‘Johnny Boy’: the King, the King is calling Moxley!… #njnbg

‘Johnny Boy’: the King, the King is calling Moxley!… #njnbg

日本語で… That was embarrassing… Damn it. 簡単にやられてしまった オフが長すぎた 2週間もあった 大田区で闘ったのが最後だった
今日は鈴木に簡単にやられてしまった 恥ずかしい まるで子供のように軽く扱われた まだ今後も鈴木とは当たる
今日と同じ結果にはさせない I know. I know. I know all the games they play. So there won’t be a problem
keeping our titles. They’re the Junior tag champs?
You gotta be kidding me. Hard to believe. If you two are champions, can you
please fight strong, like champions? Or else it looks like we’re bullying you.
That’s not what we want. We only want to fight in intense
matches against the best around. So, weak champions like you
are not ideal for us. We can show you what real champions are,
even though we’re the challengers. There won’t be any doubt. Make sure you study for Osaka. Although there isn’t much time left,
we will let you study, at least. So, be strong champions for us. Hey, you little punk… Our battle now has a time and place. February 9th, Osaka-Jo Hall… You… Don’t you dare cancel this match
because you get too scared. And don’t you… Ask for special rules,
because you get scared. Are you listening to me, Johnny Boy.
You better bring it.

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  1. Suzuki-gun always nails it in their post-match comments like bread and butter. Despy & Nobu are letting YOH & SHO study before the big day…and Suzuki is talking like a sadist…which he is. 😆

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