Seth Rollins Summerslam 2015 White attire – WWE 2K15 Mods

Seth Rollins Summerslam 2015 White attire – WWE 2K15 Mods

Hello people and welcome back to a brand new video here on elementgames! Today we are looking at a community created Seth Rollins attire This is his new white attire that he wore at the WWE summerslam 2015 ppv! This is available as a free download on community creations for the pc. creator details are in the description Rollins makes his entrance before delivering his signature and finisher to john cena on a steel chair Just like he did at summerslam 2015! This video also features some WWE 2K15 mods, including the 2 title belts you are now seeing on the screen All of the mods are listed and are free downloads, link in the description! I hope you enjoyed the video guys! Thanks for watching.

100 thoughts on “Seth Rollins Summerslam 2015 White attire – WWE 2K15 Mods”

  1. I hope we can see Ziggler's new attire mod. And Sting has returned to face Seth. #ThankyouHunter. Nice video BTW, i love the black and blue attire.

  2. Say whatever you want I actually really like Rollins in that white attire. I wish he had it on all the time. It's a great tribute to HBK.

  3. I swear to go fucking pissing bullshit bell I have been asking for someone to tell me how to get seth rollins white attire

  4. This damn game doesn't have a double championship entrance. Seth Rollins is WWE World Heavyweight Champion and US Champion in my Universe and he comes out with just the world title and announcer calls him the WWE Champion, without the "and United States Champion". This game really sucks when it comes to details like these.

  5. everytime rollins changes his attire, he wins something

    – money in the bank, he changed his attire and won
    – wrestlemania 31, changed attires and won the champ
    – summerslam '15, turned into jesus and is now the united states champ

    nice video btw 😀

  6. Listen, please throw off its assembly wwe, where ustonovlenny hildren all modes, etc, throw off my assembly where UTB, please, very proshu.v thanks in advance!

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