MVP’s First and Last Matches in WWE – Bell to Bell

MVP’s First and Last Matches in WWE – Bell to Bell

– [WWE Wrestler] Yeah,
I’m thinking this might be my last match. – [Zach] Somebody say last match? (bell dings) Hi, welcome to Bell to Bell,
the show where we pounce on a wrestler’s final match
faster than you can say, oh wait they returned. So with the news that MVP has wrestled for the last time in WWE and because of all of your guys’ comments, it’s time we take a look at
Montel Vontavious Porter. So, the road that led MVP to the WWE is a pretty interesting and unusual one. Born in Miami, Montel Vontavious Porter grew up in a section of
the city called Opa-locka. The area was a rough
place for anybody to live, much less a child, due
to its high murder rate. Being raised in an environment like that, led MVP to joining a gang
before he was even a teenager. Things kept getting worse and worse until he committed a robbery and ended up being sentenced to
prison at the age of 16. MVP spent the next nine and
a half years behind bars but during that time, he
met a corrections officer who was also a wrestler
named Prime Time Darryl D. Once MVP was out of prison,
this connection gave him the opportunity to
attend wrestling school. After training, MVP debuted in 2002 and wrestled his first
wrestling match at a flea market in his street clothes. Though he would start
from humble beginnings, MVP’s career quickly rose,
performing for bigger and bigger companies till getting
signed by WWE in 2005. After spending about
a year in development, Montel Vontavious Porter
would make his first onscreen appearance on the August 4th,
2006 episode of SmackDown. He debuted as free
agent that GM Teddy Long was looking to sign. While in negotiations, MVP was seen as a egotistical athlete,
bragging about how good he was and constantly on his phone. Finally, in late September,
Mr. 305 was signed and his first match was
scheduled for No Mercy. So let’s head over there. Part way through the Pay-Per-View, the debuting wrestler’s music hit and an inflatable tunnel
was set up on the stage. Through the fog came out a cocky looking, Montel Vontavious Porter,
and after some pyro, the Franchise Playa got on the mic. He stated he was going to
dominate the Pay-Per-View and declared himself the
greatest athlete ever. Next came out MVP’s surprise
opponent, Marty Garner who you may know as the man
who had his neck injured during a match with Triple H in 1996. When both men were in the ring, MVP slapped Garner across the face before the match had
even officially begun. SmackDown’s newest signee was all smiles and focused mostly on showing off than actually trying to beat his opponent. This backfired a bit, when
MVP shoved Marty Garner into the turnbuckles and absorbed a few of the jobber’s punches. This resulted in MVP
turning up the intensity and began showcasing his arsenal
at his opponent’s expense. Garner give it his best,
but he was no match for MVP. The fight came to a
close with a Player Maker and a three count. It was a very basic
debut match but I think it did a good job at
getting MVP’s cockiness over and it didn’t over stay its welcome. Plus, those Power Rangers
chants were awesome. On the SmackDown after No Mercy, MVP began his first feud in WWE with Kane. He did manage to beat the Big Red Machine in several of their encounters
but walked away in defeat at Armageddon in December. Once 2007 rolled around,
MVP began a new rivalry with the United States
champion, Chris Benoit. They feuded all the
way to WrestleMania 23, which saw the challenger come up short. MVP would still ultimately
end the feud as the winner when he beat Benoit at Judgment
Day to win the U.S title and his first championship in WWE. After about two months of getting
comfortable with the belt, MVP began his most iconic
rivalry with Matt Hardy. The Ballin’ Superstar
started bragging that he was better than Matt at everything and this led them to competing
in all kind of contests from pizza to chess. In an ironic twist, the rivals
became tag team champions after Teddy Long put them together in a championship match which they won. Even though they were now a team, the two continued to
compete against each other. Despite signs that MVP
was becoming more friendly towards Matt Hardy, their tag
team imploded in November. After losing the belts to
the Miz and John Morrison, MVP immediately invoked their
rematch, which they also lost. Afterwards, the United States champion attacked Hardy’s injured
knee which caused MVP’s former tag team partner
to be taken off TV. For the next several months,
MVP’s career remained steady with some brief feuds with
Rey Mysterio and Ric Flair. Things picked back up at WrestleMania 24, during the Money in the Bank ladder match. While the other participants were down, MVP seized the opportunity
and it looked like he was about to win the briefcase. Just then, Matt Hardy returned, and prevented Montel Vontavious Porter from becoming Mr. Money in the Bank. This finally set up a
rematch between both men for the U.S title at Backlash, where MVP’s championship reign
came to an end at 343 days. After this, Mr. 305’s career
started to go downhill. He began a losing streak that continued through the rest of the year. Once 2009 arrived, things turned around when he defeated the Big Show in January. This also caused him to turn
face for the first time in WWE. About two months later,
he challenged and defeated Shelton Benjamin to regain
the United States championship and began his second run with the title. More change would follow in April, when he was drafted to Raw on top of being the first
draft pick of the night. About two months into being on red brand, MVP would lose his U.S
championship to Kofi Kingston and failed to win it back. He would move onto pursuing
the tag team titles again, this time with Mark Henry as his partner. They defeated the champions, Jeri-Show, on an episode of Raw in a non-title match. This led them to challenging for the belts at Breaking Point but came up short. When 2010 came around, MVP
looked to become US champion again and faced off against
the current titleholder, The Miz, at the Royal Rumble. Unfortunately for the Franchise
Playa, he lost the match and on top of that, the A-lister attacked him later in the night. At Elimination Chamber,
MVP got a second shot at the championship but once again, walked out without the gold. After about a year on Raw, MVP was drafted back to SmackDown. Things started off promising with him beginning an undefeated streak but continued losses put that to an end. In November, he would win a
number one contender’s match for the Intercontinental title but failed to win the championship belt. Finally, after roughly four and
a half years in the company, MVP’s time with the WWE came to an end on December 2nd, 2010. His final match before
leaving aired a day later on December 3rd where
he teamed up with Kaval in a losing effort against
Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre. With WWE behind him, MVP
packed his bags and flew over to New Japan where he would
wrestle for about 2 years. Throughout the 2010s, MVP performed in a number of promotions,
including Impact Wrestling, Ring of Honor, MLW, and more. During this time, MVP didn’t
make any appearances in WWE and it stayed that way
for about seven years. That changed though during
the 25th anniversary of Raw, when he showed up backstage
playing poker with the APA and several other wrestlers and legends. It was alright but what we got two years later was even better. At the 2020 Royal Rumble, Brock
Lesnar was firmly in control as he waited for the next
participant to come out. After the buzzer, an entrance
theme that hadn’t been played in over eight years echoed
throughout the stadium and it belonged to the 12th entrant, MVP. Once he arrived ringside,
MVP gave Paul Heyman a little chase until
Brock Lesnar intervened. The Franchise Playa gave it his best but was eliminated in
quick fashion by the Beast. Luckily this wasn’t how
MVP’s career was going to end as he showed up the next night
for his final match in WWE. After Rey Mysterio made
his entrance, we saw a few highlights from Montel
Vontavious Porter’s WWE career. Afterwards, the theme
song started playing, the lights changed, and
MVP appeared on stage. Dressed in a black and
red Punisher attire, the former two time United States champion entered the ring and got set to fight. The match started with both MVP and Rey trying to out pace the other
and like in his debut match, MVP had some fun with his opponent. Mysterio’s agility was an
issue but the man from the 305 took care of that with a single big boot. Now with Rey Mysterio
down, MVP kept it that way by laying into him with strikes and kicks. However, MVP may have given
Rey too much time to recover, as a drop toe hold slammed
The Franchise Playa into a turnbuckle. MVP went to the outside to recover but the masked wrestler wasn’t
letting him away that easily. Once we returned from a commercial break, MVP was back in control but Mysterio still had fight left in him. MVP tried his best overpower Rey, but the Master of the 619
kept countering every attempt. The Ballin’ Superstar wasn’t
going down easily though, as he kicked out from a
springboard moonsault. Then, after knocking Mysterio down, MVP ran the ropes and hit
his signature Ballin’ Elbow but it only gave him a two count. Like before, MVP slowed the match down which ended up costing him. Rey Mysterio used a fast Hurricanrana to set MVP in the ropes and hit the 619 and the splash for the win. The match itself was okay but I think we all just
really wanted to see MVP doing his entrance and
hitting his signature moves and we got that. I would have liked to see
the Player Maker in there but nonetheless, it was just awesome seeing MVP wrestle one final time in WWE. Two days later, MVP announced that this was his last match for the company. He also mentioned that he’s
not done with wrestling yet but his career is getting
close to retirement. The story of MVP is something
straight out of a movie. His life had a rough
start, when he got involved in criminal activity
and wound up in prison. But during his sentence, he met someone who gave him the opportunity
to become a wrestler and after serving his
time, that’s what he did. Four years after lacing up his boots, he was in WWE and wrestling against the industry’s biggest names. Sure, he never became a world champion but I would say his career
was filled with success. I know he’s done wrestling
in WWE but I would still love to see make appearances from time to time. So how about you guys? Post a comment with what your favorite MVP memory or moment is. Then, check out the video in the middle to see Luke Harper’s first
and last matches in WWE. I hear he’s headed to AEW soon. Until next time, I’m
Zach from Tap Out Corner and that was Bell to Bell.

100 thoughts on “MVP’s First and Last Matches in WWE – Bell to Bell”

  1. MVP proved that once you been to prison and your a known felon. There's still a future in your life. And say what you want about Vince McMahon and the WWE they believe in second chances.

  2. I think mvp should make a movie out of his life, that would be interesting especially when we see how much he struggled in prison and to see how it looks to try to get a job as a wrestler and how much effort he put on it and so on

  3. Since I'm behind & want no spoilers, sorry say I gotta tune out, I thought Royal Rumble 2020 would be his last!

  4. I remember meeting MVP in Phoenix for Wrestlemania 26 weekend when i was in 5th or 6th grade. He was a really cool dude and i enjoyed watching him from his cocky arrogant heel days to now. Definitely an entertaining awesome guy and definitely awesome for the kids. I had a shirt that i won at the wrestlemania contest and had autographs all over from a lot of WWE stars and when i met MVP at our hotel, i was starstruck and asked for his autograph and was speechless, but forgot to say please due to being speechless and he smiled and mentioned to always say please, so to this day whenever i have a moment like that, i always remember to say please!

  5. Mvp was a fun and entertaining person to watch. I wish wwe would have pushed him the top. Wwe was awesome up until 2013…

  6. Honestly hearing a wrestler say they are considering retirement is kinda nice to hear. So many break themselves or loose everything. Kinda like American football.

  7. MVP one of my favorites back in the day, played that cocky T.O.-like persona so well, he was so entertaining, I was watching a TEDTalk with him not too long ago, his life is so a great redemption story, it's a shame they didn't let him hold a world championship because of his criminal record.

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