S2E1: Precision

S2E1: Precision

MAN:Last season
Step Up: High Water… Hey! Welcome to Atlanta! My nephew Tal.
My niece Janelle.You ever see that man
in that car in your vicinity,
change your vicinity.Big Al. What’s up, Dondre? Hey. Come tonight.
Got a party business. Oh, this must be the sister. Nice to meet you. Why don’t you come on over
to High Water, and see why we are better than you. Ooh… I’m sorry,
did you just say High Water? The sole purpose of High Water is to do everything
in our powerto prepare you for your
professional life as an artist.
I’m Janelle. Davis. Hi. Odalie. SAGE: Back row, you just
made it into High Water. [STUDENTS CHEERING] I am $53 million in debt. We all know you’re just using
us to get your money right.Just like you used my dadback in the day
to keep your shoes clean.
You’re not only done tonight,
you’re done at High Water. I’m not gonna let anyone
disrespect my son. I said get
your goddamn hands off me! Getting kicked out of
High Water was
the biggest mistake of my life. Mic, motherfuckin’ check,
one, two. Damn, you got it soundin’ like
Velvet City up in here, homie. Yeah, you’re
the first to hear it, too. I push my product
at all your parties, nigga. That includes tonight. EAST-O:
You got your side hustle, and ain’t tell your boy? [grunts in pain] Huh? Ashley, it’s me, Rich. Look, I don’t know you. You are not some hood rat
from the ghetto. You’re a rich bitch
from Buckhead. Odalie, what the fuck? So you’ve been lying to me,
everyone here, and also your parents? Thank you, but I can’t
take this from you… No. You’re going to give it to Ohio
to claim your in-state tuition. I’m going to college. Well, yes, you are. I’ll be starting a brand new
tour for the summer.Students that show me
that they can be professional
will be treated,
not to mention compensated. SAGE: Davis Jimenez,
welcome to the pro squad. Poppy Martinez,
welcome to the pro squad. They said I can’t go on tour
and have Justin. I’m gonna have to give up
my spot on Safety Squad. SAGE: [ON PHONE]Greyhound,
Davis is out, you’re in.
EAST-O: What, you think
you’re Mr. High and mighty now, ’cause you got Collette?
I had her first. Hey. oh, I’m sorry,
are you with CPS? REGGIE:Last time I seen ’em,
they was in diapers.
Now, I mean, shit,
I want her back. You can’t come back like that. You and East-O can’t bein the same fucking vicinity.We goin’ for a ride,
motherfucker. I didn’t have
nothin’ to do with it! [DOORBELL BUZZING] COLLETTE:Do you want
to destroy Rigo, too?
Are you really that stupid?Don’t disrespect me! [MAN GROANS IN PAIN] [FAST PACED R&B MUSIC
PLAYING OVER SPEAKERS]♪ Oh hell if they don’t like it
I might turn up by myself
♪ I don’t need… ♪[MUSIC STOPS] Ladies and gents, we got nine weeks to make this shit look amazing. Nobody is coming
to Madison Square Garden to watch civilians. They are coming
to look at superheroes. I am a motherfuckin’ superhero. And nobody touches my stage except other superheroes. Do you understand me? ALL: Yes. SAGE: You got nine weeks
for your superpowers to wake up or you will go the fuck home. Five, six, seven, eight! [FAST PACED R&B MUSIC
Five, six, seven, eight! [FAST PACED R&B MUSIC PLAYING
IN DISTANCE] SAGE: Do you understand? DANCERS: Yes! SAGE: Do you understand? DANCERS: Yes! Five, six, seven, and boom! Big arms, come on! Energy! Tal, you are aware
that dumb luck is what go you here, right? TAL: Yes, sir. You know what,
that shit just ran out. So sit down.
Have a drink or something. What am I lookin’ at? Dondre, boy, you better
be glad you’re pretty, ’cause you dance like a cat
that got thrown in a hot tub. What are y’all doin’? What’d y’all think,
the hard work is done ’cause you made the squad? No! Hard work starts now! Stop! Everybody stop.
Everybody stop. Damn. Zo gets it. Zo understands. Zo been on tour
with me at least two times. He might be captain this time, that is,
unless one of y’all steps up. But right now, it’s lookin’
like Zo’s gonna be captain. Zo, can you please assess
this bullshit for me. [ZO GROANS] Man, this one, heh, chop his arms off,
he might make the step. And that’s a might.
Quit your face. [ZO SIGHS] All style, no technique. This ain’t your world, bro,
it’s Sage’s. SAGE: You know what,
that was genius right now. Can you say that again? This ain’t your world. It’s Sage’s world. Sage’s world, meaning, do it Sage’s way, or take your ass
back to your world. You know what,
y’all sit down. Ladies, you’re up.
Come on, hustle up. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! Please don’t waste my time. Please don’t waste
my goddamn time. Five, six, seven, and boom!
Come on! We have no room for mistakes! You, sit your ass down. Pretty in pink,
more like sloppy in pink. Sit down, please. An entire eight count late. Sit down, thank you. Come on, y’all. How did you get here? Go sit down, please.
Thank you. Bye. Movin’ slow, breathin’ heavy.
You tired? How about you go have a seat. Matter of fact,
how about you lay down. As opposed to sittin’ down.
Thank you. What the fuck am I lookin’ at? This shit is not comin’
on tour with Sage Odom. I’ll do this shit myself before I let y’all get
up there and embarrass me. Straighten the fuck up. We gonna have two captains,
one guy, one girl. One guy, one girl. Two candidates. Look like
we’re gonna have to see which one of y’all is better. Now, real, you know, I guess I always thought
something crazy was gonna happen to you,
you know. But just in my head. Not my heart. [SOBBING] Pops, what am I
supposed to do now? What am I supposed
to do? You was everything, Pop. MARQUISE:
Pink is soft. It’s a damn flower. Not today. Everything has meaning. It’s his final message. Yo, what the… [DOOR OPENS] I’m sorry, which one of you
is Mr. Octavio’s son? I am. I’m so sorry for your loss. I should give you this then. It’s your father’s
personal items, jewelry, watch, wallet… You may want to keep them. Yeah, sure. This is a lot, dawg. I got family
talkin’ to me all crazy. Everybody thinks
he’s running all kinds of… There goes East-Low. What the fuck
did you say to me? What? What’s up, homie? Bro, what the fuck
is wrong with you? You need to man the fuck up
right here, right now. What you want me
to do, nigga, he had a gun. Nigga, we all strapped. Nigga, what the fuck
are you talkin’ about? You can’t keep walkin’
these streets actin’ like a bitch,
lettin’ people think your crown
is for the takin’, Rigo. You just can’t. East left that shit for you. You gotta hold onto it, man. Nigga, my dad just died. A’ight, can you give me
a fuckin’ minute? We don’t have
a fuckin’ minute, Rigo. Look at these motherfuckers. Every single one of ’em are
thinking the same exact thing. East-O is dead. So who’s the new East-O? Is it me? I mean, yo, it could be. Yeah, you know what,
it could be me, and all it takes is
for one of them motherfuckers to make a move, and where the
fuck does that leave us, Rigo? Huh? Two broke-ass niggas
on the corner. Look at me, bro. You are the heir
to the throne. You better start
acting like it. You just don’t get it, dawg. See, maybe because
you never had a father, you just don’t understand
what the fuck I’m going
through, a’ight? [SCOFFS] I ain’t no orphan.
I’m a man. [HIP-HOP MUSIC PLAYING IN CAR] What the fuck are you? Nephew,
been lookin’ for you. Hey, what up, Uncle Matty. Come on, let’s go for a ride. It’s a hard day. All right, hold on. Uh-uh, your dad
never fucked with that dude. He’s always been shady.
Come on. MATTY:
Come on, Rigo, let’s go. Yo, man, it’s my uncle. I can’t just flake on him
like that. Chill out, all right? Man, I’ll call you. Family needs to be together
at times like this. Take a deep breath, boy. You got this. All right? Ladies and gentlemen,
anybody can get the axe at any given moment. Your salaries… We’ll start
at the absolute minimum until you prove yourself
Sage Odom worthy. That means perfect. Y’all think you got it hard? Yeah? I got music to write, I got a whole
goddamn tour to put together, I got a thousand
different kinds of bullshit that I got to deal with, and all y’all got to do
is dance. But that is all
that you will be doing. Any other precious distractions
that you’re having in life, I need you to burn
them shits right away. There will be
no throwing parties, walkin’ around,
being the life of said party. Yeah, all that shit is over. Girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands, wives, fuck buddies, Tinder pets, whatever you wanna call it,
it is done. For the next nine weeks,
ladies and gentlemen, you belong to me. [CELL PHONE MESSAGE CHIMING] Oh, and then there’s this. Excuse me. Hello.
[WHISTLES] Hey. Hello. Schedule. Excuse me? See, that’s what
I’m talkin’ about. That’s exactly
what I’m talkin’ about. I need everybody
in the building 100% focused. That is not 100% focus. You call that focus? Okay. Good work, everyone.
Break time. Yeah, go, go ahead. On point when you come back,
please, thank you. What was that? What that was about
was the fact that you are off your game. What, I was distracted
for like a second. That’s all I know. Ah, fantastic, fantastic. You’re supposed
to be helping me with the biggest tour of my career, the tour that I’ve been
sweating over for five years, the tour that’s
supposed to put me back
where I’m supposed to be, back on top,
but too bad, Sage, because Collette
was distracted. Great. That’s great. Okay, listen,
I know what this is about. I know how you always get
worked up before a new project. Let me make you some tea, and I’ll make a list, and we can tackle this
together, okay? [COLLETTE CLEARS HER THROAT] Okay, so what is this
really about then? What’s goin’ on is that we open
in Madison Square Garden in what, two months,
and where the fuck are we? Where are we? Why did I ever hire
these High Water dancers? And where are the artists
for the duets that I wrote? What’s going on there? I’ve been reaching out to them. I need to work
with everybody in the industry that’s doin’ something dope and interesting
and fresh right now. And I need Sophie, Amber Mark.
I need Young Boy. I need the homie,
you know who I’m talkin’ about, at the top of the list. Yes. Yes, I know. Ah, everyone’s schedule’s
sort of crazy, so it’s not that easy, Sage. Yeah, because you’re distracted. [SCOFFS] [SOBBING LIGHTLY] DONDRE: That dude Zo, he’s a real asshole, yo. Like, what does it even mean
to be captain? Well, I think it means he’s
in charge for the whole tour. Well, that shit’s
not happenin’. Yeah, we got to make sure
to have each other’s backs if we want to keep that
asshole in check, all right? Okay, for sure. Okay, that’s gonna be work.
The man can dance. Well, I don’t think there’s
a lot of man left in that one. I mean, he a little extra,
you know. Right. Chilled, please. So how’s Janelle? She’s killin’ it, as usual. Mmm-hmm. Surprised she isn’t running
the whole damn school by now. Give her time. You miss her? Ah, you have no idea.
Thank you. It’s like, it’s the first time
we’ve been apart, so… Shit, for real? Yeah. But you know, it’s time. And we talk almost every day,
so it’s fine. What about you?
You talk to her? Yeah. No. Heh. I don’t do
the long distance thing. You know how it is. [TAL CHUCKLES] But on the flip side,
it gives me more time
to hang out with my crew. That means you, Ohio. Heh. I’m the crew. Yeah, you are. What’s this? It’s cafe au. DONDRE: What?♪ Bounce that, clap that
Shake that money
♪ Toss that, po trick
Make that money
♪ Bounce that, clap that
Shake that monkey ♪
[SIGHS] Damn. Heh, really, man? This shit feels weird, dawg. Take a hit of this, dawg. [GRUNTS] So what
that fool Matty want? I don’t know,
he just said he was gonna
look into things, you know. Kinda take shit up
where my pops left it. What? Yo, man, that’s
that shit I was talkin’ about. Everybody gonna want a piece
of what you got, man. You can’t just let ’em step… No, you’re not hearing me. Look, he said he was
just gonna run it all,
you know what I’m sayin’? MARQUISE: Mmm. Just kick shit down to us, we could just lay low,
stay in the crib. Be cool, man,
it’s all right. Kick shit down, huh? Yeah. You don’t know what the fuck
you’re talkin’ about. Come here. Come on. What the fuck is this?
Hmm? [BUTTONS BEEPING] What the fuck? This is hella money, dawg.
What the fuck is this, yo? That is your dad’s
street sales. Over a hundred racks. Look, we don’t need
no fucking Uncle Matty. So what are you sayin’, dawg? What, me and you
just take over everything, huh? Run it all? Hell no. I run it. With my knowledge,
my connections, and this money right here. Come on, man. [RIGO SIGHS] I mean, yo, you want
to be a star, right? [SCOFFS] Am I right? Ain’t that what
your dad always wanted? Look, I really love… Mad respect for your pops. I want to do
what he would want to do. You let me
run the business, and then the business
take care of you. You know what I’m sayin’? Except you gonna be
way bigger than Sage. Believe that. [KNOCK ON DOOR] MALE OFFICER:
Mr. Octavio, it’s Atlanta PD, could we have a moment
of your time? RIGO: It’s the police, bro. Officers, can I help you? We need to come inside. Man, what y’all want? Shouldn’t y’all be lookin’
for perpetrators and shit? We’re gonna take a look around.
We have reason to believe there’s
illegal substances inside. Now, open the door
or we bust it down. [LAUGHS] No, I don’t think so,
Officer. Oh, you’re selling
insurance now. [MOCKING LAUGH]
Forget to read? I’ll spot you the first letter.
That’s a A. ACLU, huh? Constitution, bitch. Y’all don’t got
no right to question us. You don’t have a right
to come inside, and you damn sure
don’t have a right to be on this porch right now
without permission. This your house? RIGO: No, it’s my house. And I want y’all
get the fuck up out of here. Hey, man, look… Hey… It’s all right.
It’s all right. All right. I knew your dad. He was a piece of shit. Now, I don’t know you, but one look tells me you’re
a piece of shit in training. So you better
watch your step. Because our eyes are on you. And we don’t blink. SAGE: [CLAPS HANDS]
All right, so, it looks like you two are
gonna be my front runners. And show ponies
get extra attention. You’re welcome. Let’s get it. Five, six, seven, and… [WHOOPS AND VOCALIZES] Wait, wait, wait.
Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop. Okay, that was good.
That was actually really dope. I want to change something.
When we get here… [VOCALIZES] …give me one of these. After that, okay.
Not the spin. Into that big arm. Yeah? Not the spin. Cool? ODALIE: Yes. Got it? BOTH: Yep. Five, six, seven, and… [WHOOPS AND VOCALIZES] Big arm.
Nah, ah, nah! No. No. Remember, I just changed it.
I just changed it. You good? You… Somewhere else you wanna be? No, no, I’m good. SAGE: Remember a second ago,
when I changed it? It still applies.
You good? I’m good. That’s what I like to hear. Ready? Let’s get it. Five, six, seven, and… [WHOOPS AND VOCALIZES] Big… Ah!
Poppy, what the fuck, man? Come on, we’ve been here
a long time, man. What… You actin’
like you not here.
What’s the problem? Well, actually,
she shouldn’t be. I… I mean, she has
a funeral she has to get to. Oh… Oh, okay, well… Well, shit, go for it. Yeah, go ahead, you good. You’re good.
Yeah, go for it. Thank you, Sage. Ah, I said she could go. See, she got a funeral, right? Babe, we got work to do. Ready? Let’s go. Five, six, seven, and… [WHOOPS AND VOCALIZES] And then he’s like,
we’re not even getting paid until he makes us official.
What does that even mean? JOHNNY-ONE:
Well, it sounds like Sage.
He just wants
to keep you all hungry.
Can you stop with the tie?
It’s so painful.
[EXASPERATED SIGH]You follow the directions
while I read them aloud, okay?All right, so you take
the fat part and you put it…
I just, you know what,
I just feel like I’m in a bubble,
and the only reason
I got this job was because Davis
couldn’t do it.You deserve it, Tal.No, no, the other way.[GRUNTS IN FRUSTRATION] [SIGHS]
I just, I’m lost, and I miss you. And I miss Janelle,
and I haven’t talked to her in two days
and I’m already a mess.And I miss you too.Just, I don’t think
I’m gonna make it to this tour.Stop talking like that.You deserve to be there
because you are there.
Can I help you?Is that Uncle Al?Lookin’ good.[EFFEMINATE VOICE]
Hey! Can you help me please?How could you be
so fashion dyslexic?
Shut up. Yo. Huh? [GRUNTS]No, no, no, no, no.
Tal, don’t put that on.
Clip on ties always work. Ugh. Bam! Ooh-whee! Does this suit
make me look fat?Absolutely not.Johnny, baby!Ally, baby!They’re meeting.
Let’s go! What’s up, Kenny? Good to see you, man. What’s up? Where the hell’s
Poppy at, man? I don’t know,
but it’s time to go, man. We got to go. I’m not leaving
without Poppy, dawg. She ain’t been here
all morning and she’s still not here. Look, I’m not leaving here without Poppy, a’ight? Damn. What the… All right, bro. Baby, I am
so, so, so, so sorry. Sage had me held up.
He took my phone. [HIP-HOP MUSIC PLAYING
WITHIN LIMO OVER SPEAKERS] Man, this limo’s crazy. Oof. So this is
how the big ballers live, huh? Won’t be long
till that’s gonna be us. Every single day. You know
what I’m talkin’ about? Oh, yeah,
it like a club in here. Mmm. Damn. Oh, wait. Slick! I ain’t never been
in a limo before. Have you? ‘Cause I ain’t
never been in a limo before. I can’t believe this. We’re in it for the wrong
reasons, but I’m sayin’… Yo… [TAPS CUSHION] Yo! Wipe this shit
off your face, dawg. Don’t talk to him like that. [SOBS] Hey, it’s okay. Everybody gonna be
clockin’ your every move. All right?
You can’t be in here
cryin’ like a baby. If East saw you like that,
he’d smack the shit out of you. Who the fuck are you,
Marquise? It’s his father’s funeral.
Cut him a fucking break. I think both of y’all need
to shut the fuck up. Why do we have
to be here again? For the same reason
the whole neighborhood is here. Half the church
can’t believe East-O is dead, the other half want
to make sure it’s so. [CHURCH BELL RINGING] Either way, that’s what we do, we turn up. Plus, there gonna be
some good fried chicken after this. Hey… [CHURCH ORGAN PLAYING
Everybody is here. I even see white people. Damn, this is fancy. Seems like the one day
they spend money on you, you can’t even see it. Excuse me, sorry. Is that… Is that
Dondre’s dad? Yeah. It’s his parish. He about to play this crowd
like a two-dollar banjo. PASTOR HALL:
We are grateful for everything
you’ve done for the community. The building up,
High Water. All that. Pastor Hall, listen,
I cannot hold a candle to the amazing things you’ve
done for this community
over the years. Oh, praise Jesus. [CHUCKLES] Now, on a personal note, I’d like to thank you
for giving Dondre a shot. Hmm. You know, that party business that he was into
was just childish nonsense. And I’m glad that
he’s done with all that. I can’t believe
that he actually
wakes up before noon now. [LAUGHS] We will make
a man of him yet. [BOTH CHUCKLE] [PHONE RINGING WITH FUNK MUSIC] Oh, Pastor, if you’ll
excuse me for one second. Of course. You got Sage. Ah, just the woman
I was waiting on. How we doin’? Fantastic. MAN OVER P.A.:
Ladies and gentleman, please take your seats as we welcome the Alpha and Omega Praise
♪ There is no pain
♪ Jesus can’t feel♪ No hurt♪ He cannot heal♪ All the things work♪ According to
His perfect will
♪ Whoa, no matter what♪ You’re going through♪ Remember God is using you♪ For the battle♪ Is not yours♪ It’s the Lord’s♪ Hold your head up high♪ Don’t cry♪ It’s the Lord’s♪ It’s the Lord’s♪ Yes, it’s the Lord’s♪ No matter what♪ You’re going through♪ Remember that God♪ Only wants to use you♪ No matter what♪ You happen to go through
Right now
♪ Remember that
In the midst of it
♪ God only wants to use you♪ No matter what it is
That you’re going through
♪ Hold your head up♪ Stick your chest out♪ And remember
He’s using you
♪ For this battle
Is not yours alone
♪ This battle
Is not yours, no
♪ You cannot handle it all
By yourself
♪ No, no, no, no, no, no♪ The battle is not yours♪ It’s the Lord’s ♪[AUDIENCE CHEERING] [FAST PACED POP DANCE MUSIC
PLAYING OVER SPEAKERS] Odalie! Chill out, bro,
she’s practicing. She’s practicing. [SPEAKS SPANISH] Don’t act like last time. Hey, guys! So how’d the interview go?
Did you get the job? Hey, hey… Don’t sweat it. I mean, who wants
to sell cell phones anyway? Me. [SCOFFS] What you think
I’m dressed like this for? Heh. Well, you’ll find
something better soon. You know, I didn’t think
you could get any better, huh. You were amazing just now. Really? I mean, Sage picks
one male dancer and one female dancer
to top line the tour. Getting that spot
would change everything. It’s higher visibility, it’s time with Sage,
it’s more money. Yeah, well, I’m sorry. This is probably hard for you. No. No, no, no,
not at all. Look, you’re gonna get
that spot, okay? It’s already got your name
written all over it. And besides,
social worker said I have to stay in Atlanta
with a regular job if I’m gonna
take care of this one, so… We’re both right where
we’re supposed to be. How about a smoothie? Come on, my treat. It’s always your treat. He’s got bad manners.
He meant yes. That’s what he was saying. Okay… Come on. [ODALIE LAUGHS] [KISSES] PASTOR HALL:
When I think of Earnest…
I think about
the story of Samson. In his final moments, he prayed to the Lord, who blessed him with the power
to pull down the pillars of the Philistine temple and help save his people. And just like Samson, it is only in death that we come to understand Earnest’s lasting legacy for our neighborhood. His contributions to
the pride of our neighborhood, High Water. His sponsorship
of youth basketball teams and support
of some local businesses. This was how Earnest showed
his love, for many of us
who are sittin’ here today. Say amen, somebody! ALL: Amen! [LIGHT APPLAUSE] Now, perhaps his greatest love was for his only son, a love that he demonstrated
every day. Now, Rigo, I’m gonna ask you
to come up and share a few words
about your father. Why are you not with me? You can leave Sage
and be with me. COLLETTE:I can’t.[COLLETTE GASPS FOR LIFE] Don’t disrespect me! COLLETTE: Stop! [GUNSHOT] I’m going to miss
the regular stuff with my dad. Eating barbecue. [SOBBING] Playing pool
in the living room. Watching football on Sunday. Playing cards. My dad liked to play cards. [SOBBING] This is the second time I had to go through this. My mom passed away when I was a little kid. I think that all of us can relate to how Rigo is feeling
right now. We can’t even begin to express our sorrow
for what you’re going through.♪ Amazing Grace♪ How sweet the sound♪ That saved♪ A wretch♪ Like me ♪[LIGHT ORGAN MUSIC PLAYING] [PEOPLE CHATTERING] Sure was a nice service. Your dad would’ve liked it. Yeah, I guess. So you, uh, thought about what we talked about? Yeah, it’s just… Like, I got a lot
on my mind, all right? I just need some time
to think, that’s all. Well, let me help you.
Cops come to your house yet? Yeah, how’d you know? ‘Cause I know what
fucking time it is, Rigo. Let me drop
a little knowledge on you. The next time they come,
they will have a warrant. And trust me when I say
they gonna crawl up your ass. Things gonna change
for you now, boy. A lot of people
gonna come at you, sayin’ a lot of things. Your daddy
ain’t around no more. If you don’t watch out,
you either gonna get robbed, beat down,
or even worse, someone gonna roll up on you
and bust a cap in your ass. You’re all alone now. That’s some dangerous shit. Yeah, well, I’m not
all alone, all right. Shit, nigga, please! Who you talkin’ about,
Marquise over there? Yeah, so what? Marquise don’t know shit. Buddy gonna get you killed,
that’s all he gonna do. Look, you ain’t cut out
for this, Rigo. You know it.
And I know it. And your father
knew it too. Without me,
you won’t last a fuckin’ week
on these streets. Maybe you’re right. I’m more than right. I’m family. And blood’s truly
thicker than water, right? Right? Yeah. [UNDER BREATH]
A’ight. So we’re good? We got a deal? Yeah, we good, Uncle Matty. That’s a good answer. Smart decision. And remember, I got
nothin’ but love for you. [RIGO CHUCKLES] I’m gonna look out for you. Heh, all right. But Marquise’s gotta go. Ooh. Ahh. [KNOCK ON DOOR] [DOOR OPENS] [DOOR CLOSES] REGGIE: Hey. It’s Reggie. Is there anything else
I can help you with? Mmm. I’m good. Really? So when are you leaving town? No need now,
East-O’s dead. We’re all free. Now I can come back. Say what?
[STAMMERS] What? I said now I can come back to Atlanta, permanently. And I was thinkin’
we should the twins who I am. Absolutely not. I can finally be the father
I should’ve been. Absolutely fucking not. Look, these kids have
been through their share
of shit, okay. Janelle’s off to college. I’ve gotten
Tal straightened out. It’s working. We have our life here, you have your life
in Tallahassee. Okay, and why can’t
I be a part of that? I should be a part of it. You should’ve been a part
of sending Janelle to college. Oh, that? Oh, yeah,
I sent her to college. It’s working! You understand that,
it’s working. Why can’t you see
I changed, Al? Hmm? Oh, you’ve changed? Yeah. Yeah, you’ve changed
shoes. You’ve changed hats. You’ve changed
fuckin’ shirts! Oh, that’s right, you’ve been
sober for two years. Three. Three goddamn years,
Al, three! Oh, three years? Oh! Oh, it’s the jobs
that keep fuckin’ changing. I got this, okay? No, no, no. No, I got this. You just want to come in
when I do all the work. They’re my kids, Al. They’re mine. Eggs, flour… Wow, this looks, uh… I’m pretty sure “delicious”
is the word you’re looking for. You guys wanna see me juggle? When did you learn
how to juggle? I watched a video
on the computer. Justin! Heh. Baby, it’s fine. Well, not the whole video. DAVIS: God. [KNOCK ON DOOR] NATE:
Hello? Hello… Ashley? Hi! Oh, honey, um,
I didn’t realize
you were here with company. Dad, this is Davis. From Emory.
We just pulled an all-nighter. We both have an organic chem
midterm this afternoon. Davis is pre-med,
which is great for me. Makes him
an awesome study buddy. Well, it’s
a pleasure to meet you. I’m Nate, Ashley’s father. And who do we have here? Justin. That’s my little brother. His parents are in Sanibel
for vacation this week. It’s, uh, it’s
their anniversary, yeah. I said I would
look after Justin
so they can enjoy themselves. Well, they couldn’t have
picked a better time for it. Hey, you know, um, I’m sorry for breakin’ up the party.
I, um… You’re an adult now,
and I shoulda known better. Dad, heh, really,
it’s fine. I mean, do you want
to stay for breakfast? No. I’ll let you
get back to your studies. Ah, why don’t you
bring Davis by the house
for dinner this week? You know,
Mom was just saying we haven’t met any of
your new friends from Emory. And I am sure
she would love to meet Davis. [DAVIS CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY] How about Wednesday? Heh. We’d love to. That work for you? Yeah, of course. Great. Wednesday it is. [MOUTHING WORDS] [DOOR OPENS] [DOOR CLOSES] Hey, can I come? SAGE: Yeah, so ‘Lette reached
out and he said something about being busy. Uh-uh. Yeah. Busy doesn’t work for me. That’s not in my vocabulary. He’s already un-busy. That’s what I’m talkin’ about. Hi. Hi. I didn’t know that
you were in town. [SCOFFS] Yeah, she’s here for me. But how so? Well, I spoke
to the label, told ’em how we was havin’
a little bit of trouble gettin’ a hold of
the artists that I wanted, so they sent over somebody
dedicated solely to preppin’ the tour. You know, to make sure there’s no distractions. And Sage is
so important to the label, and when they wanted
to assign someone to him full time, heh, I mowed down
the damn field to get the gig. And I’m glad you did. [CHUCKLES] [SCOFFS]
Collette, I am so happy to be back at High Water. It’s beautiful.
You did a great job. Really. I mean,
I haven’t been back since ground-breaking. Thank you, I’m incredibly proud of
what we’ve built here. I’m glad you found
your way. Administration
clearly suits you. [CELL PHONE RINGING] Ah, and here it is. Is that
who I think it is? [SCOFFS]
I’m like the mailman, baby. I always deliver. Mmm, I like it. NINE:
Rick Ross, how’s it goin’? What’s up, baby?Hustlin’ as usual.Otherwise, chillin’
like a baller.
NINE: Heh, well, whatever
you’re doing, it’s working. But I know who you
really want to talk to, so… Yo! What’s goin’ on?Gettin’ to the money, baby.
We gettin’ to the money.
Ha ha! Listen, when
I put this thing together, it had to be you, real talk. Now, are you sure
you ready for this? This is a little different
than what you normally…I was born ready.
Fo’ sho, baby.
You know I’m locked down.I’m sayin’, I mean, I know
you got hits of your own, but Sage Odom here with
something a little different. Thang that’ll take you
around the world a couple times,
you know what I mean?That sound good to me.SAGE: All right,
so let me run it down… Use the stairs,
like they’re designed. Ladies, excuse me,
where’s the trash, huh? Oh, look, right there. Pick it up. [COLLETTE GROANING] We gotta get out of here. Wait, wait, who are you? I’ll handle this. A friend. Go. COLLETTE:
What are you doing here?
How did you find me? I didn’t, all right? I was
here lookin’ for someone else. Wait, you work here? This is my school, okay? And you shouldn’t be here,
and we shouldn’t be together. We shouldn’t be seen
together. Fuck! What you have to know
about that night is that
it was self-defense, okay? Look, you ain’t gotta
explain shit to me, all right? You saved my life. No… No, what I did is
fucking kill someone, okay? I keep checking the news to see
if there’s any leads on it, and there aren’t. But if they find out
that it was me, and I have to go to jail,
this whole fucking place is gonna fall apart. I think it’s okay. I think it’s gonna be okay,
’cause I cleaned it up. [SCOFFS] Besides, I’m guilty too. Maybe even more guilty
than you. I really don’t think so. I owed him money,
all right? I stole from him
back in the day. One thing I know
about ol’ East-O, he doesn’t forget
and he damn sure
doesn’t forgive, so trust me when I say
your secret is safe with me. Okay. Thank you.
What, what was your name? Reggie. I’m Collette. Have a seat. [POP MUSIC
PLAYING OVER SPEAKERS] Hey… About yesterday,
I was only trying to help you
get to the funeral. Girl, don’t even
worry about it. Listen, we both know
how Sage is. He’s gonna pit us all
against each other. I’m not gonna let him
divide us. You finished? [STAMMERS] Yeah… Good, because
for the record, we’re already divided,
Ashley. Ever since
you came up in here, lied to us, and got
my ass thrown in jail. So how about you
just stay in your lane, and I’ll stay in mine? We’ll see
where each other ends up. COLLETTE:
I’ve been a mess.
I don’t fucking know. Yeah, he was just so mad,
you know. He was mad about me
and mad about Sage, and he tried to kill me. You know, he tried
to fucking kill me. Yeah, so I guess we’re
both lucky to be alive. And look,
no one has to know. So how about we just
never speak of this again? You really think
they’re not gonna find out? I mean, how could they? Look, the man had
real enemies, bigger than
the school principal and whatever the hell I am. [SIGHS] Sometimes the world
puts us in spots, spots we don’t expect. Makes us do things
that we couldn’t know. But that doesn’t mean
that’s who we are, right? It’s a thing that happened,
it’s ten minutes of our life, that’s it. It doesn’t have
to be everything. Yeah. Did you say
you were looking for someone? Yes. Tal Baker. How do you know Tal? I’m his father. Only he doesn’t
know it yet. Look, Collette, is it? I got one shot. One. One shot
to tell my kids the truth, and I got to do this right. So I need you
to help me with this. [STAMMERS] I mean, I… [KNOCK ON DOOR] You are missin’ out
on the magic. Do you have any interest
in checkin’ out what’s going on in the studio? Yeah, mmm-hmm, of course. No. Yes. I will be right there. Are you comin’? Yeah. Two seconds. Listen, um, Tal, it’s been
a very rough time for him, so, you know, I will help you
because I owe you, but just give me a minute
to figure out how to do it. Yeah, yeah, of course. All right.
All right,
there you go. Um, I have to go back
to Tallahassee, right. So about a month or two,
but… I’m movin’ back here. It’s gonna be okay. I think it is. Right… [PLAYING OVER SPEAKERS]
♪ Headed for a hundred million
I’ma need a bigger safe
♪ Out of state
In a state with a lake
♪ Cuban lit medallion
Bigger than a dinner plate
Yeah, that shit bumpin’.Tell ’em to turn the vocals up
just a little bit more.
NINE: Just a little more.♪ O’Reilly fire red… ♪That’s what I’m
talkin’ about, Sage.
That’s it, baby.Huh, tell me
you fuck with it. Tell me you fuck with it!That rich forever shit.Ah, you fuck with it!
That’s what I’m talkin’ about. Listen, they’re not gonna
see this shit comin’. Trust me.
‘Lette, what do you think? I think it sounds amazing.♪ Buy it outright
Got a long boat ♪
Way to make it happen, Nine. Well, that’s the job, right? RICK ROSS:Yo, homie,
they not ready for this.
It’s that next level shit.
Shit finna be crazy.
Um, all right.
So let’s do that one
one more time. King, can you brighten
the hook? All right. Otherwise,
we’re on point. Yo, I’m gonna lay this down.
Tell me what you think. [DOOR OPENS, CLOSES]♪ Eight give thanks
Sayin’ grace
♪ Got the black chinchilla♪ When I’m in the black race ♪TAL: Yo, I was thinkin’
maybe, like, we come up
with something for Sage. Get back
in his good graces, you know. I don’t know, maybe, like that last thing,
we just slide through, and then just…
[VOCALIZES] You know? [VOCALIZES] Tal, come on, man. It’ll work. Don’t you ever quit? I’m tired, Tal. Come on, man. Or I got this move like… [VOCALIZES] Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Where’d you get that move from? Hmm? Hmm? That’s my shit. Aw, seriously? You guys should get you a room. You know what, fuck him. All right? You can’t be shopliftin’
my loves like that, dawg. You feel me? Sorry. Yeah. You gotta come up
with your own, Ohio. [FAST PACED R&B MUSIC
♪ Yo
♪ All right
♪ Look, tonight I’m alone♪ The timing his own
I mind my own
♪ Because I be finding
my zone
♪ Finding my zone
I be finding my zone
♪ Tonight I’ma go
Life on the road
♪ The light is cold
Because I be finding my zone
♪ Finding my zone
I be finding my zone
♪ I put on my Zeus ties
So scoop by
♪ More episodes
Than Luke Sky
Yeah, but for that, I’m gonna need
studio time, bro. Hell, no.
We’re gonna build a studio right here in the crib. Hell, yeah, Stick that shit
in the dining room. What does anybody use
the dining room for anyways? [LAUGHTER] What is it? It’s a warrant, bro. MARQUISE:
Fuck. No, no, no, no, no!
No, no, no. No. No, no, no, no. Shit, man! It’s all gone, man. Fuck! [PHONE BUTTONS BEEPING] What are you doin’? I’m callin’ Uncle Matty. [PHONE BEEPS] Fuck, man. My gosh. No, Rigo, I need
you to dance with me. Oh. Ladies and gentleman,
Zo versus Tal. Whoa! He was right. About what? Matty, we can’t
trust him, dawg. I’m in the frickin’ suburbs. Ashley… Mom. DAVIS:We just have such
different realities.
Maybe that’s where
it should stay. Guys, another episode
ofStep Up: High Water
is about to start. So if you’ll move,
you’ll miss it. So don’t move. Yeah, stay right there.

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