Pro Wrestling in Hong Kong: 10 Years in the Making

Pro Wrestling in Hong Kong: 10 Years in the Making

Welcome to the Hong Kong Wrestling Federation. If you grew up on a diet of American wrestling like the WWE, you will be familiar with the characters, costumes, and theatrics associated with the show. Hong Kong’s own wrestling federation has been around for 10 years. This is the story of how a few die-hard fans built the league, taking it from their backyards to the big arena. Ho Ho Lun is pretty much synonymous with Hong Kong’s pro wrestling scene. A fan turned star wrestler, he founded the Hong Kong Wrestling Federation a decade ago. Although the shows were successful, and started attracting a cult following, Ho Ho Lun wanted to take the warehouse wrestling to new heights. He realized that he needed to look outside Hong Kong to take his training to the next level. And in 2016, Ho Ho Lun hit the big time, wrestling on the international stage at the WWE in the US. Since returning to Hong Kong, Ho Ho Lun has continued to help shape the scene and unearth new talent. In addition to the local Hong Kong wrestlers. Hoho Lun has managed to lure wrestlers from across the Asian region, including Japanese stars like the legendary Tajiri and Emi Sakura. If you like this video and want to see more video on sport and unusual activities in the city, please check out the videos in the links below and don’t forget to subscribe to Goldthread.

17 thoughts on “Pro Wrestling in Hong Kong: 10 Years in the Making”

  1. This is awesome I haven’t watched wrestling since I was like 10 year old when me my mom and brother were die hard fans..

  2. I was a hard die fan of WWE lol 😂 but then I found out it was all fake af. I stopped watching wrestling all together haha.

  3. So thats why he left wwe . Good for him to keep building the pro wrestling scene in Asia. Japan were a big market and the other country need to be too

  4. I remember watching one of their first shows back in the days, it was amazing! and it's getting better and better, really proud of them really!!

  5. There’s the Rock, Hulk Hogan, and our very own Ho Ho Lun. Can you think of any other pro-wrestlers from the past that made up a strangely big chunk of your childhood?

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