Ex WWE Star To IMPACT WRESTLING! Ex TNA Stars To WWE?! | WrestleTalk News June 2018

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News
– I’m Oli Davis. NXT Flashback
And happy Flashback Friday, everyone! That time of the week when your social media
service of choice reminds you of all the friends you no longer hang out with, that girl who
broke your heart and the Magaluf holiday where you drunk too much and hit a diving elbow
off the bar in a club. DON’T TELL ME YOU HAVEN’T! But Flashback Friday isn’t just the time
for painfully regretful nostalgia, it’s also a cause to celebrate all those NXT call
ups who weren’t botched on the main roster. Which, as The Fashion Police’s Fandango
points out on Instagram, is pretty much just the Shield. Dango reposted a collage of 12 of the finest
stars to come out of the developmental brand: who are, from left to right, Seth Rollins,
Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns, Rusev, Cesaro, Big E, the Fashion Police Tyler Breeze and
Fandango himself – who might also be Mason Ryan – Bo Dallas, Xavier Woods, Corey Graves
and Derek Bateman, who has since returned to NXT as EC3. It’s a throwback that two former TNA stars
will be hoping to post their own version of in the years to come. Robbie E & Laurel Van Ness NXT Tryout
Former IMPACT stars Chelsea Green, who wrestled as Laurel Van Ness and Robert Strauss, who
was called Robbie E, took part in WWE’s latest tryout at the Performance Centre. The news came from “The official Instagram
account of WWE Talent Development” – meaning literally everything is now on The Gram apart
from us – who posted a video clip of Robbie E cutting a promo at the tryouts and Van Ness
in COMBAT MODE with Head Trainer Matt Bloom looking on. Robbie E – no relation to Big E – left Impact
in September 2017 after almost seven years with the company, where he had won both the
TV and X-Division Titles. Van Ness departed the promotion after dropping
her Knockouts championship to Allie in January of this year. She’s also currently dating WWE’s Zack
Ryder. Gossip! But how should IMPACT retaliate to their former
talent trying to break through in WWE? Rich Swann Debuts On Impact! Sign a former WWE star of course, as ex-cruiserweight
champion Rich Swann has now been offered a deal with the company. Swann made his debut on last night’s episode
of IMPACT with a star shaved into his head, where he defeated Trevor Lee in his first
match. In an accompanying media call, Swann was asked
about being offered an IMPACT Wrestling contract, to which he replied: “We are looking to
do business together and see where the future takes us.” And in light of the contract offer, a change
has been made to IMPACT’s upcoming Slammiversary pay-per-view. In what’s being labelled an ‘International
four way’ match, Swann will take on Johnny Impact Mundo Morrison, Bone Soldier Taiji
Ishimori and Fenix. Swann left WWE in December 2017 after being
arrested on suspicion of battery and false imprisonment. The charges have since been dropped. Eli Drake Resigns With Impact
And it’s more good news for IMPACT as one of the company’s biggest names has re-signed
despite apparent interest from WWE. Eli Drake, who has held multiple titles since
joining the brand in 2015, signed a new contract on June 25th. But in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter,
Dave Meltzer noted the deal is likely to be a short-term one, and may only last until
the end of July this year. This could mean that Drake is still looking
to secure a way out of the company, but short term deals are a big part of how IMPACT works
now as it’s a more cost effective way of doing business, given their pre-taped format. Finn Balor has picked up a nasty injury on
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