Rob Van Dam RETURNING To Wrestling?! WWE Star To Indy Promotion! | WrestleTalk News Dec. 2018

Rob Van Dam RETURNING To Wrestling?! WWE Star To Indy Promotion! | WrestleTalk News Dec. 2018

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News
– I’m Oli Davis. Support WrestleTalk! Buy A T-Shirt! Press the thumbs up, buy a WrestleTalk t-shirt
by clicking the ‘i’ above my head, and leave a comment down below because I’ll
be replying to people FROM OUTTA NOWHERE. Even more from outta nowhere than my spoiler
filled spoiler warning on yesterday’s episode. Sorry About Those SmackDown Spoilers
WWE’s main roster very rarely tapes episodes a few hours in advance, let alone a whole
week ahead like they did after Raw and SmackDown this week – doing another three hours of matches
after each show finished to air over Christmas next week. So the results and angles for next Monday
and Tuesday’s episodes are already out there, and I reported on one of the things that happened
on yesterday’s WrestleTalk News episode. And in giving the spoiler warning… I pretty much revealed what the spoiler was. Because I’m an idiot. So I’d like to apologise to everyone who
meant to avoid that particular CM Punk return – I MEAN SMACKDOWN SPOILER – for me to give
it away without sufficient warning. I’m sorry. Not that I’m trying to spread the blame
around or anything, though – but WWE did it too, by sending out a press release and revealing
it on their Network app! It’s probably that Baron Corbin’s fault
again… Raw & SmackDown Pre-Taped Episodes
While WWE revealing big angles and results for pre-taped shows is nothing new, like when
they announced Jack Swagger would successfully cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase on
Chris Jericho in 2010 to pop a SmackDown rating, some fans are still understandably annoyed
at next week’s show being spoiled. What’s not so understandable, though, is
those on Twitter who are annoyed that Raw and SmackDown are pretaped in the first place
for next week, and not broadcast live as usual. And for those people, Tama Tonga sarcastically
agrees with you: “I am annoyed that they taped RAW and SD
for next week…how dare they make wrestlers spend time with their families for Christmas”
And that’s not the only Christmas present WWE have gifted
Johnny Gargano To EVOLVE! …as they’ve given a Johnny Gargano to
their buddy promotion EVOLVE. revealed the four time TakeOver main
eventer in 2018 will wrestle for EVOLVE on Friday 18th and Saturday 19th of January,
with the latter being a non-title match against EVOLVE Champion Austin Theory. Gargano actually wrestled extensively for
EVOLVE before he joined NXT, where he won their Tag Team Championship Tournament with
Drew McIntyre at the start of 2016, and he’s tweeted about his upcoming return:
“I’m a firm believer that you should NEVER forget where you’ve come from.. you stay loyal
to those who have been loyal to you. I can safely say that I wouldn’t be the wrestler
I am today without EVOLVE. January 18th & 19th.. NYC.. The kid comes back for one special weekend.” This is just the latest talent loan in a long-running
partnership between WWE and their developmental’s developmental promotion EVOLVE – with Roderick
Strong wrestling at EVOLVE 117 last Saturday, with other NXT talent The Street Profits being
the current EVOLVE tag team champions. And perhaps soon EVOLVE could be booking a
wrestling legend returning to the ring… Rob Van Dam Wrestling Return
…as former WWE Champion Rob Van Dam has teased that he’ll be making a wrestling
comeback in 2019. After leaving WWE in 2014 after a one year
return run, RVD has wrestled sporadically on the independent scene, with his last match
being against Pentagon Jr at PCW ULTRA’s event in March. But now, replying to a fan who said he hasn’t
heard anything about him in forever, Van Dam tantalisingly replied: “You will soon…” It was previously thought that RVD can’t
wrestle for WWE anymore because of his history of multiple concussions, but Van Dam laughed
off those reports in August – saying the reason he hasn’t come back to WWE was because “Last
time we talked, my time was worth more to me than to them. That hasn’t changed”. 2019 could be a very interesting year for
the wrestling business, as WWE might soon not be the only game in town – with the Elite’s
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with all the latest wrestling news. I’ve been Oli Davis, and that was wrestling.

100 thoughts on “Rob Van Dam RETURNING To Wrestling?! WWE Star To Indy Promotion! | WrestleTalk News Dec. 2018”

  1. Aww damnit oli. When you said Americans can use this code now too o thought you were gonna say we can get a free case of craft beer 😭😭

  2. I remember early in the year, WWE fans were ranting on how would Vince/WWE force WWE wrestlers to work on Christmas day. Now these same fans are saying, how could they tape next weeks shows??? You just can't win….

  3. @Wrestletalk I use to be able to see the "I" above your head on my mobile device but now I dont. Anyway you can fix it? If not its cool.

  4. So us U.S. fans aren't worthy of an autographed pic of you and Luke?
    This is a KING SLAYER shot to our hearts FROM OUTTA NOWHERE.
    However, I guess its ok then, PAIGE HERE has informed me that IT'S ALL BARRON CORBINS FAULT, because he and Corey Graves still don't know WHO BYRON SAXTON REALLY IS!!!!!!

  5. Last year, these people complianted about WWE wrestlers not having Christmas off. Now, they are complianting that WWE Raw and Smackdown is taped. You can't win with these people.

  6. And a former WWF Tag Team champion is back on a major indie promotion! PCO (one half of the Quebekers at some point) made his first appearance in ROH last week helping Marty Scurll.

  7. Did people actually complain about raw and smackdown being tapped or was it one guy and everyone blowed it out of proportion for this weird "fuck ours fans" we see coming out of entertainment now.

  8. You still won't make as much money wrestling anywhere as you would in WWE on the main roster! If you want to make at least a million dollars you got to wrestle for WWE.

  9. The thing about spoilers is you've gotta be careful before you mention them because there will be some people out there who want to go in & see the show, spoiler free, but as long as you warned people about spoilers then there's nothing much to worry about.

  10. Rvd wrestled jack swagger last month for NEW (northeast wresting) at Redemption which also had a MOTY candidate Fenix vs Kenny Omega

  11. Why don't use do stuff on impact? Wwe sucks I only watch it cause of Becky lynch and Randy Orton. If they wasn't on there I would not even bother with the shit

  12. Gargano was a great tag team wrestler back in his EVOLVE days. I'm glad Yankees would get to see him in his wrestling home , one last time.

  13. Oli literally tells when the Spoiler is coming. Those who were spoiled continued to watch even after Oli Warned spoilers were ahead. Shouldn't have to apologize but hey whatevs


  15. Hey Oli, have you ever thought about about applying and becoming a writer for WWE? Your ideas with WWE and the direction they should go are awesome and much better than the writers currently working for WWE!!

  16. If RVD does come back, whether it's WWE, Impact, ROH, AEW, NJPW, or even NWA, he needs to be a world champion for at least as long as he was in TNA. If not, then don't. Freaking. Bother.

  17. RVD doesn’t need to return. I’ve watched him all his career all the way back to his ECW days. I’m fully content and happy with his career. He doesn’t need to ruin it (even though I think the dude wouldn’t have lost a beat)

  18. Anybody Whos mad raw and smackdown got taped this week..your a asshole. They deserve the day off on Christmas and eve!! There human u sick fucks

  19. Glad to hear RVD is good. I didnt start watch wrestling until Smackdown came out on UPN (now the CW, I believe). His matches with Undertaker and Jeff Hardy were awesome.


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