Smackdown Star DEBUTS On Raw! Summerslam 2017 Main Event REVEALED! | WWE Raw, July 24, 2017 Review

Smackdown Star DEBUTS On Raw! Summerslam 2017 Main Event REVEALED! | WWE Raw, July 24, 2017 Review

Jason Jordan makes his in-ring debut on Raw. The Summerslam main event revealed! And The Shield is almost back together. Well, only two of them. And they didn’t fist bump at the end. But they love each other, they love each other
really. I’m Oli Davis, and this is the 24th July
2017 edition of Monday Night Raw…in about 4 minutes. Summerslam Main Event Revealed
Raw started with Kurt Angle recapping the main event storylines from last week, which
we’d just seen in the recapping video package to open the show. He was about to announce who’s facing Brock
Lesnar at Summerslam when…we got ourselves a good ol’fashioned ‘wrestlers come out
one-by-one to say why they should get a title shot’. Just like The Dirty Sheets reported, Angle
just decided to use them all – booking Lesnar vs Samoa Joe, Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns
for the Universal Title at Summerslam, prompting Braun to say: “I don’t care if it’s
one-on-one, two-on-one or a four-way. I just care about piling bodies.” And he quickly got started, throwing a security
guard over the top rope to the outside with no-one to catch him. Raw’s undercard later joined the body pile,
with the locker room emptying to keep Joe, Reigns and Strowman apart. This was a great, chaotic angle to open the
show – and it set up a three-way between them for next week. Elias Samson beat Finn Balor
After Elias Samson smashed a guitar over Finn Balor’s head last week, the two went at
it in a No Disqualification match. But as much as Balor used a steel chair, you
still can’t beat the [BLEUGH!]. The lights cut out, and when they came back
on, Balor was already caught in Bray Wyatt’s grasp. One Sister Abigail and then Samson made a
very delayed pin – winning the apparent blow-off match to the Elias/Balor feud. Big Cass beat Enzo Amore
After last week’s weird non-Big Show match thing, Enzo Amore tried once again to beat
up his former tag team partner Big Cass. ‘Tried’ being the operative word there,
with Cass dominating Enzo in a three minute win. Big Show attempted a save, but Cass beat him
up too. Nia Jax beat Emma
After Emma threatened Kurt she’ll date his newly discovered son, the Raw GM booked her
in a match against Nia Jax. Why you gotta cock block me, dad!? Nia beat Emma in two minutes with a great
looking new finish. Emma celebrated five years with WWE last week,
though, and she deserves so much more. The Power Of Tozawa
Despite a flimsy angle last week, the tension between Titus Worldwide wanting to protect
his clients and Akira Tozawa just wanting to fight was played out very well here. It led to a Neville and Akira confrontation,
which Ariya Daivari somehow ended up winning. First the purple ring ropes disappearing last
week, and now this episode didn’t even have one five-minutes Cruiserweight match. Bayley beat Sasha Banks
Bayley and Sasha Banks had a really solid TV match with some great character work between
the two. Before the bout, Banks was focused on beating
up Alexa Bliss at Summerslam, but Bayley quite rightly pointed out she’s got to beat her
first. Their match started out respectful, but it
soon broke down into two friends fiercely going at it. The win ended up going to Bayley, rolling
through Sasha’s weak-looking Frog Splash into a pin. It’s been two months since Bayley’s Kendo
Stick on a Pole match low, and hopefully this is the start of a properly booked rise. And Sasha’s loss could effectively work
into the long-awaited heel turn on Bayley at Summerslam. Jason Jordan beat Curt Hawkins
Jason Jordan Angle wisely made his Raw in-ring debut against the Star Maker Curt Hawkins. Jordan Angle looked really good, beating Hawkins
in three minutes, and, more importantly, emphasising his amateur wrestling style – meaning he felt
different from the majority of the roster. His match graphics made him stand out in the
wrong way, though. LOOK MEAN, JASON! Luckily Daddy Kurt topped him in goofy expressions,
with Raw brilliantly cutting between Jordan’s match and his proud father watching backstage. The Revival beat Galanderson
Despite WWE breaking up almost every team going, Raw’s tag division is surprisingly
very strong. The Revival, Galanderson, The Hardyz and Sheamaro. Galanderson oddly worked as babyfaces here,
putting over the live crowd, but Revival picked up the win from a Hardy distraction. Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose beat Miztourage
In the main event, we got two-thirds of a Shield reunion with Dean Ambrose and Seth
Rollins teaming to beat all three members of Miz’s faction – no thanks to Roman Reigns,
because he’s a bit of a dick sometimes. But this wasn’t about Roman, or The Miz
– it was about Rollins and Ambrose working together again, slowly repairing the relationship
Seth destroyed. It’s restrained and patient storytelling,
with the bridge being rebuilt slowly, brick by brick, each week Dean thawing a little
more, while Rollins remains stoic, holding out the fist bump and waiting until Ambrose
is ready. It’s just a shame this didn’t happen a
year ago when Seth returned from injury. So that was this week’s Raw in about four
minutes. Here’s the usual ratings recap, from top
to bottom – In Awe, Cor, AVRAWGE, Poor and Bore. I’ll reveal my rating very shortly, but
first, vote in the poll above my head to give yours. I’ll announce the results in tomorrow’s
WrestleTalk News. This was an incredibly solid show, with a
very good pace. Dropping the five-minute Cruiserweight duds
actually helped Raw’s flow, and the episode didn’t feel as awkwardly crammed as it sometimes
can. The opening brawl was very fun, Bayley and
Banks had a good match and the Ambrose and Rollins storyline is becoming a subtle masterpiece. This week’s Raw is Cor. The same can’t be said about Smackdown’s
very disappointing Battleground show. And what was Vince McMahon unhappy with on
Smackdown? Click the videos to the left to find out,
press subscribe and support WrestleTalk on Patreon. I’ve been Oli Davis and that was wrestling.

100 thoughts on “Smackdown Star DEBUTS On Raw! Summerslam 2017 Main Event REVEALED! | WWE Raw, July 24, 2017 Review”

    after a great last week they ruined it again… SAME OLD BORING DRAMA #SWAFT

  2. Raw has been solid for the last few weeks I wish Smackdown was solid too. I hope Smackdown picks up the pace tonight setting up better storylines for Summerslam.

  3. oli….
    Jinder vs orton in punjabi prision was the BEST MATCH OF THE YEAR.
    Announce it on next wrestletalk

  4. Raw has solid storylines going into Summerslam i.e Ambrose/Seth. Universal title picture & Kurt's son story. God Dammit Road Dogg can't you give us something good on Smackdown

  5. only a few wrestling fans know that Vince in purposely ruining Smackdown Live because Raw is suppose to be the flag ship show. Smacking was killing Raw in the ratings and Vince did a shake up, only to have majority of the talent go to Raw. Vince think we are idiots. also, look at what happened to talking smack. a lot of us could name plenty of things of what Vince is doing to Smackdown Live.

  6. Before Angle announced the 4 way, he said "I change my mind again." That makes me wonder what his original plan was.

  7. Neville looks fantastic again…he is just toooo good . promos and his inring abilities ..his microphone skills are exceptional …such an underrated wrestler . he was not given his yard..he earned his yard ..

  8. I miss when raw and smackdwn had unique matches. the 02-03 era was a prime example when you had storylines where an upper card would get into a little fued w a lower card. like the rock and the hurricane. brock lesnar and edge (before he was big). undertaker vs Jeff hardy in that ladder match. it made the shows feel new every week and the card was somewhat unpredictable. it could continue regular storyline by interference or distraction or something. we never see this shit in wwe anymore. I can really only think of rollins and galanderson as the most unique match in a long time. it's just boring now because you can expect Samoa joe Seth rollins and braun strowman facing one another and bray wyatt spoiling somebody in the same old fashion.

  9. the 2 1st hours was super great
    but i think that the 3th was a bit boring
    i cant buy the story of 2/3 shield and miz

  10. Braun or joe needs to win universal title as long as roman is the one to get pinned I don't who wins it

  11. Braun or joe needs to win universal title as long as roman is the one to get pinned I don't who wins it

  12. Has anyone else noticed the building HEAT/tensions between Cory Graves and Booker T on Raw? Graves- Booker do you even listen when I speak?!? Cole- UH? I'm just gonna sit here… Graves – Did your brother ever forgive you for stealing his spotlight? BookerT- My Brother GAVE me the spotlight our problems a family business! : Previous week; Graves – Booker I get what what your saying, but that's not a word. I'd love to see this discussed on #WrestleTalk or #WrestleRamble . Special thanks to Davis and Owens for being such entertaining content providers

  13. Everyone saying smackdown has a bad roster and got its good superstars taken away when SD has Kevin Owens Sami Zayn The New Day Nakamura Charlotte and Aj Styles(the best wrestler in the world) SD has a great roster there writers are just running out of ideas

  14. The commentators almost no-sold Nias' finisher. Total fail.

    I really popped for it, it really was unexpected, looked awesome and brutal like hell. They should have freaked out.

  15. Did anyone realise that during the Jordan and Hawkins match, Michael Cole said "Jason Jordan just flipped Kurt Angle" 😂😂

  16. Man, Angle is never gonna wrestle.. Look at his knees. He literally can't stand up straight. Every time I see him standing it's like how in the hell are they going to clear him.

  17. I somehow care again about Seth, after a looooong horrible booking.. Somehow Shield reunion makes me excited about both characters now..

  18. I think it was a perfect time to turn dean ambrose heel by him turning on Seth and the end of the match or Sasha turning on a distracted bayley when she was squaring off with Alexa bliss

  19. Braun the monster with a face that looks like a baby with a beard but boy he's one tough mother fucker I wouldn't wanna meet him in a dark alley lol roaaaaaaaaarrrrrrr lol I said this before it's either gonna be a three way for the intercontinental title possibly at summer slam or wwe are setting Rollins and ambrose up as a tag team too at some point to for the tag titles

  20. Man I'm starting to think that WWE is actually intentinally screwing Smackdown live, RAW was really good this time….maybe they switched writes, now the crappy ones are on SD?

  21. What do the whiney hardcore's see in emma ? I mean all she does is whine and complain and, oh wait I get it now. Silly me. But hey great in ring work though.😁

  22. WrestleTalk has been growing better and better for the last year. I watch the clips, listen to the podcasts, became a huge fan. keep up the good work!

  23. So did nobody else hear Big Show giving orders to Cass when he was beating him up? You could clearly hear Show telling him "another punt" when he was on the ground

  24. its going to be a 3 way at smmrslm and rollens wins and he goes for a fist bump and ambrose fist bups him and then rollens turns around to walk up the ramp with dean but dean give him a dirty deads and then ambrose heel turn

  25. If raw keeps putting on great shows, you should change the "raw" rating in your smackdown reviews to "battleground 2017"

  26. Joe is the best champ out of that quartet in my view. Braun is still too green, his promos tend to sound like an angry child, and unstoppable monsters make for pretty boring storytelling tbh. Roman is Roman and Lesnar isn't a good champ due to being a part-timer. Joe, on the other hand, can do it all and will put on better matches than the rest.

  27. oli, thoughts on if the 4 way announcement and following brawl should've been on the go home raw instead of last night?

  28. yeah they really did screw up Seth Rollins return from injury last year everyone was popping for him as a Babyface and WWE jabronis made him a heel again I mean why can't be guys get anything right

  29. You can't give Jason Jordan the last name Angle, because he's an illegitimate bastard. Following recent media forms of naming bastards (Game of Thrones), wouldn't he be named Jason Ring?

  30. Come on ! it was the worst main event with jobber Dean picking up the victory and the only good segment was at the beginning of the show !!

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