Erick Rowan vs. Kyle Roberts: Raw, Nov. 25, 2019

Erick Rowan vs. Kyle Roberts: Raw, Nov. 25, 2019

100 thoughts on “Erick Rowan vs. Kyle Roberts: Raw, Nov. 25, 2019”

  1. When I clicked on this video I read Eric Young vs Kyle Roberts and I thought hey they are bringin back Eric Young! Was disappointed not to see him

  2. please local competitors matches a little bit longer please…maybe one minute longer…really hot this match! kyle roberts is sexy

  3. Eric Rowan carrying that thing around reminds me big the low budget horror film "Basket Case" were the guy carries around the laundry basket & people keep asking him "What's in the basket?" And it turns out it's his deformed formerly conjoined twin brother.

  4. From the viking raiders to Erik Rowan? Both fighting jobbers btw those jobbers are having more wrestling time than mahal

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  6. raw november 25 2019…this is the only match i watched with real interest…for the rest of the time i was in the bathroom and i turned off the television….jobbers matches are for ever👍

  7. I hate seeing Kyle get beaten up everytime he's on Raw, but I'm glad he's able to showcase his talents to the "big boys". Harley Race definitely trained you well.

  8. I wish he’d lift the cover and show us what’s in there already. But if it’s just a KFC $5 Fill Up Box, I’m gonna LMAO.

  9. I don't usually watch as many Amv's as when I was Gigan. My self used poorboy emotion I found there was "I get to look at the Choices I'm finding" I'm not forced back into Gigan.

  10. This Kyle Roberts gut is friends with my aunt. They went to school together. She always talks about how he always wanted to be a professional wrestler.

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