Hulk vs. Sting epic WWE Legends August 2018

Hulk vs. Sting WWE Legends Looks like he’s The following contest is scheduled for one fall Making his way to the ring standing seven feet tall weighing in at 320 pounds Oh Signals action on its way and it sounds like this arena is more than ready to kick this one off So it’s social media Michael the opening bell hasn’t even rung and yet both these superstars are already trending Well, I think we can all agree that this will be no easy match for him here tonight Yeah, but you could say that about every match here on the card. There’s no such thing as a cakewalk here in the WWE And to the comment from every man’s leg hair weighing in at 250 For a little justice here tonight and five Michael I gotta say guys. He doesn’t appear to be in the mood here tonight. He’s not I gotta say I’m not really in the mood to be sitting next to YouTube. But hey, we do what we have to do Based on the electricity that traveling through this arena and decibel level of the crowd I think it’s safe to say the roof of this building. Just might blow off These guys are undoubtedly going to give us a show here tonight Damn with authority When his strikes land you can feel it in the first few rows Staying using his speed right there the nice job by Sting Just a vicious elbow bringing it back into the ring Looks like he’s pinpointing the back A devastating splash does damage here Looking for the quick 10 looking to steal one there perhaps well You don’t win 25 titles by accident stings as tough as they come. He’s sending a message to the entire WWE locker room here What should sting try to do differently at this stage to remain viable, I’m not sure how much more he asked to give the amount Nobody doesn’t quite like him he’s not going to go quietly No, Superstar world has set ever does stinging everything in sight right now, Michael Still trying to get back to his feet here. He’s clearly in a bad way right now Credible impact on that move what a maneuver. He looks a bit off his game here and he goes through the pin Man I thought he had him just not enough damage done yet call Here he comes Nice thing is finding the right moves right here stairs Here’s his chance to witness flattened like a pancake I Think sting is done playing stay with a scorpion death drop. He’s back in control here He could do it here I thought he had to pin for sure. I don’t think his opponent was expecting that No, he reverses it and he gets him with the counter Staying with a great offensive shell drop the leg with some serious force there I’m having a heart. Can he do it here? And the fight must go on he can withstand a lot more punishment. I can promise you that a holder clothesline catches in the perfect spot He knows he’s in trouble And he lands the slam wow this could do it He’s still in it I can’t believe it Wow I thought for sure that was it And it’s reversed I don’t know guys. I really thought we would have seen the finisher already this capacity crowd starting to sense The end is near and I don’t disagree And I’m not sure he even knows where he is It might just come down the whip superstar is the next to make a mistake Look like sting had nothing left. Yeah, talk about a bumpy landing No reverses it And water reverse it from stank I think sting is done playing With a scorpion death drop here’s his mullet Michael This should do it right there You could put their singles match in the books Here is your winner the man And there’s your winner via pinfall That was simply a case of one guy determined to prove his dominance over another We’ve got an animated crap here tonight as we usually do when we’re in Orlando

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