Randy Orton OUT INJURED Until SummerSlam?! | WrestleTalk News May 2018

Randy Orton OUT INJURED Until SummerSlam?! | WrestleTalk News May 2018

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News,
I am Luke Owen. Headline: Big Cass Injured? After suffering a torn ACL in August last
year during a program with Enzo Amore and The Big Show, Big Cass made his return from
injury at the Superstar Shake-Up last month following WrestleMania 34. But while the company was on their European
tour, a report came out that suggested Cass may be injured once again. WrestleTalk viewer Dennis Rooth got in touch
to let us know that Cass went down during a tag match with The Miz against Daniel Bryan
and Tye Dillinger, saying he was almost crying in the corner. Another attendee to the show told NoDQ.com
that, “Cass looked super upset and p***ed off. Ref took him backstage after match thru side
entrance, not the ramp.” And Twitter user Xavier Hacking posted up
these videos, which clearly sees Cass limping as he works the match and as he walks out
after. Cass got into his biggest singles program
so far against Daniel Bryan when he returned which resulted in a loss at Backlash – reportedly
due to Cass going off script on an episode of Smackdown Live prior to the show – and
he’s set to face Samoa Joe tomorrow for a place in the Money in the Bank ladder match
in June. While an injury could derail all of that,
it appears that this was all a work – as Cass worked the same tag team match again the following
night in Munich, Germany and WWE’s Twitter account posted a video of him getting tended
to after the match to promote the Money in the Bank qualifier on Smackdown Live. Dave Meltzer wrote in the Wrestling Observer
Daily Update that Cass was just selling the angle with Daniel Bryan shot last week, where
Bryan targeted his knee in an attack. Headline: Randy Orton Out Until Summerslam? An injury that is very real however is the
one suffered by The Viper, Randy Orton. Orton was one of the big names missing from
WWE’s European tour, and WWE.com posted why he wasn’t there saying he had, “undergone
successful surgery to repair a medial meniscus tear in his left knee.” Orton himself noted in the article, “I’ve
known I needed the surgery since late last year, but I’ve been waiting for the right
time to get my knee cleaned out. Right now was the right time.” Orton has just currently finished up a program
with Jeff Hardy over the United States Championship, and hasn’t been seen on TV since his loss
at Backlash. In the Wrestling Observer Daily Update, Dave
Meltzer wrote that Orton is, “at this point scheduled to return in two months.” If that report is correct and Orton is recovering
for the next couple of months, that means he will miss next month’s Money in the Bank
from Chicago, and July’s Extreme Rules from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and won’t be back
in the ring until Summerslam in August. Well, that’s me all done for now. As mentioned on last week’s WrestleRamble,
I’m off on holiday for a couple of weeks and won’t be back until June. I’ve packed my swim trunks and my flippy
floppys, got a couple of books to read and multiple episodes of Talking Simpsons downloaded
– I’m all set. Thanks for watching everyone – see you in
two weeks. Oh hi there, who are you? Wait, what are you doing? WHAT? NOOOOOO!

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  1. Oli finally turned on Luke I knew him and that jacket would be the death of Luke…..Nooooooooooooo!!!!!!!🤦🏿‍♂️

  2. Looks like Luke's replacement wants to replace him for good. I'm betting it's the Mayor of Painsville.

  3. You'd think by now guys like Orton would have retired. He's accomplished everything you need to be a guaranteed Hall of famer. Now he's just injuring himself when he could be enjoying his money and spending time with his family and daughter.

  4. Luke got the ol' fryingpan to the scone by his misses…because he forgot….to mention her….while stating…..what he's bringing…..on holiday. LOL. Either that or…..(Vinnie Mac voice) "THAT'S GOTTA BE KANE!!"

  5. I told Luke to shave that fucking terrible beard hair pet thing under his chin. I told him. You all heard me… hahahaha. Mwah-ha-ha-ha-ha.

  6. Depends how bad the knee is 4years ago Suarez had the same op and played in the World Cup 4weeks later so they must be keeping off tv too

  7. Nobody cares about Orton anymore. The dude had the same moveset since ‘05, and this boring ass face turn since the Authority has been disgusting. Just induct him to hall of fame already Jesus Christ.

  8. Been a while so let me say
    Thank you Oli Thank you Oli Thank you Oli Thank you Oli Thank you Oli Thank you Oli
    #swaftnation Enjoy Vacation Luke!!

  9. Really good timing for Orton to take some time away, definitely a guy who should be on a lighter schedule. There’s only so much you can do with randy without boring people

  10. wait you mean wrestlers can sell injuries for longer than the current match they are in? holy balls and batshit batman! if news gets out the wrestlers can actually sell injuries for longer than one match it might give some depth to what is supposed to have happened to them. sell the injuries, sell it like you got hurt, #MakeWrestlingGreatAgain.

  11. So, you guys run an angle to explain Luke's absence when we already know why Luke won't be around. I knew Vince Russo has been hurting for work, but I never thought you guys would take him in.

  12. STORY TIME!!!
    After jumping into the lake of reincarnation
    me and Matt Hardy went to travel the world
    We visited the GREAT OPERA!!!
    We listened to the Symphony of VICTORY
    And we met all time greats
    And asked them the great question

    they had no idea.lol

  13. that's what orton gets for trying to be like Will Ospreay and do all these flips and dives and 720 corkscrew/RKO/red arrow/stardust press/comet anus shattering 890 degrees/shooting star/cutter on the 6th rope/triangle moonsault/two rope tope/head diving/no hands hurricanrana/dookie-plex/frankensteiner off the top rope/double foot stomp

    …..dive indeed, rando. dive indeed.

    what would your hero, Rip Rogers say?

  14. Have Beastmaster and Wrestlebot learned that Luke is also Captain Luke and taken him out? Has Brother Owen turned on him? Is this Triple H’s retribution for Luke covering Stephanie’s music for a punishment? WHO REALLY IS BYRON SAXTON?!?!

  15. Well i just hope that Jeff hardy's injury isn't too serious. The last thing that Smackdown needs right now is another injury to one of it's semi major/major stars.

  16. I guess McMahonos didn't like you sining his daughter's theme song. Someone better call Wonder Oli.

  17. interesting ending.
    I wish every time Randy Orton is talked about Oli comes in and asks why he's blocked on Twitter.

  18. Oh No! LUUUUUUUUUKE!!!!!! Wait….. didn't you take that mic off? How did it get back on your shirt?? Tsk Tsk guys…bad shoot. You're exposing the business!

  19. Luke Owen on holiday: Its all a work, brother 😃 This is the injury angle, leaving him out of action.

  20. Its crazy that orton gets hurt all the time…lol. Dam man that totally sucks I hope he gets better later on That's probably why they didn't give him the United States championship title

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