100 thoughts on “Elimination Chamber Kickoff: Feb. 17, 2019”

  1. The Cruiserweight Division, alongside Aiden English's superb commentary, should not be at the preshow. WHAT A MATCH!!! Murphy is a hell of a wrestler, and so is our boy Tozawa. God bless whoever books 205 Live since late 2017

  2. WWE just don't know!! buddy Murphy is such a inventive wrestlers the guy is brilliant in the ring why oh why are they not letting him wrestle guy's from Raw or smackdown.

  3. يا رب رومان حبيب قلبي يرجع على ال wwe
    حتى اذا ما بدو يصارع يصير مدير عام

  4. Why not buddy murphy give chance like mustafa ali in wwe he can be fighting champ nd he is un stopable i like buddy murphy and mustafa ali they build good wrestling and show fight guits day by day

  5. Its CRIMINAL that the Crusierweights aren't on the main card with a match like that. Murphy/Tozawa had one of the best matches I've seen from the 205 Live guys!

  6. What is Buddy Murphy doing in Cruiserweight division? I haven't watched his any other matches, but other superstars in Cruiserweight division are way better than him.

  7. Why are you not giving 205 live the attention & exposure it deserves? This cwc match was definitely better than 90% of the matches on main show.

  8. How come Raw get 👩 Woman tag Team Titles Belts. What Happened to SmackDown 👩 Womans Tag Teams Titles Belts. That is so Wrong. Raw gets everything and SmackDown gets Nothing.

  9. Akira Tozawa's batle cry is awesome. Buddy Murphy did nothing in this match & with just 1 ending move, he won. WWE, did you plan this right ?

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