Sasha Banks To Japan?! Damien Sandow Announces Wrestling RETURN! | WrestleTalk News July 2019

Sasha Banks To Japan?! Damien Sandow Announces Wrestling RETURN! | WrestleTalk News July 2019

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What do you think of WWE using Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins as an onscreen couple? Because
I’ll be replying to people in the comments FROM OUTTA NOWHERE… telling you how I find
Becky’s current Twitter profile picture strangely attractive.
Despite being a very much real-life couple – a fact Michael Cole likes to point out,
on average, every 2.9 minutes on Monday Night Raw – fans have criticised Becky and Seth,
myself included, for weirdly not actually having much onscreen romantic chemistry, with
their segments together feeling slightly stilted. Lynch has addressed these thoughts in the
best way she knows how: by owning everyone on the Twitter:
“Yo, @WWERollins, internet says we need to work on our chemistry. Will you Gorilla
Press me like this after we win on Monday?” – with a gif of the Patrick Swayze lift from
Dirty Dancing. Which she followed up with burns on her opponent
from last week’s Raw: “UPDATE, @MariaLKanellis. Tried this and
almost impregnated myself.” And tonight’s intergender tag match of Zelina
Vega and Andrade. “Unfortunately, the only small child I’ll
carry now is Zelina on Monday.” “Also, tell Andrade to ask his old lady
(which is his real life girlfriend Charlotte Flair) what it’s like to get beaten repeatedly
by The Man.” And Rambo Apocalypse Crossfit Jesus’ contribution
to defending his and Becky’s love was by tweeting:
“C8H11NO2+C10H12N2O+C43H66N12O12S2” …which, for a change, isn’t Seth making
a reference to his bank account – it’s the chemical equation for the feeling of love.
Awww. Which can also cause schizophrenia, extreme paranoia and insanity.
Run, Becky, he’s going to turn heel on you! But even if Seth and Becky’s onscreen relationship
was clicking, they’d still have been overshadowed in their segment last week by the baffling
case of Mike and Maria Kanellis. This is the greatest, greatest, cuck I’ve
ever known Segway! Seth and Becky took on Mike and Maria Kanellis
in an intergender tag on last week’s episode of Raw, but the match quickly became more
about both Mike’s literal and metaphorical manhood.
The Kanellisi reportedly asked for their WWE releases at the start of this year, and Maria
teased that both their contracts were expiring at the end of last month. Last week, though,
PWInsider revealed the couple had re-signed lucrative five year deals worth half a million
dollars per year – just the latest example of a high-figure contract for relatively low
level talent WWE has signed to stop the flow of talent to other companies like New Japan,
ROH and, most importantly, All Elite Wrestling. So WWE immediately started to reap the returns
on their investment by booking the Kanellisi against two of the promotion’s top stars
on their flagship show, which saw Mike tapping out to Becky’s Disarmher…Disarmhim…Disarmperson,
and Maria revealing to him that she’s pregnant, but she doesn’t know how, because he isn’t
man enough to put a baby in her. So what exactly is going on backstage…?
During last week’s episode, Pro Wrestling Sheet’s Ryan Satin observed this could be
a storyline that’s been planned for a while now…
“When Mike and Maria re-signed with WWE, a source of mine told me there was a pitch
to do some sort of cucking angle with them. Fast forward to a few weeks later and Maria
is now on RAW calling Mike her “bitch” and commentary is pointing it out.”
It was an excruciating burial of Mike Kannelis that will take months and months of very good
booking for him to come back from, and PWInsider reported soon after that Maria was indeed
pregnant, but the couple only informed WWE about it after they’d signed the five year
deals. It was speculated the segment was a way to punish the Kannelisi, but now a few
sites and Maria herself are claiming something else…
WrestlingInc have reported that Mike and Maria actually re-signed with WWE in early June,
but only learned Maria was pregnant only a week and a half ago. WWE was already aware
the Kannelisi wanted another baby, and them signing them is apparently part of the company
“trying to make their environment more modernized for working mothers. That includes having
a room for young children at their four major pay-per-views, as well as scheduled time off
for family events.” Maria plans on working through her pregnancy
for as long as doctors will allow, and intends on returning to WWE as soon as she’s medically
cleared. Maria herself has taken to Instagram to argue
her and Mike re-signing is actually part of a much larger progressive step for herself
and women in the wrestling industry – particularly WWE – comparing it to her previous run in
the 00s, and – in a classic Paige here move – somehow blamed wrestling fans for WWE’s
historic misogyny. “Fans circa 2009: I can’t believe they
treat ditzy Maria so bad. Why are the matches so short? Why can’t a Diva be older than
35? Where are women’s rights? Fans circa 2019: I can’t believe Maria got pregnant
again! How dare she have a family? She can’t work and have a family!”
“At the end of the day, WWE was where I started and it’s where I wanted to complete
my career. And when they came to the table with the opportunity to have a family and
a career it sealed the deal. People think they know everything but it’s all in the
details.” “I’ll still “complain” I have freedom
of speech. I also have the ability to change things by using my voice. I.e. first woman
to sign a contract with ROH, first woman to work long term with New Japan, etc… you
may not like it. But I don’t do it for you.” Unsurprisingly, another force behind the ‘cuck’
storyline on Raw was its new Executive Director Paul Heyman. The sensationalist, soap opera
booking is a very Heyman trait, and Dave Meltzer has confirmed as much with his backstage sources,
writing: “it was clear the Strowman/Lashley segment [and] the Mike & Maria Kanellis segment
were clearly Heyman ideas, which has been confirmed.”
The Wrestling Observer has also corroborated PWInsider’s report from last week that Luke
Gallows and Karl Anderson have agreed or actually re-signed with WWE for five-year deals.
Anderson and Gallows are reportedly committed to the company and their new main event faction
push as The Club with AJ Styles. And they’re not the only acts we’re going
to be seeing more of on WWE TV from now on… As Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio are both returning
FROM OUTTA… well, brief periods off from injury.
Firstly is Mysterio, who WWE have already officially announced for tonight’s episode
of Raw, after the former United States champion had to relinquish his title due to a shoulder
injury he sustained in May’s Money in the Bank – not because he unfairly won that championship
while Samoa Joe’s shoulders were up. Orton got no such send off, though, disappearing
from outta nowhere over the last few weeks on SmackDown. Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp
has now revealed the reason for his absence, writing Randy “has been dealing with somewhat
of a neck injury” which got “jammed up” in a live event match last month. As Orton
already had some vacation time coming up, he was given an extra two weeks off to rest
up. He’s expected to return to WWE TV imminently. Interestingly, Randy’s injury came after
a series of house show matches against Aleister Black – meaning it could actually be Orton
who’s been playing knock down ginger on Black’s cupboard for the last half year,
and they’ll be facing each other at Extreme Rules.
But while those WWE stars are returning to Raw and SmackDown, one former WWE wrestler
has just announced he’ll be making his comeback to the entire industry…
After an almost two year break, the former Damien Sandow in WWE, now called Aron Rex,
has revealed he’ll be making his return to wrestling on Twitter:
If only there was a new wrestling promotion founded by Sandow’s former Rhodes Scholars
tag team partner Cody he could make his return in…
CM Punk to AEW confi-I mean, Damien Sandow to AEW confirmed!
And he’s not the only wrestler sparking speculation on Twitter. Because meanwhile,
in Japan… A wild Sasha Banks has been spotted hanging
out with some of the country’s top wrestlers! Banks hasn’t been seen on WWE TV since her
and Bayley lost the women’s tag team championships to the IIconics at WrestleMania 35 – after
which Sasha reportedly tried to quit the company. She apparently had a positive meeting with
Vince McMahon in May, though, and has been filming footage for WWE 2K20, hinting that
she’ll make her return to WWE over the Summer. Before then, though, she’s visited several
top Japanese wrestlers over the last few days, including going for dinner with Pro Wrestling
NOAH’s Marufuji, working out with wrestler, bodybuilder and J-Pop star Reika Saiki and
also hanging out with Joshi wrestler Mina Shirakawa.
Sasha is a long time fan of Japanese professional wrestling, and the trip comes after numerous
social media teases about her leaving WWE – including liking positive posts about AEW.
While her meeting with McMahon is said to have gone well in May, that was before Dean
Ambrose proved you can find success outside the company, reinventing himself as Jon Moxley
in both AEW and New Japan – something Sasha could now be considering herself.
One other notable part of those pictures, though, besides where she is and the people
she’s hanging out with, is that Banks has dyed her hair back to her trademark purple
– suggesting she’s nearing an in-ring return. And it just so happens the Amalie Arena in
Florida has updated their website to now list Sasha as one of the featured Superstars at
the 22nd July episode of Raw. What huge death in Avengers: Endgame was changed!
Find out the crazy backstage story by clicking the ScreenStalker video on the right! And
who won WrestleTalk’s ScreenGrapple awards for Worst Way To Stretch a Match Over An Adbreak?!
Click the video below that to find out! I’ve been Oli Davis, and that was wrestling.

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    BTW, Oli you sounded really good singing Mike & Maria's theme parody.

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    The only time I've seen something similar is rad fems saying women shouldn't have families and should focus on themselves and their career.

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    Suddenly again Maria got pregnant n Mike probably will have another excuses n miss all the events but still got paycheck.

    Damn they re smart !

  10. Mentioning Seth turning heel on Becky made me perk up. That's actually an interesting idea. Not looking for an intergender match. But the story that could make. Have him cost her the title. Cheapens the win for the winner, so give it to a wrestler that is over enough to weather that.

  11. I think WWE is simply running out of ideas at the moment for both of them, so it doesn't surprise me that they're gonna juice everything they can from their relationship.
    Its WHATEVER for now, don't want this to last tooooo long tho, frankly.

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  17. Pretty bummed that Gallows and Anderson re-signed with WWE. Things are going fine now, but I have a feeling that they'll be irrelevant for the majority of their new five year deals. Also, this may not be a popular take, but I don't want to see Damien Sandow in AEW. His best run was in 2014-15 as a Miz impersonator. That was four years ago. That, and I'll never forget when I accidentally turned on Impact in 2017, and he was doing this androgynous Gorgeous George kinda gimmick. He fell so quickly. I just have no interest in him returning to any promotion, really.

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    500 grand a year to have horrible promos and short matches.
    Cool entrance music though.
    Edit: seriously does anyone think Maria did a good job on either Raw when she had the mic?
    I heard Vince coming out of her mouth with all that impregnation silly crap.
    Im not shitting on the angle actually. Im shitting on Maria's "acting" and the dialogue she was given.
    Mike did alright. Seemed less forced.
    Ah well. Not everything can be a home run.

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  23. It like John Cena and Nikki Bella will wwe ruin another relationship will they not leave relationships alone

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    Like I said, I don't have half the problem with Becky and Seth as I do with her new knack for ripping off every major Attitude Era finisher as part of her arsenal. That wasn't exactly what I had in mind when I said it would be nice to see her add a few new moves to go along with the new persona. It wasn't Stone Cold Becky Lynch the knock off nostalgia act that made the bad ass element of her work, it was the RELENTLASS. While I don't mind her having a few light moments of her former self, she's lost much of that edge she had last year and I think it has more to do with what the company has done with her over that comparison to a 90's Icon.

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    Apparently necessary maternity leave is classified in WWE under "family events". That seems very minimalizing.

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    Where's El Fake-A-Dor? He owes me money!!

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