universal championship was a thing..good job for making me care about your top title Vince 🙄

  12. How is the Universal Championship the biggest title in WWE? It's ugly and pretty worthless, and is seen on tv, less than Tye Dillinger is shown wrestling on smackdown tv!

  13. Oh Roman vs Jinder great! Not! add Brock to the match and make it a Steroids on a Pole Match! Winner gets a whole bunch of Steroids!

  14. Good one with the Steiner reference hope they put the belt on lashly they did both do UFC and at this point they have built up lesner so much i half expect the rock to have to come back again to end this by the way you forgot to mention that Charles Manson punk had the shield helping him maybe angle himself will have to beat Brock one more title win for angle would be nice than he would have to give it up the next night but still I don't know what they can do at this point

  15. Impact IS NOT working with WWE.

    Please stop reporting fake rumors. Thanks Oli.

    -Zac Martin
    ~Voice of IMPACT~

    P.S. TNA is dead, that's what you WWE fans say.

  16. WWE reached a deal with Impact back in Feb to use footage. As usual, you guys over at Wrestle Talk are on tape delay.

  17. I'm so sick and tired of hearing about Brock Lesnar sick and tired of these part-timers sick and tired of all the favoritism they show to Brock Lesnar they act like he's the only big time star in the whole entire WWE personally I think each and every man and woman in the WWE are superstars not just one Brock Lesnar never defends his title at 30 days or 31 days title defense I believe that's just a thing of the past anymore that's a rule that WWE has broken so many times it's not even funny I could sit here and rant and Rave and go on about what WWE should do and what WWE should not do until I'm blue in the face but the WWE is not going to listen because they haven't listened so far so what's the point of wasting breath they're stuck on Brock Lesnar and evidently it's going to remain that way he's not going to be seen until SummerSlam seriously give me a freaking break that's a bunch of crap just makes you want to stop watching WWE all together when they do this stupid nonsense Brock is a big star he is a bad bad dude but come on now he's not the only one in the WWE and who gives a crap about breaking CM Punk's title record like many people have said the WWE championship and then the universal championship are two different titles I miss the good old days when the world champion of each brand raw or SmackDown showed up every week on their respective brand raw or SmackDown and actually defended the title live on Monday Night Raw or Tuesday night SmackDown whatever happened to those good old days they must be long gone I miss the real true fighting champions like John Cena when he was United States Champion he had the United States open challenge every week every week he done that whatever happened to people like that you don't see them anymore I think some of these Champions are just in it for the money they ain't worried about defending that title and speaking of that why is Brock Lesnar never required to defend his title if he's so big and bad and tough why don't he get up and appear on Monday Night Raw every Monday night and issue challenges out to people be a real true fighting champion stead of a part-timer who hides out all the time only shows up when he wants to that just makes him look like a coward maybe they should change the name to the WWE Universal coward not champion!!

  18. Part from the fact GWN app isn't even on the PS4 in usa or EU so that's a lie they say its available on all your favourite streaming devices lol

  19. That UNIVERSAL TITLE is CRAP!!! If it's not defended constantly then it's not legit!!! I wouldn't wrestle for it, it's not PRESTIGE enough!

  20. Wwe title defenses aside. Difference being Brock can actually whip someone's ass where punk was owned in his first ever real fight by a Justin bieber look alike.

  21. If it’s title reign length I thought it was Asuka broke Punks record. But there’s also Pete Dunne who’s reaching the 434 record.

  22. WrestleTalk you are freaking amazing you make laugh out loud!! all of the time. When will you get a zebra jacket?

  23. Wtf are they doing with Universal Title? This is completely nonsense tbh. No one would have had any issue with brock if he appeared regularly but no, Brock's UFC steroid dick is so much lovable, Vince decided to suck it without making him appear on the show. This is blasphemy! PPV without Universal Title shots and nonsense feuds replacing it has made WWE to hit the new all time low. Can't believe this company used to be for fans first then money or maybe balanced symbiotic fans-money environment but now it's just money and stupid shits and their works clearly shows that they are in-denial for creativity and hard work but still they want money and want their fans to sit through their shits. If it were attitude era, fans would have boycotted the show already. #BoycottWWE

  24. The way our “hero” champion is never on any PPVs or weekly broadcasts, WWE will go ahead and create the PPVs “Number 1 Contender” and “Champions’ Night Off”.

  25. I love wrestletalktv but based on the title of the video I was expecting more about impact and step UWE coming to some sort of deal don't get me wrong I'm extremely happy to know about who's competing in what brackets of The Super Juniors tournament but that should have been part of the title of the video instead the title of the video is just something that basically the last minute of the video was talking about no big deal I was just stating the obvious I will be a subscriber for Life this will always be one of my favorite channels on YouTube

  26. wait wait wait wait wait

    doesnt AJ styles have the WWE championship ?
    and punk's title reign was with the WWE championship
    how is brock's universal title reign being taken into consideration then ?
    does being a WWE champ mean nothing anymore ??

    it clearly says he's the WWE CHAMP not the world heavy weight champ
    wtf is this

  27. Cm punk defends 141 and Brock 10 ? Probably because he's a prize fighter and not many people can legit beat Brock Lesnar.

  28. CM Punk 434 days defending 141 days
    Brock Lesnar 450 days defending 11 times
    CM Punk real champ
    Lesnar real chump

  29. Please sponsorships elsewhere I really don't want to hear about that crap. Just put a link in description mention it and move on

  30. You know what? I don't get it. I thought Raw should be the best show and Vince want to make it great again. So why does he destroy his creation with things like Lesnar and reigns?

  31. so really another words WWE through TNA a lifeline that company has been completely down river Without a Paddle since the Hardys left the broken gimmick was the only thing that anyone give a shit about in that promotion for quite a while

  32. Smackdown Live is changing channels soon just so y'all know. They will be letting fans know soon. It's great buying stock in WWE, which is not just a wrestling company by the way, that's just a small part of its many business ventures. But it's great owning stock in it, because you get to find stuff out before the regular fans on the business side of things. Even something simple as the B brand moving.

  33. I’m sick and tired of Lesnar only being part time only doing 5-6 shows a year. Mahal defended his title more in his short reign as WWE Champion

  34. TNA deal with wwe for their footage is WWE saying we will air your lesser footage and it'll get seen by more people in 1 week than it would all year long by you airing it. you are welcome TNA.

  35. I’m sure that will stop the CM PUNK chants, because that’s why people chant it his long title reign… right

  36. WWE will never work with impact wrestling unless they buy impact which would never happen in a million years

  37. I still think Vince has money invested in IMPACT/TNA somehow. Yes I might be wrong but it's just like him invested in Paul Heyman before ecw went belly up. Thanks

  38. So no one remembers the day when the champ stayed off TV cut a promo or maybe wrestled a squash to build a big event. Brock draws old school and that's how they are using him. Geez. You want Lesnar to come out and wrestle Sami Zayne every week? Does anybody get booking?

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