MAJOR WWE Summerslam Plans Leaked!? Wyatt Family Reunion? | WrestleTalk News July 2017

MAJOR WWE Summerslam Plans Leaked!? Wyatt Family Reunion? | WrestleTalk News July 2017

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News! I’m Oli Davis. Wyatt Family Reunion? Several years ago, before the House of Horrors
match and weird ring projections, Bray Wyatt used to be a genuinely intimidating force
in WWE. Helped significantly by the fact the cult
leader actually had a cult. But over the last year period, the Wyatt Family
has found itself scattered. Braun Strowman was the first to fall, being
drafted to Raw in the brand split, while Wyatt, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan all went to Smackdown. Rowan went out with injury shortly afterwards. And then Randy Orton drove a wedge between
Bray and Luke. Because Randy’s a bit of dick sometimes. Since Wrestlemania, Bray is now on Raw – but
hasn’t had an interaction with Braun Strowman – and Luke and Erick were last together fighting
each other at Backlash two months ago. Which makes Bray’s Twitter post earlier
this week rather intriguing: Rebellion, an act only brothers can achieve. #DisObey? @LukeHarperWWE @ERICKROWAN @BraunStrowman
…with a picture of the four from happier times. Well, if by ‘happier’ you can actually
mean ‘brainwashed into a Satanic cult’. Braun, of course, is busy in Raw’s main
event, booked for the Universal Championship Fatal Four-Way match at Summerslam. Harper and Rowan, however, have disappeared
from Smackdown, and are one of the leading suspects in the ‘Who Attacked Breezeango?’ mystery. I pitched this in yesterday’s WrestleRamble,
so forgive me for repeating myself, but Bray is currently feuding with Finn Balor on Raw. The next pay-per-view is the dual-branded
Summerslam. Conceivably, Bray could appear with his former
Family members Harper and Rowan at that show. But that would leave Finn needing two friends
of his own…like his former New Japan Bullet Club good brothers Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson,
who just so happened to work babyface on this week’s Raw. Wyatt Family vs Balor Club for Summerslam,
yes please-yeah, I know…we’re probably just getting another House of Horrors match,
aren’t we? Major Summerslam Plans Leaked? That is all speculation and fantasy booking
on my part. The next stories, however, are significantly
more reliable – coming from The Dirty Sheets podcast who have correctly reported Jinder
Mahal becoming WWE Champion and the Sumemrslam main event in recent months. So spoiler warning… Arguably the best storyline in WWE right now
is Seth Rollins slowly repairing his relationship with Dean Ambrose, three years after The Architect
cruelly turned on his brothers, breaking up the Shield. The two beat The Miz and his Miztourage in
the handicap main event of this week’s Raw, but Dean refused to give Seth a fist bump,
still wounded from betrayal all those years ago. It’s wonderfully subtle storytelling from
WWE. According to the Dirty Sheets, the original
plan was for Ambrose and Rollins go up against The Miz faction at Summerslam, but that match
has now been scrapped. Instead, Dean and Seth will take on Sheamus
and Cesaro for the Raw tag team championships – meaning the rumoured multi-team match for
the titles has also been changed. With Miz no longer involved in the Shield
redemption storyline, Dirty Sheets claim he’ll be defending his Intercontinental title against
Kurt Angle’s illegitimate son Jason Jordan. It’s one thing to know who’s facing who
ahead of time, but it’s another to know the finish. So if you want to avoid more spoilers for
these storylines, stop watching now. Spoilers coming in 3…2… Still according to The Dirty Sheets, Jordan
will win the Intercontinental Championship from The Miz at Summerslam, and Rollins and
Ambrose will be winning the belts, at which point, they’ll finally do the Shield ‘fist
bump’. Was Smackdown’s US title change really a
botch? And who won this week’s Raw vs Smackdown
war! Click the videos to the left to find out,
press subscribe and support WrestleTalk on Patreon. I’ve been Oli Davis, and that was wrestling.

68 thoughts on “MAJOR WWE Summerslam Plans Leaked!? Wyatt Family Reunion? | WrestleTalk News July 2017”

  1. I'm all for a Wyatt Family reunion as long as Strowman isn't involved. I freaking love him as a singles competitor, and throwing him into a stable in which he may not fight all the time wouldn't be the best idea.

  2. As unpopular as he is, I wonder where Roman fits into this whole shield reunion thing. I don't think you can have the hounds of justice without the "big hound"

  3. Meanwhile according to Ryback, he claimed that he is supposed to join Dean and Seth and form The Shield 2.0 and will feud with The Miz & Miztourage

  4. That's crazy! Should pace Jordan's build, otherwise gonna feel like being forced down our throats. And unless there's an injury I don't get how this wouldn't devalue the Tag Champs.


  6. New IC Champion & Raw Tag Team Champions at Summerslam? Too good to be true, it's not always right isn't it?

  7. The Wyatt Family Reunion Would Be Dope Asfk I wanna See it And The BulletClub Going Against them when would Be Golden

  8. Oly Davis a good suggestion. If you know potential match winners thus spoilers have that in a separate video. title it Spoiler Alert possible predicted match results. Have the possible matches in another video without the possible predicted results. I don't want to know the results as well as lots of people who watch this channel. By the way I do like your channel.

  9. How they should do it make Roman lose at Summer slam then dean and Seth wins the tag team championships but get attacked by sheamus and cesaro and the miz then Roman theme song goes off saves them the there's the shied return

    Let Joe win the championship off of Brock or let braun strowman win with the help of the Wyatt family

    Or just Give us the Wyatt family return this way by letting them beat up braun strowman then on raw bray cuts a promo saying how he turned on us blah blah blah

    Let John Cena win the WWE championship if he does win his match on smackdown then let Corbin cash his mitb on John to become the new WWE champion

  10. Oh shit, so Dean will be the first Shield member to win the Triple Crown?

    As well as the first new one since Daniel Bryan?

  11. If Lesnar's leaving, then maybe Reigns and Joe will have a title feud lasting until WM? I'd fucking love that.

  12. So Balor Club reunion? I was thinkin another Bullet Club reunion. Or maybe even a union between Bullet Club, & Balor Club. "The Club"

  13. Miz vs rollins vs ambrose
    Sheamus and cesaro vs hardys vs gallows and anderson vs revival is much better than miz vs jordan

  14. Ambrose and Rollins should win the championships and reigns the universal so at the end of summerslam the shield reunite.

  15. I could kind of see why they'd assemble Bullet Club, for 2 reasons. Balor keeps getting hurt, and less importantly (to vince) Fans want to see it. So, you could see the club, the wyatts, and the shield. That would be what's up.


    I hope Jason Jordan wins the intercontinental belt and The Shield win the raw tag team belts but I don't think either will win+personally Apollo should've won last year

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