Daniel Bryan SHOOTS HARD On WWE! HUGE WWE Star Wrestling INJURED?! | WrestleTalk News Jul 2018

Daniel Bryan SHOOTS HARD On WWE! HUGE WWE Star Wrestling INJURED?! | WrestleTalk News Jul 2018

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News,
I am Luke Owen. The historic WOS brand made a comeback after
30 years on New Year’s Eve 2016 a move that prompted WWE’s UK expansion. Now in arguably
the most important British wrestling news in three decades and after much speculation
since the pilot, ITV finally announced a huge 10-part series over the weekend. Judging by
cameos in the trailer the show, which will start later this month, will feature the likes
of Will Ospreay, Davey Boy Smith Jr, formly WWE’s Wade Barrett Stu Bennett, Kay Lee
Ray, WrestleTalk’s Joe Hendry and Grado, Sha Samual, Rampage Brown, Justin Sysum, Viper
and many more. Online response to the trailers launch had been extremely positive and I for
one am massively exciting about the revival of such an important and iconic brand. Wanna
see the trailer yourself? Well here it is! It was reported last week that Sami Zayn had
once again suffered a shoulder injury and would be undergoing surgery. Initial reports
suggested that he would be out for the rest of 2018, and this is still the case. In fact, it now looks as though we won’t
be seeing him for even longer, as it’s now being reported that he won’t return until
February 2019. This does mean that Zayn would be back in time for WrestleMania season…
but hopefully not against Bobby Lashley again. And he’s not the only WWE wrestler battling
with injury, as the Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that United States champion Jeff
Hardy is fighting while suffering from a pinched nerve and a leg injury. There had been previous reports that Hardy
was injured after his Backlash match against Randy Orton which is why he missed a few weeks
of TV, but his return to Smackdown and matches against Shinsuke Nakamura and Sanity – still
f***ing stupid – led many to believe he had recovered. However there have been several
reports that Jeff has been visibly limping at live shows during his matches. He has also
been avoiding long matches and hasn’t been using his Swanton Bomb finisher to ease the
strain on his body. It is thought he picked up the injury during his entrance for a dark
match against The Miz on the May 17 taping of SmackDown Live. Hey, at least he wasn’t
bitten by a dog. That would be ridiculous. And speaking of the Miz, his arch rival Daniel
Bryan may have upset some of his bosses following an appearance on the Gorilla Position podcast
[7-screen]. Bryan questioned the effectiveness of WWE’s
long-term writing when asked whether he could see himself facing The Miz at Wrestlemania
35. “I am definitely up for it. My question
– you ask me that question, I will answer it with a question. Do you trust WWE with
telling that story from now until WrestleMania 35? Like, what in the last several years has
shown to you that something like that is possible here?” Uh oh, this means it’s time to check in
on how many f***s Daniel Bryan gives. Umm, I mean this usually something that Oli doe
s but… he’s acting a bit weird at the moment. And I don’t really like to do other
people’s jokes. Plus he’s got the control that unlocks the counter so I can’t even…
well, I guess here goes. Oh wow, that’s a low number of f***ks to give. Whoa, I am
reacting big to this piece of news. You know what that isn’t working. He did however say he understood why the writers
may not want to wait for ‘Mania to bring this feud to fruition. “I think that would be awesome, I think
it would be something that the fans would be excited to see, whether or not we can prolong
– because people want to see me punch Miz in the face. I want to punch Miz in the face.
Whether we can prolong that on television for that period of time? I don’t know.” Who has the best finishers in WWE right now?
Josh Howey believes he knows and you can read his list over at WrestleTalk.com right now.
I’ve been Luke Owen and that was wrestling.

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  1. People keep pissing on wwe. Yes it has terrible story lines and yes they fuck up at times. But do we know why the company is so successful and will always be. Its because they do create amazing moments. Wwe is fun n its really good. We just love focusing on what's going wrong. We have heroes and people we look up to all thanks to WWE

  2. Omg all you smarks can think about since that winy bitch punk is shoot wresting everything's got to be a work shoot, fuck you Daniel Bryan sucks.

  3. Simple: Hell no win tag gold at Extreme Rules. Lose them back at Summerslam. Lose rematch on episode of SDL than Kane turns on Bryan. (Heel turn yes again). Bryan vs Kane at HIAC IN HIAC. Bryan vs Kane at TLC in a Tables Match. Survivor Series (Bragging Rights) gets in the way. One more one on one at Clash Of Champions. Ends just in time for Bryan to win RR.

  4. I'm surprised nakamura got bit by a police dog….they don't neuter police dogs to maintain maximum intensity testosterone aggressiveness drive and natural ability…. he should have lowblowed. Instead he got knee to dog

  5. Poor Jeff Hardy, the man is 40 years old, and been jumping off ladders as a career for nearly 20 years, idk if his body can handle much more

  6. We need Bryan back in the indies! He clearly hates being in the wwe! And the indies are bigger than its ever been.. he’d be the biggest draw anywhere he goes

  7. Ten episodes is not enough it will flop it needs run weekly like RAW does so story's can build and characters can develop.

  8. DB talked shit about WWE then backed up there reasoning, Smh. DB does this Every time he gets on a ego trip and not getting his way. DB should go to Indies, so he can get that permanent disability, he's been wanting. Then DB will do just like the rest and ask Vince and WWE for help. Reality > EGO

  9. WOS series is a brilliant announcement. I just hope WWE don't keep hoovering up all the UK talent, as much as I like to see UK talent make it to WWE, I live like 5 mins from Pete Dunne, but if they do there won't be anyone left for this. I really hope it's a success. There really are alternatives to WWE now.

  10. So I just found out from an ad on my instagram from the AT&T center in San Antonio, TX that (maybe it's already out there so this is new to me) that in September, there will be the hell in a cell ppv (again new to me) that apparently two matches have been confirmed. Reigns vs Owens and Styles vs Joe for the WWE title. Can anyone confirm this or slightly confirm this?

  11. The one time I fully expected Oli Davis to check the Daniel Bryan Zero F**ks Meter and he's no where to be found. :'(

  12. Just signed up to YouTube and just subscribed! Love your videos! I don’t even bother watching raw or smack down anymore. I love your recaps!

  13. Must be hard to get dressed in those dimly lit dressing rooms where everyone walks in slow motion.

  14. You guys should take a look at CEO's wrestling style entrances. I got a kick out of Infiltration's https://youtu.be/xMmBo-xteLw

  15. I'll give another one away..

    How do you prolong Bryan vs Miz?

    You rewrite the role of the GM's to be my Human chess players, intentionally revving up talent the way scumbag pieces of shit do with dogs, for dog fighting.
    Only the Gm's won't break humane laws.. I hope.

    So the GM should be playing their talents off each other. Instead of being baby sitters, they're motivators who manipulate and orchestrates situations ramping up the intensity between competitors.

    So Paige should intentionally bring the two close together, than deny them what they want, having their other rivalries parallel and intertwine with each other, until finally at the boiling point (Wrestlemania) they're allowed their release.

    Write the GM's properly. Solution.
    Done and done.

  16. D Bry obviously wants to get fired from WWE, or wants the "creative" team to get their shit together. Either way, it's good for all of us.

  17. Guess what WWE deserves the talent speaking up and or against them…After that abomination of monday night raw they deserve no more money from fans

  18. WWE needs Daniel Bryan more than Daniel Bryan needs WWE. Daniel could be even bigger globally should he move to other venues. WWE can't really use any of their talent creatively correctly. So long as that senile idiot Vince/Dunn are still there.

  19. I mean, what part of that clip was a lie? Name the last main roster feud that was a slow burn over a long period of time, and then had a payoff? Essentially, give me the last main roster feud that resembled Ciampa and Gargano. I'll wait.

  20. I get tired of seeing Jeff Hardy at the end of the match looking like he survived a horrific car crash SMH

  21. hate to say this since i love almost everything about the UK.. but your wrestling promotions production values are shite! if they decided to spend as much on a single episode of a wrestling show as they have on dr who (which i hate), shameless, or even fucking red dwarf it would be amazing i have no doubt.. but the way things ARE makes uk promotions look like amateur hour even when compared to ROH, impact, pwg (i wont even bring up lucha), or AAA.

  22. give shinskue the title off hardy and give hardy time off perhaps after summerslam or now maybe and bryan is right hope we get it at summerslam or a lil bit later

  23. I could care less about your heel face your heel voice. That shit is so scripted and played out. Just show me the athleticism.

  24. Bryan is right. Just think about how big a match at mania that could be. Just have Miz as the world champion and Bryan wins the rumble. That right there would be more of a draw then anything they could do with a big dog.

  25. Love him or hate him you have to RESPECT Daniel Bryan for speaking the truth. Wwe creative is God Awful complete GARBAGE

  26. Not just live shows, but in the last weeks taped show too. I guess he will lose 100% the title to Nakamura and will take another rest time from in-ring. Sad…

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