LIV’S ALTER EGO! Liv Morgan Teases DARK IMPULSE Side Of New Character! – WWE

After several months away from the wwe, Liv
Morgan made her return to wwe television in late 2019. Fans were split on her return, some liked
how wwe brought her back while others thought liv’s return was wasted. So let’s go over everything that has been
going on with Liv since her return and see if anything went wrong. Liv made her big return at the wedding by
confessing her love for Lana. Now after that event, we all rightfully assumed
that we’ll get some background story on Lana and Liv Morgan’s affair from a few
years ago. But when it came to advancing the story and
just story telling in general, there was nothing given to us at all. After liv’s return, she came out the following
week to confront Lana, but Lana just threw a cup of soda on Liv and that was that. Wwe commentator, Corey Graves, was even very
critical of liv’s usage and thought she was being misused with silly things such as
that soda segment. After that, Liv Morgan tagged with rusev to
take on Lana and Bobby Lashley in the main event of raw. Although they were given the main event spot
of raw, the match was was 3 minutes long and Liv Morgan did end up losing that match, so
that definitely wasn’t the best way to build momentum. Liv and Lana’s story continued into the
royal rumble where Liv eliminated Lana and Lana came back in to throw Liv out. All that lead into their one on one match
where Liv easily made quick work of Lana to pick up the win. That was followed up the next week with a
rematch which Liv Morgan easily won once again. So it’s great that Liv is picking up the
wins and gaining momentum, but the biggest thing that was missing from their feud was
that there was no background story telling involved We never got to hear Lana’s reaction and
explanation to what happened between her and Liv. And besides liv’s first confession during
the wedding, we never got any more info out of the Liv Morgan character about what happened
between her and Lana, so that’s the part that really stands out as a red flag to me. Liv Morgan’s new theme is great, her new
ring attire is amazing, and her whole new attitude with the character is great as well,
but the only thing missing was just deeper story telling between her and Lana. With wwe giving us no background story between
the two of them and Liv beating Lana twice, it’s safe to say this feud is likely over
unless something new pops up. It also looks like Liv may already be moving
onto a new feud as well. Ruby Riott made her long awaited return to
raw after liv’s match, Liv’s face lit up with excitement when Ruby’s music hit
on raw. Liv spent the first few years of her young
wwe career teaming with ruby, so she sees ruby as one of her closest friends. But Ruby turned heel and attacked Liv, leaving
Liv to be heartbroken that she was betrayed again by someone she once saw as her best
friend. So here’s where the new theory comes into
play, in just a matter of weeks, Liv has had her love interest of Lana turn her down and
now her best friend has even betrayed her as well. This is leading many fans to wonder if this
could all be leading up to Liv really reaching her breaking point and taking her character
to a really dark place after being betrayed by those who were once close to her. Liv actually took to Instagram and posted
a fan made design of herself dressed as DC super villain, Harley Quinn. Liv posted a quote with the picture that read,
“everything she does comes from within; from some dark impulse. I guess that’s what makes her so thrilling
to watch”. So even though she’s back on tv, it seems
Liv is continuing to tease that there’s still a darker place she has yet to take her
character. And maybe this feud with ruby Riott is going
to be the main thing that really makes Liv snap and realizes she can’t trust anyone. Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan have a lot of history
together both on screen and behind the scenes, so this could easily be an upgrade from the
Lana feud, but once again there has to be some good story telling involved to make the
feud even better Let Ruby and Liv go back and forth on the
mic to deepen the story, which is something that never happened between Lana and Liv Reports claim that the Lana story didn’t
go anywhere serious because wrestling isn’t exactly Lana’s strong suit, so Liv can’t
really have a quality match with someone like Lana. But a feud with Ruby Riott will be perfect
for Liv and bring out the best of her in ring ability and character. So revisiting the question from a few months
ago, was Liv Morgan’s return wasted? The answer seems to be no, Liv Morgan the
character, came back refreshed and very well put together. The appearance, to her attitude, to her new
theme, it just all seems to be fitting perfectly. And it seems wwe is still very much behind
her with all the time she’s been getting since her return. But it still looks like there could be more
to reveal from the Liv Morgan character, as Liv said herself, maybe that dark impulse. With all these people who she considered close
friends starting to turn on her, it’s just a matter of time before Liv snaps and possibly
takes her character to a whole new place. Who knows if this Ruby Riott feud will be
the one that breaks Liv Morgan even more. There’s a lot of story to tell there between
ruby and Liv since they were together as a team for so long. Ruby could insult Liv for being the weak link
during their days together in the riot squad and other things like that, so it’ll be
interesting to see how it plays out. What are your thoughts on Liv Morgan’s usage
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