Brock Lesnar’s Banned Substance Revealed, Cesaro Shoots on WWE Draft – Wrestling Report

Brock Lesnar’s Banned Substance Revealed, Cesaro Shoots on WWE Draft – Wrestling Report

Welcome to the Wrestling Report,
First up today we have possible confirmation of what Brock Lesnar tested positive for in
the UFC. According to a well-known sports reporter, Brock Lesnar tested positive for
Clomiphene, the same substance Jon Jones tested positive for the week of UFC 200. The substance
is essentially an estrogen blocker which is used most commonly by men when coming off
of steroids to avoid estrogen build-up and the side effects that go with that. We should
wait until an official announcement by USADA or the UFC, but it’s probably safe to say
Brock was on juice at this point. Next up, we have news on a real-life fight
that occurred at SmackDown Live. Multiple witnesses confirmed that a fight broke out
backstage between Sin Cara and Simon Gotch. Though the details are scarce, we know that
it went down in the catering area. Once we get more details, I’ll be sure to include
it in a future Wrestling Report video. Third we have an interesting interview by
Cesaro after last night’s draft. Cesaro, who was drafted to RAW, seemingly went off
script in his interview with JoJo. He talked about how he felt he should have been drafted
higher, and that he doesn’t care about any drama between Stephanie McMahon and Mick Foley
because he thinks it should all be about the wrestling. He also says he would rather have
gone to SmackDown. The way he speaks seems a bit different than usual when in character,
which is leading many to believe this was a shoot. If you’ve seen it, let me know
what you think! Finally, we have confirmation of the new commentary
teams for both RAW and SmackDown. On RAW, the team will consist of Michael Cole, Corey
Graves, and Byron Saxton, while on SmackDown Mauro Ranallo, JBL, and David Otunga will
handle the commentary. Notice how Jerry Lawler, despite being on SmackDown Live last night,
is not included in either of these teams. How do you feel about these teams? If I had
to choose, I’d say the SmackDown team is the better of the two!
And that’s the Wrestling Report for today. Thanks for watching and I’ll catch you in
the next one!

40 thoughts on “Brock Lesnar’s Banned Substance Revealed, Cesaro Shoots on WWE Draft – Wrestling Report”

  1. Firstish? I would have rather Corey Grave put with Mauro Ranallo instead of having 2 teams with dead weight have one really good team.

  2. The Smackdown team is better, solely because it doesn't include Byron Saxton. Sadly, though, Graves isn't on Smackdown with Ranallo, where he should be.

  3. Well, now on RAW we're either gonna see a heel Cole again or Byron heel, there's no way for Corey to be heel. I don't know both Smackdown's and RAW's commentators suck except Mauro Ranallo and Corey Graves. David fuckin Otunga, srsly??

  4. wait what, cesaros interview was unscripted?
    i bolieve in what he said, its true that wwe should focus on the wrestlers, its true he should have been picked earlier, its true i also would have liked it much more, if he was on smackdown now

  5. Cesaro Was Def Being Real… An I Think Shamus Was Being Legit As Well.. Also Dolph But Ceasaro Def Had The Char Dropped An Was Being Legit Pissed

  6. Ya I agree with Hunt. The fighters NEED a union. Losing a fight is bad enough…..but can you imagine if Hunt got seriously injured or killed from Brock Lesnar, who tested positive for juicing only 11 days before?

  7. He's a victim of his own ignorance. He just an ignorant hick, how can he know what an estrogen blocker is even if he saw it?

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