Rusev is arrested after unloading on Bobby Lashley: Raw, Nov. 25, 2019

Rusev is arrested after unloading on Bobby Lashley: Raw, Nov. 25, 2019

100 thoughts on “Rusev is arrested after unloading on Bobby Lashley: Raw, Nov. 25, 2019”

  1. That’s how you know wrestling is a big act because if it was dude on the street they would’ve had his face pin to the ground with their guns drawn on him

  2. This storyline is getting more crazier and hilarious by the minute 😮😃. Rusev had that crazy eyed look on his face when he got arrested too 😂😂😂 (those are fake cops).

  3. Ok this story is getting a bit interesting what's next the usos return and they're gonna feud with each other because of jimmy's dui taking them off tv

  4. Bobby needs to learn how to say no. This, the stuff with Corbin, the hype man, basically everything since he came back to WWE has been garbage. And it has nothing to do with him.

  5. Im happy that rusev did that because i hate bobt lashly and he thinks his the strongest one in the world but his super weak.


    Comment=bobby and lana

  6. Bobby Lashley was well deserved by black. besides wool I don't think he really wants it, he is a mixed race, he only does it for revenge on rusev

  7. Bobby lashley is way more stronger than Rusev. 🙁
    I don't understand why wwe had to involve both of these guys in such a stupid storyline and on top of that, making lashley look so weak🙁

  8. It wasnt nice from lashley to take another mans wife but rusev didnt act fair by atacking lashley while he was already consentrating on a match

  9. Wait, wait and wait Bobby Lashley was the best wrestler but Lana doesn’t even know Bobby Lashley. did Lana created Bobby Lashley or Rusev? because all honestly Bobby Lashley had faced every WWE Superstar of all time. so what’s the deal with Lana in this conversation. in 2015 at WrestleMania 31 Lana was barely holding Rusev’s United States Champion when he was facing John Cena. but John Cena won the United States Champion. and then Rusev and Lana were married. Lashley is always my favorite wrestler too. I’m just being honest about this situation thoughts.

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