100 thoughts on “NXT TakeOver: Phoenix Pre-Show: Jan. 26, 2019”

  1. Huh? Am I missing some connection to Kairi? Why did she win both of those awards? I would've sent Shayna for Woman's, and either Johnny, Ciampa, or Adam Cole for overall superstar

  2. Zelina is wrong cause their match was 5 star cause of Johnny and second of all he main event 3 takeover events and produce 2 5 star match in the beginning of2018 and got to be in a steel cage match while Andreas is getting kickoff shows for Extreme rules and Summerslam. One she right tho is Andreas won Takeover Philadelphia and rival with Rey Mysterio

  3. Hey "WWE",

    Since it's very obvious that "The War Raiders" r gonna loose, then fire them for pretending to b "Vikings" when they're not even "Danish" nor "Icelanders" nor "Norwegians" nor "Swedish".

  4. I don’t know what’s going on with Sam I need the unscripted or seemingly unscripted Sam back he just seems off and like non of it matters to him and please PLEASE PLEASE get Pat off my screen he’s annoying and everything he says sounds stupid you have so many people who are better suited to do that job Beth Phoenix or Corey Graves would work so well here but Pat doesn’t work for me sorry

  5. Dear WWE the fact that you let Black lose is probably one the worst decisions you've made recently. So congrats on that.

  6. Sam Roberts buried the hell out of Bianca,which sucks cause she did very well against Shayna,and proved herself from the jump to even be in that position in the first place to begin with.Damn Shame!

  7. Not gonna lie, I popped when Zelena Vega showed up. Only way it could’ve been better is if Andrade was there as well

  8. Apart from Kairi who's yet to be fluent in English, WWE should've let the superstars themselves do their speeches on their own. Not with an announcer by their side.

  9. Triple H we all know that you had started a trial round in India but that is for 18years or above 18 years but I am only 14 years what can I do.

  10. Who else is tired of none of these title changes on these takeovers is always the first magic the world championship never changes the f**** North American Championship changing hands but about Johnny Gargano

  11. Finally! The "real" Sam Roberts emerged tonight and said what he felt, no punches held against anyone. Loving the sudden character change.

  12. Sam Roberts’ comments at 45:00 about Belair was the best thing WWE has aired in years. You know why, IT WASNT SCRIPTED! He told the truth, Belair sucks. Her gimmick is bland, she’s a mediocre wrestler who botched moves, and she’s cringeworthy on the mic cause she can’t cut a promo. I can’t wait for the day when Vince and that sexist buck toothed beaver Kevin Dunn are no longer with the company. It will be SO much better.

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