EX – WWE Star Spits At Another Wrestler! Roman Reigns Vs Baron Corbin Today Match! Wrestling News!

EX – WWE Star Spits At Another Wrestler! Roman Reigns Vs Baron Corbin Today Match! Wrestling News!

Here is your news for
January 13, 2020 We’re kicking off with some big
news from WWE’s relationship
with Saudi Arabia, as according to Mike Johnson of PW
Insider, the company will be
hosting its next show in the country next month. Depending on what the Saudi
government wants to do, the
show will take place on either February 20th, or the 27th,
and once a date is locked, the
WWE will presumably inform their roster and make it
official. Both these choices are a Thursday,
meaning that WWE will have to
rush home after the show, to make it to Friday’s
SmackDown in Boston, and will
have to make sure not to run into any alleged mechanical
issues, like what happened after
Crown Jewel 2019. Though these mechanical issues
may have been legitimate, there
are many who believe that this is just a cover for
tensions with the Saudi Royal
Family, as McMahon reportedly cut the feed to Crown
Jewel for 40-minutes, after
reportedly not being paid by the nation for multiple shows. Though we can’t confirm or deny
that that happened, it has been
reported that Vince McMahon reinstated the feed,
shortly after receiving a huge
payout by the Saudi Sports Authority, implying that
missing payments was the
reason for the cut. Several Superstars said privately
after the so-called ‘mechanical
issues’, that they weren’t planning on going back,
and given the recent problems
in the Middle East, specifically in Iran, it’s no wonder
that even more Superstars will
be hesitant to fly over. This is hardly the first time that
WWE’s deal with the Kingdom
of Saudi Arabia has come under scrutiny, as when the
first show was held in April 2018,
the refusal to allow any female performers
conflicted with the WWE’s
Women’s Evolution. In November 2018, the company
decided to carry on with its
Crown Jewel event after the murder of U.S Journalist
Jamal Khashoggi, who was
allegedly killed at the request of Saudi Royal Prince Mohammad
Bin Salman, who has worked
closely with WWE to bring wrestling to the country. With that said, the WWE shouldn’t
have any issues finding talent
willing to go, because the Saudi shows have a very nice
paycheck to them, thanks to the
deal with the Middle East nation. This February show will be the
fifth WWE event hosted there,
after 2018’s Greatest Royal Rumble and Crown Jewel,
and 2019’s Super ShowDown
and Crown Jewel shows. After last year’s travel issues,
WWE put out a statement on
their corporate website, confirming that more shows will
be added to the calendar. It reads: “Following the historic Crown
Jewel event in Riyadh, WWE
(NYSE: WWE) and the Saudi General Entertainment Authority
(GEA) have expanded their live
event partnership through 2027 to include a second
annual large-scale event. WWE
and GEA also continue to work towards the
completion of a media agreement
in the MENA region. This long-term partnership
demonstrates WWE and GEA’s
commitment to bring sports entertainment to the region and
supports Saudi Arabia’s Vision
2030.” Though the deal may not have
gone down with fans, the shows
have certainly been profitable, so expect them to
continue for many, many years. We’re heading back to the good
ol’ U.S. of A now, as we have
some results from a live event in Dayton, Ohio. At the show, Braun Strowman and
SmackDown Tag Champs The
New Day defeated Intercontinental Champion
Shinsuke Nakamura and the
Revival. Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe
defeated the AOP via DQ, whilst
The Fiend proved himself to be the Last Man
Standing when he is retaining his
Universal title against the Miz. Randy Orton was able to get a
victory over AJ Styles, and in
what was described as a surprisingly good match, Roman
Reigns defeated King Corbin in
a loser eats dog food match, though post-match, the
King of the Ring was
unsurprisingly hesitant to live up to the stipulation. Attacking Reigns after the bell,
Corbin nearly made the former
Universal Champion eat the food himself, but after a low
blow by the Big Dog, Corbin was
forced to eat the disgusting meal in an act of
pure humiliation. Though Kevin Owens and Samoa
Joe got the DQ win at the show,
they won’t have much time to celebrate, as this
Monday, they’ll team with the
Big Show to face the AOP and Seth Rollins in the
first-ever WWE fistfight. We’re not quite sure what the
rules of the match are, and
neither are the participants, as Kevin Owens has made it
clear he’s unclear as well. On the red carpet for the new
Robert Downey Jr. film Dolittle,
Rollins spoke to WWE about the upcoming fistfight,
saying: “We’ve all been in these for
years in WWE, we just never
called it a fist fight. I prepare like I always prepare, I’m here on
the red carpet, celebrating,
doing what I do best. I don’t really need to focus on
what is a fist fight, or what isn’t
a fistfight. I’m the best professional wrestler on the
planet. I guess that means I’m
the best fist fighter on the planet, as well. So, me, and my
boys, AOP, we’ll take care of
business.” For someone who doesn’t know
how to fistfight will work, Rollins
is very confident, calling himself the best fistfighter
on the planet, but fans will have
to wait and see whether he can back this claim
up tonight on RAW. Over to Impact now, and history
has been made, as Tessa
Blanchard’s year-long chase of the Impact World title has
culminated with being the first
female World Champion in wrestling. Though this win at Impact’s Hard
to Kill 2020 Pay Per View is truly
historic for multiple reasons, Blanchard has found
herself in the midst of controversy,
after she tweeted about women’s sticking together
on the eve of her World title match
against Sami Callihan. This innocuous tweet brought out
several responses from women
in the industry, who have made allegations of abusive
behavior by Blanchard, including
racial slurs. Sienna commented about
Blanchard reportedly using the
N-Word at a black female wrestler when they were working
in Japan, whilst NXT’s Chelsea
Green, who recently aligned herself with former Impact
Star Robbie E on the Gold brand,
said that Blanchard has always put down,
bullied and belittled countless
female coworkers. Apparently, the woman who
Blanchard allegedly used the
racial slur against is Peurto Rican star La Black Rose, who
thanked Green and Sienna for
coming forth, and claimed that she was the victim of
Blanchard’s alleged racism. In a follow-up tweet, Sienna said
that she didn’t reveal anything
about the 2017 incident, was because it wasn’t
her story to tell, and that she
even asked Rose for permission, before tweeting about
the incident, giving this as an
example of women supporting women. Sienna and Rose aren’t the only
ones who remember this incident
in Japan though, as former Impact star Rebel said
that she was there when this
happened. In her comments on what
happened, Rebel said that she
likes to think people change over time but said that the bad
behavior and non-supportive
attitude of Blanchard did occur in Japan, as she was
there to witness it. AEW Star Shanna also commented
on the Japan trip, describing La
Black Rose as a fun-loving person, who would never
disrespect anyone, and advised
Blanchard to practice what she preaches. Renee Michelle, who WWE fans
will remember for her time in the
Mae Young Classic, as well as her adventures over
the 24/7 title with real-life
husband Drake Maverick, also spoke about the incident,
saying that La Black Rose made
her promise not to say anything, as Rose feared she
would be blackballed for speaking
out against another star. Despite these allegations,
Blanchard does have some
supporters, such as fellow Impact Star Moose, who
responded to Sienna, saying: “I guess you and @ImChelseaGreen
are absolute angels with a clean
past. The timing of these tweets from you guys
shows a lot about your characters.” Though Moose questioned the
timing of these tweets
considering Blanchard’s title match the next night, many people
responded saying that Tessa
brought these comments on herself, after
mentioning women supporting
women, and was seen as a hypocrite given her alleged past. NXT UK’s Isla Dawn also got in
on what was going on, saying
that she too has been the recipient of bullying from
Blanchard, claiming: “As someone who experienced
your bullying firsthand, received
regular verbal abuse, was spat on, had rumors spread
about me, dealt with multiple
attempts by you to blacklist me from other companies,
(plus more), I just pray you now
follow your own advice.” Though the new Impact World
Champion admitted to making
quote “silly decisions”, Blanchard said that she sees
“ZERO merit” in Green’s
comments, and the NXT Superstar apparently has
Tessa’s phone number. These allegations have already
caused Blanchard to lose work
since they came out, as Heavy Metal Wrestling issued a
short statement on Twitter,
revealing that the Impact World Champion has been
removed from their January
24th ‘Cease and Destroy’ event in San Antonia Texas, where she
was supposed to face Rok-C.
The statement reads: “Tessa Blanchard has been
removed from our scheduled
event on January 24th, 2020. We take these allegations levied
against her very seriously. An
updated card will be released shortly. For refund
information, please contact [email protected]” We should stress that even with
multiple aligning stories, that
these allegations against Blanchard are still
allegations, though this is
probably the worst way that the second-generation star could
have started her World
Championship reign. Given everything that is happening
with her, it’ll be interesting to see
just how long Tessa’s reign as World Champion
will be, as the company needs to
figure out a way to keep presenting Blanchard as the
plucky underdog babyface,
despite everything that has been said about her on
social media. From one controversial star to
another now, as Hulk Hogan
surprised the pro-wrestling world in 1993 when
he signed with WCW, and that
moment was so big, he had a special car to take him
to the contract signing at
Disney/MGM Studios. After years of sitting in one of
Hogan’s Beach Shops, the
Hulkster Viper has now found a new owner, after selling the
car for $75,000 at auction,
practically a bargain considering the significance of
the automobile. The proceeds of the auction
were given to 50 Legs, a charity
that provides prosthetics and care to amputees, who would
not be able to afford the
procedure otherwise. Back to WWE now, and according
to Squared Circle Sirens, the
WWE has inked a deal with a star from The Rock’s NBC
Series, Titan Games. According to Sirens, the company
has signed Andzulis, the first
female champion of the games, to a contract, after the
young star had a WWE tryout in
the Performance Center in March, and has been
training at the JPWA wrestling
academy in Knoxville, which is owned by Glenn Jacobs. There, the former MMA fighter
who is also from Knoxville, has
been training with legends like Kane and Tom
Prichard, but this isn’t the only
news concerning The Rock. In addition to the big news about
Andzulis, it looks like fans are
about to find out a lot more about the People’s
Champions, thanks to NBC. According to The Wrap, a new
series titled ‘Young Rock’ is in
development and will chronicle the early years of the
People’s Champion in its first
season comprised of eleven episodes. In a similar vein to Young
Sheldon, the show will help fill in
the history of the Brahma Bull and will be penned by Fresh
Off The Boat writers Nahnatchka
Khan and Jeff Chiang. The Rock’s Seven Bucks
Productions will be producing
the series along with Khan, Chaing, Hiram Garcia, Brian
Gewirtz, and Jennifer Carreras,
though there is no set release date for the show, which
is currently in development. A leading man of Hollywood and
with shows like Ballers on his
IMDB page, The Rock continues to be dominating the
media, though some fans still
hope for an in-ring return. Now, many fans will know that
The Revival’s WWE contracts
could be up in the spring, as both top guys have received
huge contracts, but have yet
to sign them. Now, it looks like the pair are
taking a break, as Scott Dawson
tweeted out that the former Tag Champions will be
going away for a while until they
get everything figured out. In recent weeks, both The Revival
and Harlem Heat have tried to
get a match booked for the Royal Rumble in Houston,
but with no signs of the match
happening, it appears that Dash and Dawson are ready
to take a break, leaving fans to
wonder when, or if, they return to TV. And finally, we’re ending with news
from Ring of Honor, as Marty
Scrull was a star that the company really didn’t
want to lose. PW Insider reports that ROH has
inked a new deal with the Villain,
who was rumored to have received an offer from
WWE, to join and skip NXT, instead
debuting on the main roster. Scrull’s ROH contract ran out at
the end of November 2019, but
he still appeared on a per-show deal with the company,
and though we don’t know how
long his new contract will last, it has been
reported that the company has
been locking talents into multi-year deals, presumably to
keep them away from WWE,
Impact or AEW. This new deal isn’t the only big
change for the British star though,
as after reports that this deal will allow Scrull to work
with the NWA, New Japan and
possible All Elite Wrestling, it turns out his contract
involves a top creative role, as
the report reads: “PWInsider.com can confirm,
however, that as of this weekend,
Scurll is taking on lead booking duties for the company.
Hunter “Delirious” Johnston
remains with the company in a creative capacity.” With All Elite Wrestling rising to
the top of the companies
competing against WWE, it’s no secret that Ring of Honor have
dropped down the totem pole, so
hopefully, Scrull being a more prominent player
will breathe new life into the
company. It’ll be interesting to see what
direction the company goes
from here, but with Scrull at the helm of the ROH creative
side, expect some big changes
to be made in the high-profile indie promotion.

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  2. That's the kind of thumbnail that gets you sued. Congratulations you just committed libel. Just as many people including black people came to Tessa's defense, but the woke smarks don't care about evidence. They're gonna run with it. Curious timing of her accusers. It's been on the books for months of Tessa being in a title match, didn't hear a peep, but when it's the day of suddenly the dam breaks. Hmm, could it be that the story is true but they sat on it until the time was right to ruin her career? Seems the more likely case is a lie was concocted by jealous women in the undercard. Ya know, like the one whose role was a drunk girl paired with a fat feral guy. Then they decided, hmm if we drop this lie right before the title match, maybe they won't put the belt on her. Maybe we'll find out in time.

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