Every WWE/TNA Wrestler Appearance in Netflix’s GLOW

Every WWE/TNA Wrestler Appearance in Netflix’s GLOW

As some of you may know, Netflix has its
own wrestling show, GLOW. Well it’s not a wrestling show per say but the show that centers around wrestling. It’s about an actress in 1985 who becomes part of a startup wrestling promotion called the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, or GLOW for short. It’s very good and you should definitely check it out. But for those who have watched the show, then you may have noticed there are a few appearances from legit wrestlers. So I’ll be running through them all and fair warning, some minor spoilers are inbound. Starting with episode 1 we have the Shaman of Sexy, John Morrison. He portrays Salty “The Slick” Johnson, who comes in as wrestling trainer and shows the ladies how to to hit the ropes, roll and take bumps. Morrison only makes it in for one episode, as in episode two of the series the director decides to let him go. Let’s springboard ahead to episode 4 where we find out next two appearances. But brace yourself, it’s about to get funky and cool. That’s right, Brodus Clay and Carlito play the roles of the character Cameron Wade’s brothers and to make it even better their Star Wars fans. “Love Star Wars.” They also teach two of the main characters how to perform the cross body, what nice guys. And… Wait He has an apple?! That’s so awesome!!!! Oh, um. Up next, we have Christopher Daniels and
Frankie Kazarian wrestling each other at a show three of the characters are in attendance at. They don’t get any names but it’s still cool nonetheless and Daniels even forms
a pretty nice moonsault. And in the main event, we got two more appearances. Joey Ryan appears as a heel called Mr. Monopoly, he does certainly got the mustache for it. He’s also accompanied by his real life wife and fellow pro wrestler, Laura James. Mr. Monopoly takes on the baby face of
the match, Steel Horse, or as you and I may recognize him as, Alex Riley. Looks like he’s taking a few tips from Biker Taker. And lasty, you know who it is brother! Yeah, Hulk Hogan’s daughter, Brooke Hogan! We get to see her as a manger for a venue the two main characters are checking out to perform in. Not quite the Pontiac Silverdome but still cool. One quick, interesting bit, beyond just wrestlers appearing in the show, there are all kinds of wrestling references scattered throughout the series, some in plan sight and others not so much. Hey, thanks for watching! If you’re new to Tap Out Corner, we got Did You Know Wrestling, where we share all kinds of trivia and facts on your favorite wrestlers and there’s also the Public on Wrestling, where we ask random people questions about the world of professional wrestling. I’m Zach, and I hope to see you in another video!

88 thoughts on “Every WWE/TNA Wrestler Appearance in Netflix’s GLOW”

  1. Daniels performs a 'pretty nice Moonsault?' PRETTY NICE??? That's the BME / BEST MOONSAULT EVER….& don't you forget it!! :)-

  2. I totally missed that was Carlito, thought it was at first but dismissed it because of how incredibly jacked he's looking now. Great to see him though, and him getting in that little easter egg with the apple was fantastic. Thanks for making the vid!

  3. I'm happy to see Alex Riley again on my computer screen again. Since he was released from WWE, I never heard much of him since.

  4. As some people have pointed out, I neglected to mention that Awesome Kong/Kharma plays the role of Tameé Dawson. Dawson is apart of the main cast and is one of the ladies training to be a part of GLOW. This is my stupidity shining through but it also shows how good of an actress Awesome Kong is. My apologizes for missing the appearance.

  5. Love the fact they have a World Of Sport Wrestling reference with the Big Daddy vs Giant Haystacks poster. A lot of people wont know what a big deal that match was in England back in the day

  6. you do know that the gym where the girls train is named Chavo and that Chavo Guerrero trained the girls for the tv show just like how his uncle Mando train the ladies of GLOW back in the 80's

  7. I absolutely did not recognize Carlito until I looked up the name. He looks so different. Not as pudgy at least. Brooke Hogan I absolutely did not recognize either. Still don't. She looks like a 45 year old dominatrix with all that makeup on her.

  8. Jesus Christ, Carlito looks a lot different nowadays or is it just me? He looks BUFFED as hell and doesn't have a much fat on him. Even his face looks muscular and not as round and fat.

  9. my niqqa Carlito got them fucking gains hell yeah he's done himself well hopefully he'll make a return to the wwe and win the universal champion if not and instead treat him like crap before he left then fuck the wwe

  10. I didn't recognize Awesome Kong at first and I didn't even find out that Carlito was in it til after I finished it. He looks so much different now.

  11. you also should have mentioned chavo guerrero not in the series per say but lead wrestling trainer to cast.

  12. I’m here after Awesome Kong at DoN and I’m totally gna watch this series now!!! This is awesome

  13. OMG I so totally did not recognize Brooke Hogan, that terrible 80s dress LOL, and the aqua net hairdo wow, she looks so different in that scene, really cool now that I know, I loved the 80s✌️

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