Moxley and Suzuki meet Sunday in Osaka! (New Beginning)

Moxley and Suzuki meet Sunday in Osaka! (New Beginning)

Come on, Moxley.
Get over here, already. I can feel my blood boiling,
waiting to fight you. Come on, already! John Moxley… If I pin him in Osaka-Jo Hall, Then he’ll face me for a third time? He can’t think he’s above me,
we’re 1 and 1. He’s still fancies himself a Yokozuna. I don’t mind playing the role of a Hiramaku.
We’ll face off in Osaka-Jo Hall. Do you want to do this the Sumo way? Do you want me to push you out of the ring? Or do you want me to slap you around?
I’ll let you choose. And let’s do it. It can be soon,
after Osaka-Jo Hall, or in Sapporo. The Sapporo fans are waiting to
see me in the main event, right? They love me.
I’m the star from Ishikari, Hokkaido. I know that they’re all counting on me.
Leave it to me. You’ll see, in Osaka-Jo Hall. Okada, you know how this goes,
we have to settle this, sooner or later. How was that? MACHAKI. That’s something new for you all. I came up with MACHAKI while drinking shochu. MACHAKI! MACHAKI! No matter who I face,
I’ll beat them with my MACHAKI. I’ll do it.
is that all you’ve got? I’m tough, it’s going to take
more than that to break me. Give up? Pinfall?
No, I won’t lose to you bastards. And that dumbass, Taichi,
and Okada are really going at it. I’m no fool, I won’t get in between that.
Hey, Suzuki… Minoru Suzuki… You’re just plain weak. After having to keep fighting Taichi, Today I tagged with Hontai guys,
as a lone member of CHAOS. It was a nice change of pace. They motivated me in a different way. Right now I have no title to hold,
I guess I can just do whatever. That may make Kazuchika Okada
an even more amazing wrestler. Also… Well… I haven’t done much to stand out, recently. So I’ll fight strongly, so that I’m
back on everyone’s minds again.

22 thoughts on “Moxley and Suzuki meet Sunday in Osaka! (New Beginning)”

  1. Will the King put the mad dog down? Or will the mad dog bite and tear? This Sunday, it's gonna be BLOODY 😀

  2. You know that reminds me off. Suzuki doesn't care about people gets sick and laughing like arthur fleck uncontrollable laughter.
    Even brock lesnar get sick people. You can't breathe and you can't fight. Like anyone care. That suzuki said so.

  3. 田口おふざけに走っとるやないかい!

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