John Cena Summerslam Match REVEALED! Ellsworth RETURNS! | WWE Smackdown Live, Aug. 9, 2017 Review

John Cena Summerslam Match REVEALED! Ellsworth RETURNS! | WWE Smackdown Live, Aug. 9, 2017 Review

John Cena’s Summerslam match revealed! James Ellsworth returns! And oh Canada, all your favourites are losing. I’m Oli Davis, and this is the 9th August
2017 edition of Smackdown Live…in about 4 minutes. John Cena Summerslam Match Revealed
John Cena opened this week’s Smackdown, which took place in Bizarro-land, Canada. Meaning they cheer the bad guys, boo the good
guys, and – most importantly – have signs that read ‘Push Wonder Oli’. I said I’m past that now. John was putting over Shinsuke Nakamura when
Baron Corbin’s new entrance music interrupted. They had a back and forth jibber jabber – with
Cena getting the crowd to chant ‘dumpster fire’ at the Lone Wolf – and then Daniel
Bryan made a match between them at Summerslam. Which now makes it a…57 match card. The Usos beat Tye Dillinger & Sami Zayn
Tye Dillinger and Sami Zayn took on The Usos to a thunderous reaction from their home country
crowd. With both men super over in Toronto, they
of course lost a five minute TV match. The New Day ambushed The Usos with steel chairs
afterwards, but Jimmy and Jey escaped just in time. Fashion Peaks
Continuing to be Smackdown’s most consistently delivering highlight, Breezeango’s Fashion
Files skits once again found itself in Twin Peaks parody territory. All the jokes landed, with the Ascension just
there for pie, Fandango admitting he enjoyed his alien abduction because of the anal probes
– I mean wardrobe of clothes – and, best of all, Arn Anderson revealing he beheaded Tully
the Horse because it should’ve been named after him. The main mystery, though – who keeps trashing
Breezeango’s office – remains to be continued… Charlotte beat Lana
Lana’s gimmick is that she’s so bad at wrestling, her opponents openly laugh at her
now. Charlotte made her tap in a three minute match,
the best spot being Lana accidentally pulling The Queen’s tights down, leading the crowd
to chant, ‘Thank You, Lana!’ Tamina later told Lana it’s her turn for
a title match. I’ve got no idea where this is going, and
I don’t care either. Shane, AJ & Kevin Owens
Facing an uphill struggle to get booed in his passionate home country, Kevin Owens brilliantly
referenced the McMahon family’s history of screwing legendary Canadiens – even if
the 1997 one did deserve it. The real positive, though, was Owens moving
away from his Face Of America gimmick, not having his usual TitanTron entrance. This segment between Owens, AJ Styles and
their Summerslam special guest referee Shane McMahon was very entertaining – with KO’s
aforementioned promo skills, and the fun of pointing out how many times Shane has screwed
people over as a ref in the past. It’s just Owens trying to stir the pot heading
into Summerslam, also bringing up AJ’s heel feud with Shane from earlier this year. But it mostly just points out all the reasons
why Shane is the worst guy to officiate this match from a kayfabe sport perspective. But this is wrestling, and it’s actually
made me excited again for Owens vs AJ 38. Carmella beat Naomi
Sure Miss Money in the Bank Carmella just beat Smackdown Women’s Champion Naomi on
TV, but the real news is how she did it – interference from James Ellsworth in his WWE return. I actually missed him. Shinsuke Nakamura Interview
WWE wisely presented Shinsuke Nakamura in a pre-taped interview with Renee Beetlejuice
Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Young, rather than live in the ring. Beyond that, though, the promo’s content
was rather lacking. Randy Orton beat Jinder Mahal
After three middling pay-per-view encounters, Jinder Mahal and Randy Orton had a surprisingly
heated main event grudge match – helped mostly by the raucous Canadian crowd (where Jinder
is really from – which is a spoiler for who lost this match). Zero Canadians won on this show, broadcast
from Canada. It’d be comical if it wasn’t such a handicap
to creating top stars. Randy turned Mahal’s Cobra Clutch slam into
an RKO mid-air. Without Jinder’s goons, the Maharaja couldn’t
win his match – sowing the seeds for a Nakamura victory at Summerslam. Rusev then attacked Orton FROM OUTTA GIMMICK
INFRINGEMENT just as the show was going off air. So that was this week’s Smackdown Live in
about 4 minutes, here’s the usual ratings recap from top to bottom: SmackDamn, Smacktastic,
Smack Bang In The Middle, Ellsworthy and Raw’s Third Hour. I’ll reveal my score very shortly, but first,
vote in the poll above my head to give it your own rating. I’ll announce the results in tomorrow’s
WrestleTalk News. The Fashion Files skit was as enjoyable as
usual, the Shane, AJ & Owens promo was fun, Randy and Jinder had a heated main event and
James Ellsworth returned! That’s a packed show on paper. So then why did it feel so middling? The hometown loss rule was taken to its ridiculous
letter here, and the women and tag division matches were shortchanged. This week’s Smackdown is Smack Bang in the
Middle. Are WWE planning an ROH invasion angle in
NXT? And two injured WWE stars mean their Summerslam
matches are scrapped! Click the videos to the left to learn more,
press subscribe and support WrestleTalk on Patreon. I’ve been Oli Davis and that was wrestling.

100 thoughts on “John Cena Summerslam Match REVEALED! Ellsworth RETURNS! | WWE Smackdown Live, Aug. 9, 2017 Review”

  1. Is it me or am I seeing the annotations for the RAW review appear on the smackdown review….could this be a conspiracy theory by Wonder Oli to get us like RAW!?! …. A mystery!

  2. I'm gonna vote for enzo amore in a shark cage just bcz of the name!

    nah just kidin i think it was a normal episode = smack bang in the middle

  3. Im surprised Oli didnt bring up the fact that Jinder Mahal lost CLEAN in the middle of the ring mere weeks before his title defense. What happened to making your champion look strong?

  4. The page is called wrestletalk but it's mainly only WWE reviews why is nobody covering GFW or ROH in reviews?!!

  5. You really don't know Canada to say it was Sammy Zayn hometown, when he lived at almost 700 km from Toronto

  6. Somebody please clarify this for me. When John Cena moves to Raw, and wins the universal championship from whoever is the title holder; does it still count as him beating rid flair record and being 17x world champion? Or does he have to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship on smack down? Because it only makes sense of him winning the smack down title and not raws since raws is newer. Someone pls help!!

  7. carmella wins the f'n match, beat the champion… then just walks away, with MITB… WTF? am I the only one that thought it was the perfect time to stop the fuck out of her and cash in??

  8. this is how wwe treats their main title? first they give it to a jobber out of nowhere because of the indian market, then they make him the classic "im not american im a bad guy", he is still a jobber but now he has the help of 2 guys so he can beat people, when he is in his actual home country as a main champion, they make him loose clean on a 1 on 1 match, good job with one of your main title wwe

  9. During the cena segment next to commentators desk u can see aj styles in the crowd i think wearing a KO shirt

  10. @2:35
    But the main problem is that it just telegraphs the win, doesn't it? I mean, let him switch away from the face of America gimmick after his loss! This is like when they released that 15x shirt for Cena a couple of weeks before his title shot when he was a then former 14 time champ.
    Thoughts everyone?

  11. Don't know why, but I kinda have a theory that it might be SaNiTy who's behind The Fashion Files problem. Yeah I know they have a NXT tag team championship the night before, but if they lose, then they might get a call up at SummerSlam though. Also, I'm kinda glad that Randy beated Jinder though

  12. I'm sorry Smakdown, I'm sorry Oli, but the option "Enzo Amore in a Shark Cage" is too good of a choice not to pick!! XD

    Really, I'd probably pick Smack in the Middle too…if I didn't fall asleep half way through the showing, only to wake up at the last hour…and fall asleep again just before Shinsuke's "interview". D:

  13. As a Canadian…I boo people I dislike, and cheer those I like regardless of country. I boo Jinder because I don't care for his gimmick or his little people. I cheer Sami because he's energetic and likable not because he's Canadian. Just because they're from my country, doesn't mean I have to cheer them.

  14. I swear Tye and Sami should be a legit tag team if they're not gonna give Sami a US title run. I think for it being a smack bang in the middle show, smackdown was pretty fun to watch last night. you can tell that the roster looked like they were having fun

  15. Means that Cena will bury Corbin at SummerSlam. Like he buried a certain King's spirit animal Ruru in a stupid flag match. Although since Cena is likely on the way out of Smackdown Live after SummerSlam for Raw. Cena losing to Corbin clean would put Corbin over big time leading to a MITB case in on Shinsuke Nakamura. Thus giving us the babyface and heel you need for a proper feud.

  16. Okay I know we all heard it. It is official. The Wonder Oli thing has ruined Oli. He said "I actually missed him" referring to Ellsworth.

  17. idk about that last rating enzo in a shark cage sounds like a great thing especially if it doesnt have a microphone anywhere near it

  18. WWE is so predictable it's no longer fun to watch. If you want to have fun watching some wrestling watch Lucha Underground

  19. AJ V KO is fued of the year in the wwe because its basically 2 bullet club members going at it and they do not dissapoint

  20. The main event was boring as hell! It was a glorified squash match! They could at least have jinder have some momentum going in to summerslam! He was just made to look pathetic!

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