9 thoughts on “CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-July 19, 1986”

  1. The Nightmares really need to do something about their drab and almost monochrome look. Come on lads, jazz your wardrobe up a bit – it is 1986, after all.

  2. I notice some jump in the action during the Fire and FlameNightmares match and it was cut short due to some fan involvement. It looked like some fat drunk or trouble maker couldn't control themselves and security was running toward the fracas.

  3. I noted it removed the clip of the two fans bothering Fire and Flame. A lady grabbed at Flame and when a guy defended her, Fire picked him up in a backward suplex. I recall watching it and I am for certain they were faithful Nashville arean fans. The guy looked real familiar and it appeared he had some training as he worked with Fire in the suplex. This angle was "funny" from the standpoint that if a fan touched you, the fan was taking the chance. Worked or not, clearly, the fan initiated it.

  4. Jeff Jarrett later became an AWA Rookie of the Year, the following years, he later teamed with Jerry Lawler against the Moondogs in the USWA territory in Memphis.

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