TEW 2016 | The Debut of SPW! | Sigma Pro Wrestling #1 | Local to Global Challenge

TEW 2016 | The Debut of SPW! | Sigma Pro Wrestling #1 | Local to Global Challenge

(Move CCs up little bit because my facecam is on bottom so you can see me!) Ok, we have a show tonight But, before we go to a show We have a roster to show So, let’s see who’s on SPW Here we go Now, lets start with underdogs Adrian Quest Daniel Garcia, he’s very good He’s from Buffalo I watch him, he’s very good KTB, aka Kyle The Beast He’s very good He’s in GCW He’s MVP of Scramble matches Very good and Tim Donst My favorite He’s in AIW He’s very good Ok, move on we have four teams First, The Besties in the World Vega and Mat next, we have The Butcher and The Blade Andy and Pepper Next Moonlight Express Mike Bailey Surprisingly, his VISA is up. So, he’s finally back in US and MAO next, last team we have Von Erichs That’s good tag division next, WOMEN. we have.. We have Jessicka Havok next Jordynne Grace next Kimber Lee and Kris (Statlander) That’s good division next, Mid-Carders We have Gresham next, Killer Kross and last one, Timothy Thatcher Now, move on to 4 BIG STARS We have Eddie Edwards He’s very good He’s face He’s like top (baby)face wrestler next one, we have “Franchise Player” Jay Lethal Next one, we have very good one We have Low Ki He’s top one and finally, last one but not least Nick Aldis That’s our 4 big stars (I forgot Tony Deppen. He’s a mid-carder.) That will be good Here’s roster overview All contracts will be expire in 3 years All PPA (Pay Per Apearance) We hope we will have a written contract Last one Only one… Myself. well.. I made myself. Move on. Look at momentum, we have a B. size is Local. We are number 48 in ranking We have $100k Ok, we have a show to do Let’s do it Welcome to my first show Opener match we have Quest vs Garcia Garcia won F+ Really off game? Strong start (Sorry for covering words with my facecam!) (I turned numbers on instead of grades after this video, by the way!) Quest got an E Garcia got an E- Okay, next one Okay, we have Lee vs Statlander In a decent match, Lee won with a Yoshi Tonic Not more dangerous spots Lee had (in-ring performance) D- Kris got a E. E- (for this match) That’s not bad Okay, next one We have Donst vs KTB KTB won People are not happy for same things Donst had (in-ring performance) a D. KTB got an E. an E Next one Havok won Still not happy Both got an E. E- Next match Lethal vs Aldis Lethal won People still not happy Lethal got a C- Aldis got a D+ It got E+ We moving up Next one We have tag team match Besties in the World vs The Butcher and The Blade Besties in the World won Mat got an E. Vega got a D- Pepper got a D- Andy got an E- E- (for match) Move onto the main event We have Low Ki vs Eddie Edwards Great heat, that’s good Low Ki won 15 minutes, almost 16. People are not happy We will turn it up Both have a C D- End show We have an E show. Notes Disappointed. It increased popularity in 1 region That was just first show Next show will be better We have emails Ok, next 8k.. That’s just one show It’s fine $80k now.. We’re moving up to 47th We need to be carefully with our money Let’s see if they’re interesting in.. No one. Awesome. Okay, I’ll stop I just want to know your options Let me know if you want me to sign, just let me know in comments below So yeah, lets look at roster I know this is really first video with TEW I hope you have fun here So, I hope you like this video Please subscribe my channel, like this video, share this video, and hit a notification bell Thanks and always.. Peace!

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  1. Nice first episode man, was bored on YouTube this video was recommended so I started watching, it is actually quite relaxing just to sit back and watch you play.

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