SUMO Wrestler Food! Hot Pot With Meatballs in Tokyo Japan

SUMO Wrestler Food! Hot Pot With Meatballs in Tokyo Japan

Hey, good morning! It’s been pretty cold in Tokyo today, but there’s one dish I know that’s gonna warm me right up you guys ready? Let’s go to sumo streets Welcome to Ryogoku, and it’s my mistake This is more of Sumo town than a sumo Street And this is where all the sumo stadiums the training centers and what I’m here for All the sumo food restaurants are located and I’m here for really just one particular dish the Chankonabe And right now I’m going to a restaurant called Chanko Tomoegata and this place is supposed to be the best at making this dish this is it This is the dish chanko is the dish typically eaten by sumo wrestlers to bulk up and nabe is like a pot So you see all of them have a ton of protein bunch of veggies. All right enough talking. Let’s go eat this thing Also, a lot of times these restaurants are opened by retired sumo wrestlers. Ooh sumo hand prints I’m sort of at a disadvantage. This is really awesome. Very traditional. This is the way I’m sitting right now everyone this place is open So no one’s got their food yet. It smells good though. There’s a menu here That I can’t read whatsoever. I’m glad there’s pictures Wow Seriously, thank goodness for the pictures. I want something with meat and I want some i want some meatballs I think this is gonna be my jam. My broth just arrived and everything just looks like a hot pot Got a little electric stove. This is my broth, which is a salt based broth the most popular broth is the miso but this set This meal set has the most variety of ingredients and they won’t let me interchange the ingredients with the soup So I have to get the salt based soup because I need the ingredients and apparently what’s so special about this place is that the broth is chicken stock and they cook the chicken the day of with fresh chicken until the broth is extremely clear and also their specialty is the Sardine meatball that I’m having right now and they get it directly from Tsukiji market every single morning fresh sardines And that’s what they’re known for. All those reading is making me salivate good but this already bowl of sesame and a grinder so they told me that with the sesame what you do is you do ground it and Take some of the broth after you boil everything and you taste it and then you can add the sesame to give it a more fragrant sesame-y flavor This smells so incredible Nice thank you. Hey, that’s it? I can eat three of those Cabbage and then some onions mushrooms. Yep Everything looks very fresh chicken scallops. Sardine meatball. Yeah. I heard about those tofu skin. Yep. There’s a sumo wrestler They only eat with this one plate Yeah, they eat with like a very big pot. So big everything, everything so much bigger than why what I thought You guys actually serve that You guys don’t have the big one Shame because I could I could have taken that Alright, I think this is ready so after it’s done the rest of this meat Yep cooks really quickly. Yep. Don’t want to overcook that. I am so ready for this Wow That is a supremely flavorful broth no joke guys, they weren’t kidding when they say they make really good broth Hmm, I mean it’s got a really clean taste but this profile is something that broth of course this soaked up by all this great cabbage Great cabbage another time I ever say those words like ever but When you can soak up that broth, you could maybe even be broccoli and I still might love you Honestly, like it didn’t look to me like this will have that much flavor. I mean this thing kind of looks a little mundane It’s just like a hot pot soup and those spices in there. But really there’s a ton of flavor in this I mean man Don’t live or judge a hot pop ice. So I’m gonna take some best sesame a great I grounded. Oh the sesame hmm Actually, you kind of need to add a lot of sesame because and there’s a reason why you have to kind of ground it up Nicely so it mixes well with your broth. Oh Yeah, it’s so much better with the sesame and there’s one thing I want to try They do give you a little bit of spice Here just want to try it and trust me the original flavoring is fine. It’s Great, but being a spice head like myself as it got try it Little heat’s good this is where to say but As much as I love spice as much as I love heat, I like the regular broth more All right moment of truth. Let’s try the sardine meatball kind of have really high expectations now, so we’re just Co well That popped in half real easy. Oh That’s great this thing when you bite into it it kind of falls apart really tender really gentle really fragile and It has a fishy taste to it Not in a bad way. You can taste the sardine you can taste how ridiculously fresh That’s what you’re tasting, fresh fish. texture is almost like half a meatball and have a fish ball So there is some chew to it, which just even which makes it even more splendid. This is so awesome So far in all I have had is the cabbage and meatball. Alright, let’s let’s try out the chicken Chicken is chicken, it is tender, but, it’s chicken you know This fish looks and sing, oh that is a tender piece of fish This is a clean meaty piece on fishes almost tastes like a steak and what can fish is this? Oh swordfish. Okay. This is actually swordfish and but if you overcook this it becomes kind of hard So I’m gonna take this out right now right now This fish. This is perfect. Look at that. Oh Yes, please oh Yes, please and the salmon again Breaks off just as easy. It’s the salmon pieces is beyond delicate. Take a swim. It is in your nature. Oh Just forget about this fish, oh they got shook before coming here Just seeing the pictures and everything. I didn’t think that much about similar saying I didn’t think it was gonna be all that good But I would eat this every single time. I’m back in Japan. Aw, now I’m all wound up I Know I overcooked this and that’s a shame Hmm a Long time that broth flavor just steamed into the meat itself except anything added to this magical you like sure. It’s gonna taste really good Around my life. I’ve eaten countless fish boss like a ball Schwartz I beat the fish ball fancy having a big vodka. Do I get a fish balls when port inside a box? This is by far the best now I can see why this place has like four stories Yeah, when I first came in here like everybody on their lunch break they were all here Huh? Yeah, aha. It sure has brought me some ramen. Yeah Shahada isn’t really that tall. I’m just like really low right now. Here we go. Oh Yes, you gotta have ramen with this broth. You have to it’s a must So, alright so a Sumo champion will drink out of that like that exact one. Yeah Saki how far is that when they’re drinking the sake? Three four liters on that and they’re just drinking the sake. Oh, they just splash over their face. Okay. Okay. Good. Okay Alright, my my ramen has been cooking in this elixir of the this broth of the gods Oh man that ramen has absorbed all their ads in the Middle’s now then the noodles aren’t saying hmm You gotta do this and just slurp the heck out of it Down to my last meatball my last stand of noodles Done What a great meal. So I would 100% recommend you guys If you’re in Tokyo Come eat some sumo food all the information for this place is listed for you in my description box below with this honestly This environment is grates. Very traditional the owner actually met her. She’s fantastic Everyone’s so nice here. Are you gonna go anywhere for sumo food? I would recommend coming here. All right Thank you all so much for watching until we eat again Catch you later!

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  1. Yes i recommend i went there a couple weeks ago thxs for the info of the place the noddles were so amazing and genuine

  2. lol I would choke to death I ever tried to inhale the ramen like that. So I always eat it with a calm disposition 😀

  3. 1999 I was in Japan for 6 days. I ate everything I could get my hands on, (and still lost 10 lbs.) but I was always hungry. We went to a sumo dojo and watched them work out. After which they fed us. THIS WAS THAT STUFF. I loved it. I had six bowls. I would have had more but, time.

  4. Watching Mike eating 7 burgers at Korean McDonald’s and Korean Burger King “each”; Sumo Wrestler’s meal look like a diet to him lol 😂 😂 😂

  5. Can't do the slurping becausz I would blow up like a balloon but I will take your word for it….You make the food taste so good when you're eating it to tell you the truth….right through the video and to our palates….lol

  6. Facts about Mikey after binge watching;

    Loves Hot Oil
    Thinks chicken is a basic bitch
    Wagyu A5 rules all
    Can eat 20 times the amount of the average human

  7. I have to say that I love these episodes, they're getting me through my gastric bypass (having someone describe the flavour along with the visuals makes my brain happy) the soup episodes and slurping are the hardest to get through. :

  8. I want to try chenkonabe. If I ever get to go to Japan again I will. Along with tomagosu ( ninja food).

  9. This is the one time Japanese food looks bland to me besides like a couple of items but it does sound like it’s good!!!

  10. I'd of chosen the hot pot with the most varied ingredients as well, especially vegetables and noodles, but some meat would be good too. Good to know ahead of time they wont custom make them. And I was sure they would serve the bigger bowl ones, maybe only to sumos… maybe not at all. $30 worth of soup… I think I would of made two meals of it personally… traveling on a budget and all… ^^!

  11. Okay…. instant like for this vid not only for the food but big ups to Mike for representing my hometown of Long Beach Cali with that T-shirt. Whaaaaaat…….😎🤙👍🙌🙌 Thanks, Mikey!😎

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