Eva Marie Returning From Suspension, Slater & Rhyno Dropping Titles? – Wrestling Report

Eva Marie Returning From Suspension, Slater & Rhyno Dropping Titles? – Wrestling Report

What’s up everyone? My name is John and this is the Wrestling
Report. Today, we have an update on all red everything
herself, Eva Marie. Her suspension ends tomorrow. Hooray. We finally made it. We made it through the most depressing time
frame of WWE history. I’m sure they’ll just continue the push they
had for Eva, but my question is: what will she say happened upon her return? She’ll probably just ignore the crowd chants
and talk about her “vacation” from WWE as if she wasn’t even suspended. Now, we have a little bit of a theory surrounding
the raw ratings drop. Now, many people assume it’s because Monday
night football, but that’s been happening for a while, and there hasn’t been a drop
like this. Granted, it’s true that WWE has no reason
to be too concerned with television ratings because of their major success outside of
TV. But the reason might just be Finn Balor. See, Finn was supposed to reign as champion
and more than likely drop the belt to Kevin Owens after two months. Finn was supposed to be the established baby
face, but now Raw doesn’t have a top baby face. Fans resent Raman Noodles. Seth still acts like a heel and has been the
top heel for a while now. Please Finn. Get better soon. I miss you. Finally, there have been rumors regarding
the Smackdown Live tag team titles. Insiders are speculating that the Usos will
defeat Heath Slater and Rhyno for the tag team titles and go into a fuel with American
Alpha for the titles. Also, there was supposed to be a steel cage
match between Ziggler and Miz at No Mercy, but they are reconsidering that because Maryse
can’t interfere, which means Miz will probably retain. This has been the Wrestling Report. Thank you oh so very much for watching. Go have yourself a fantastic day, and I’ll
see you next time.

26 thoughts on “Eva Marie Returning From Suspension, Slater & Rhyno Dropping Titles? – Wrestling Report”

  1. I really hope Slater and ryhno don't drop the titles…it was an amazing moment when they won the titles and I think the ratings drop could be because of Finn. since he got injured the ratings just dropped and smackdown almost beat them at one point #GetBetterSoonFinn

  2. For real, act like you care about what the hell you are doing or have the other guy come back, you are utter garbage, and I'm tired of your voice.

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