Jerry Lawler’s greatest moments: WWE Playlist

Jerry Lawler’s greatest moments: WWE Playlist

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  1. Probably there is no clip of Jerry "The King" Lawler defeated Andre The Giant . Cause that is epic in Jerry whole career . After Jerry Lawler defeated Andre , Andre was undefeated for 15 years . So King is one of the early to defeated Andre . This is crazy

  2. Hmmm. You mean King getting a bronco buster from Terri Runnels isn’t here?

    His interaction with women haven’t been all too sweet.
    Madusa – “I see all the workers and all the men put humpty dumpy back together again”

    Sherri Martel – ** walks up to Jerry Lawler and slaps Jerry Lawler ** “you pathetic excuse of a man.” Jerry responde with “the difference between you Sherri and a trash can, is that trash actually gets picked up by men.” Proceeds to kick her in the ovaries.

    Victoria – Kicks Jerry in the nuts.

    Terri Runnels – Gives Jerry a Bronco Buster in a pit of rage.

    Jacqueline Moore – Talks smack to Jerry and slaps him. He slaps her back.

    Jazz – Jazz interrupts his wet t-shirt contest by jumping Trish and beating her down. He calls her an HOMBRE (man) so she drop kicks him in the knees

    Molly Holly – he calls her a fatass. Swimsuit competition. Molly wears a granny suit and loses naturally. She hits him with her flippers. Lol

    Ivory – Calls him a pervert in multiple occasions “A man at your age?! You sir! Are a PERVERT!”

  3. Jerry Lawler returning in 2001 had to be his best moment. The crowd was on fire and since the world was still part of popular culture everyone was talking about it the next day.

  4. "Jerry Lawler's greatest moments was also "Jerry Lawler's funniest moments". One bullet, two kills. Very effective work from WWE. LMAO!

  5. ECW – “Extremely Crappie Wrestling”
    “I heard he tried to enter an ugly contest, they said sorry no professionals” 😆😆😆

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