Superstars react to the brutality of the Elimination Chamber

Superstars react to the brutality of the Elimination Chamber

look they’ve got the plunger. Aah! [APPLAUSE]>>Aah! Fuck! Aah!>>Aah!>>[APPLAUSE]

100 thoughts on “Superstars react to the brutality of the Elimination Chamber”

  1. female wrestlers dont belong in the chamber, their entire career is based of being eye candy for male fans.

  2. 2:03 I thought they were about to go in the ring and start having a good match and then all of a sudden Peyton starts getting thrown against the cage 😂

  3. i like the Woman wrestlers in WWE.
    but i dont think that its fits them or they are made for Elimination chambers or Hell in a Cell

  4. I hate those Aussie girls they’re like showing off and thinking that they’re better then everyone else but then when it’s there turn they don’t want to go

  5. Lmao their reaction in the chamber are hilarious… the camera staying in one spot and we just see the superstars getting thrown all over XD

  6. I love you girls so much more than anything in the whole world and I want you to lick your body and lick your face and i want to lick you’re body and I want you to twerk on my lap and I want you to hang out with me and I want you to kiss me and I want you to strip on my lap and my name is Xavier shaw

  7. In this video iiconics first wear simillar gears but than they have different ones (billie's gear becomes black)

  8. 0:58 the iconic have fake nails on LOL!! 😂💖 who wrestlers with fake nails on? WTF?!?! LOL!! 😂💖 1:40 LOL!! 😂💖 trying to hold the door so they can't come in but nia and tamina are just to strong LOL!! 😂💖

  9. Peyton and Billies reactions are the best. Imagine how brutal that was, I’d be full on panic mode. 0:28 Liv gets very nervous.

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