Meet the Kittens of Cat Girl Manor

Meet the Kittens of Cat Girl Manor

100 thoughts on “Meet the Kittens of Cat Girl Manor”

  1. I legit want to join this group so badly
    Not going to lie
    I'm a kitten myself, but I dont have much of a safe haven nor a significant other to express my kitty side to

  2. im sorry these girls can act like everything is all cute and great but you put that many women in 1 house and they will damn well be fighting for some half cocked reason

  3. Madness a whole human being behaving like a cat . Chateau foolishness. Support eachother my foot … supporting eachother as human beings but you behave like a cat on heat utter foolishness . This is what happens with idles minds .. memo YOU ARE HUMAN AND CAN NEVER BE A CAT .

  4. That's a really weird, but cute lifestyle. I'd join, but not for the sex and walking around in a bra and underwear. I'd just join to act like a cat and wear a tail and ears. XD

  5. Cats don't like to "play" with birds, they like to rip their heads off and see what makes them tic… I mean, before they eat them that is. But hey, if she wants to play with birds and call herself a cat, who am I to judge lol.

  6. They spilled champagne and glitter all over the carpet my Mom would combust! Jokes aside this is honestly amazing to see a house full of women living together and celebrating being feminine and their sexuality and encouraging others to feel good about themselves.

  7. I love cat themes and I have always had BDSM tendencies. (I worked for six years as a sub in a licensed club.) Had this place existed before I got married, I might have requested to visit. I love the feminine decor and ambiance. As much as I felt safe and comfortable in my old workplace, all the rooms were exceedingly masculine (stripped-down concrete floors, faux-wood paneled walls, clunky couches in the main lounge). A nearby female-owned club had feminine touches like this Manor.

  8. It's all fun and games until someone misjudges a spurt of diarrhea for a fart after one too many Champers and then The Chateaux becomes She shat, ohhhhhh !!!!!

  9. Wait hold up, the girl at 8:36 was on barcoft talking about how her and her man were vampires so which one is it? She’s a vampire or a cat?

  10. I don't know how the hell I got here. But I want to go there! Isibella is the hottest woman I have ever seen. I'd split her whiskers.

  11. HULLO…THEY HAVE Large Horizontal Cages for birds and so they CAN LOOK OUT WINDOWS,,,..NOT just look at the Prostitutes . Be Greta if Actually had a few Cats in the house also. Who Cleans and Cooks etc.

  12. I don't know I'm not a professional but she does not seem schizophrenic. I had a friend I grew up with who schizophrenic and he was not as self-aware as she is I definitely didn't talk the way she talked. Who knows all maybe she is.

  13. Since they are kittens shouldn't he be spraying her with water instead of whipping her?
    Seriously what kind of freak whips a kitten?

  14. So I see this and I just love it. Kitty play, minus the lingere and add more casual clothes, is something I really love to do with my two girlfriends. The three of us just have so much fun together acting like cats for no reason. We love cats as it is so it just works for us. I'm happy for these girls doing something they love and not being afraid to be themselves. You go girls!

  15. Finally, a haven of mystical inspiration. An inspiration so sweet it moved me to write a million poems dedicated to it.

  16. At the beginning of the video:
    What is this crazy place and people? Blasphemy!
    At the end of the video:
    What a nice place and people, I would love to visit someday

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