99 thoughts on “Greatest Royal Rumble Kickoff: April 27, 2018”

  1. Oigan porque no ponen el evento completo nada les cuesta ultimadamente ya pasó no se van hacer ni más ricos ni más pobre wwe tras de eso las mejores luchas no las ponen y tan bien deberian agregar el audio latino ya que es América latina

  2. Spolier aler
    Undertaker wins
    Brock Lesnar wins
    John Cena wins
    AJ style wins
    Jeff Hardy wins
    Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt wins
    Braun strowman wins
    Seth Rollins wins

  3. Hi a WWE you are a savage and you can do love and support and love you wwe keep the love and support please WWE do you have wwe figures .
    Please try to get 1m sups😍😍 love you

  4. i never got how wwe support womans rights yet host a wwe event in a woman suppresed country… regardless of there culture. wwe should lead by example. not follow like sheep

  5. I Like Strowman In All…But I Think Titus’s Slide Was A Better Moment Than Strowman Winning The GREATEST ROYALE RUMBLE Lol I Swear To God If Brock Lesnar Won The Royale Rumble Which he Wasn’t Even In It I Would’ve Stopped Watching WWE And Started To Just Watch GTS

  6. I went in search of the 2004 Royal Rumble, found the "pre-show" and now I am at the pre-show for the Greatest Rumble Rumble… What did this do for anyone?

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