Sasha Banks’ Husband Wrestled in WWE – Did You Know Wrestling

Sasha Banks’ Husband Wrestled in WWE – Did You Know Wrestling

(Sasha Banks’ Theme Song) Did you know, Sasha Banks didn’t go to
traditional school for all her life? Growing up, Banks lived with her mother
and brother, who has autism, and to get him to the right hospitals and schools Banks’ family moved often. When Banks was in the seventh grade she started taking classes online to be able to stay home and take care of her brother and also to
allow her mother to keep on working. Sasha Banks has said that Eddie Guerrero is her favorite wrestler of all time. Part of that is because the reason she got
hooked on wrestling was because the first match Eddie Guerrero match she saw was want made her start pursing a career in wrestling. She also sights Guerrero’s match against Rey Mysterio from WCW’s Halloween Havoc Pay-Per-View as her favorite match of all time. There’s a sad story with how she found out about Guerrero’s death. In November of
2005, Banks won front row tickets to Raw and this would have been the first time
she saw Guerrero in person. This episode of Raw became a tribute to Eddie Guerrero, after he passed away the day before. Banks didn’t know this and even after seeing signs saying “Rest in peace Eddie” and the like Banks took this as either hate for the wrestler or that he was going to be wrestling the Undertaker. It wasn’t until a fan approached her and told her that Guerrero had sadly passed away. On a more positive note, Sasha Banks’ love for Eddie Guerrero can be seen in her wrestling career. Her WrestleMania 32 attire was inspired by Guerrero’s from the No Way Out Pay-Per-View in 2004, Where he won the WWE Championship for the first time. During the same show where she wore the inspired gear, Banks also performed a frog splash which was Guerrero’s finishing move. Likewise, she used the move again in her Hell in a Cell match against Charlotte
in 2016. Also during that match, she performed the three amigos, another signature move of Eddie Guerrero. Another nod to Guerrero comes from a July 2016 edition of Raw. During a match against the then WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte Banks got a hold of the Championship belt and threw it to Dana Brooke, who was accompanied Charlotte, and laid down to appear as if Brooke had
hit her with the belt, which was a trick done by Eddie Guerrero a number of times. Sasha Banks was backstage at WrestleMania 24 when she was only 16. As many know rapper Snoop Dogg is Bank’s cousin as well as a wrestling fan. So when he hosted the Divas’ Lumberjack match at 2008’s WrestleMania 24, Snoop Dogg got her into the event and she was able to meet a lot of stars of the time. This was the same show where Ric
Flair had his retirement match so his daughter Charlotte was there as well and both her and Banks were backstage together and just 8 years later they would be the first two women to main event a WWE Pay-Per-View. Beside just getting Banks’ backstage at WWE events, Snoop Dogg was also one of the influences for Sasha Banks’ boss character. Growing up Snoop Dogg would call himself the boss around Banks. So she decided to take that
name and turn into a character for her to portray. She was also inspired by other singers as well, such as Nicki Minaj and Kanye West, with their style and attitude. Tyler Breeze was another person helped Banks create her character. While in NXT, Breeze suggested that Banks create a list of characters and decide from there which would fit her the most. Sasha Banks’ husband, Kid Mikaze is also a wrestler. He started his career in 2001 and wrestled for a number of independent promotions, as well as Ring of Honor and a bit in TNA. Most interesting though, is that he made one televised appearance in WWE. In June of 2012, Mikaze, alongside with a fellow independent wrestler, appeared on an episode of Raw in a two-on-one handicap match against Ryback. Mikaze didn’t use his regular ring name however, instead Rutherford P. S. Hayes. Which is likely a reference to Michael P.S. Hayes, a former wrestler and current WWE Producer/ Road Agent. In May of 2015, at a TV taping for NXT, Mikaze competed a dark tag team match, dark match being a match not shown on TV, where he teamed up with Jason Jordan in a losing effort against the Vaudevillians. The scariest and saddest part is, after taking a boot to the side of the head, Mikaze became limp and the referee had to call off the match. According to a fan intended Mikaze laid there for about 5 minutes before he could get up on his own. Two days later, Mikaze said on Twitter that he was doing fine but sadly he’s not made a in ring return since that match. In 2015, Mikaze became the seamstress and designer for WWE, after Sandra Gray retired who had been creating attires for WWE wrestlers since 1994. But before joining the WWE, Mikaze already had a large number of work under his belt. He started by designing his own costumes to wrestle in but his fellow wrestlers took notice and
he started taking commissions for other performers as well. Some of the more well known wrestlers he has created clothing for are Summer Rae and Paige and actually the purple attire Paige debuted on Raw in was crafted by Mikaze. Designing pro wrestling gear is partially how Sasha Banks and Kid Mikaze got to know each other. When Banks first met Mikaze, he offered to design outfits for her to wear and continued to do so into her NXT days. One more interesting fact about Banks and Mikaze’s relationship is that the two have wrestled each other. In 2012, while Banks was wrestling on the independent circuit under the name Mercedes KV, she participated in a four-way match for the promotion Beyond Wrestling. She wrestled against three other men and one of those guys was her future husband Kid Mikaze. Did You Know Wrestling is inspired by Did You Know Gaming so go ahead and check their channel out. And if you want more Did You Know Wrestling go ahead and check out the episode we did on Samoa Joe. Also be sure to subscribe to Tap Out Corner for more videos like this. I’m Zach and I’ll see you next time.

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  1. You know I've always wondered what Shaul Guerrero thinks of Sasha's career. Shaul was originally suppose to continue her dad's legacy in WWE, she was even doing classic Eddie bits in FCW, but that never worked for her and now Sasha Banks who isn't even Eddie's daughter is doing a much better job continuing Eddie's legacy than Shaul ever did.

  2. HHH and AJ styles wear gear created by Mikaze. Alexa Bliss, Bella Twins, etc…. He makes gear for just about everyone. He's pretty talented otherwise he wouldn't be doing things for main carders. Lots of salty people jealous of him and Sasha. They have a lot in common together. Sasha loves Kpop, and is big anime nerd. So she and Mikaze fit well together.

  3. Sasha Banks boyfriend just a little At first she was my favorite but now that I know she has a Indian little glasses little Mexican man

  4. The boss, an image everyone relates to cause along with her and all these mainstream entertainers, They gotta keep the masses entertained, pay homage respect but she got that following cause of who she related to

  5. It's sad how wwe is doing sasha she put the women's division back on the map with Charlotte flair in their matches very sad

  6. It's sad that his career got ended by that stupid botched boot to the head, but at least he had other talents that kept him the business.

  7. I love Sasha Banks I love to see Sasha Banks get back in the wrestling again her performance the so good I like her cuz she likes Eddie Guerrero she's such a good person and my book anybody ever says anything different about her her and Eddie Guerrero has a lot of like I think she needs to do the lying cheating still like Eddie Guerrero did see ya hey Sasha kicks Charlotte's ass that's why I like to tell it

  8. The video stated that she bought tickets to the Nov. 14th, 2005 episode of Raw to see Eddie – which turned out to be a tribute show after he had just passed away day before – but wasn't Eddie wrestling exclusively on SmackDown! at the time? Or was Eddie advertised to appear on that nights Raw on Nov. 14th, 2005 (that turned out to be his tribute show)? Someone please shed a little light on this. Thank you.

  9. daaaamn, his wrestling gear is hella fine tho, so unique. it's to be expected of the wrestling gear king lol. too bad he wasn't able to show it on televised matches more 😔😔

  10. So this video was posted 2 years ago and the thumbnail was changed recently. At least this wants to make people watch the video cuz if fans see the new Sasha Banks, we get interested straight away into the video

  11. Thats cool that she gets to have him with her all the time on the road, also cool that mikaze is on UUDD a lot seems like him and creed are good friends

  12. Sounds like a phoney fan story. Like somebody who wrestles but never really liked wrestling. How you gonna win tickets to Raw the night of Eddie's memorial and NOT EVEN KNOW HE PASSED? How does that even sound?

  13. lucky ass dude shes so hot. example of where lady is way hotter than her partner but he's an awesome guy so it works out

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