The Mega Coahces challenge Roppongi 3K! (New Beginning)

The Mega Coahces challenge Roppongi 3K! (New Beginning)

This was just the second match,
but you two showed a lot of spunk. SHO & YOH, or is it YOH & SHO? You guys sure make those belts look enticing. So, Rocky… WE ARE MEGA COACHES 君は3Kのマネージャーそれだけか?
いやいやいや 君はレスラーだ グレートレスラーだ He’s really praising Rocky. He looks happy, doesn’t he? 私と一緒に
挑戦しよう ジュニアタッグのベルトに If he passes it back, does that mean yes? Rocky literally has the ball
in his hands right now. In his hands. Are they playing games? Who’s it going to be? There it is!
Mega Coaches! Nice shot! Because he’s a wrestler! He’s a great wrestler! He’s not just their manager,
he’s still a great wrestler. The next challengers are us! The coach’s tactics went well,
after he kept praising Rocky. He got Rocky to agree. Why are they embracing like that? Mr. Taguchi… I knew you were going to make a move. He’s got a great eye. But I didn’t expect this from Rocky. The truth is that Roppongi 3K
hasn’t really surpassed you, yet. Because we want to elevate the Junior
tag scene, we’ll let you challenge. He sounded so cold, there. But in that Junior tag title match,
Roppongi 3K will have the winds behind us. You okay? Sometimes even Young Lions get lucky. Sometimes they win with a roll-up.
Today was just like that. That was just more dumb luck.
That’s what happened to me and Nobu. They just got lucky and
hit all the right moves. That’s all.
But who fought like champions today? You know who, don’t you? No good. That hurt. Even though it was a lucky punch, you did well.
But you know that it was just luck, don’t you? You know that…. YOH… That punk kept aiming for my jaw. You just target weak points? Show us some emotion.
I’ve told you that. All you could do was slap me.
That’s all you’ve got. Or in the ring-in, you two came at me together. That’s the only way you know how
to express emotion, isn’t it? No wonder. All you care about is trying to look cool. You’re still not cool. ビッグニュースだ ビッグニュース 俺たちが3Kに
挑戦表明したんだよな? 去年のJr. TAG LEAGUEで
私たちが勝ったから 俺たちが
3Kから勝った 俺がSHOから
3カウントを取った 素晴らしかった 田口さん その通りだ
Jr. TAG LEAGUEで俺たちが3Kから勝った だから俺たちに
挑戦権利がある もちろん相手が
SHO&YOHなのは大きいけど… 俺たちはメガ・コーチズ
2人が組めば最強チームだ 3Kは多分俺たちの
3000倍は強いチームに違いないが… でも君のケツと俺のスニーキー・スタイルが
合体すればベルトだって穫れるだろう そうなれば俺にとって
9度目のベルト戴冠だ 君は? 分からない APOLLO 55時代を
含めるとたくさんだ あの頃は俺たち敵として
競い合ってたんだぜ 2人で歴史を作ろう メガ・コーチズが
新日本を制覇し… ちょっと違うな 俺たちが3Kを下す
自信を持って宣言できないけど We’ll give it one try, okay? このあとディナーの
予定はあるのか? ビールでも飲みながら
戦略を立てるのはどうだ? ハイボールなんかも飲んじゃって
でもしっかり戦略も立てて 君の奢りでいいよな?LAに財布を忘れてきた
一銭も持ってない いや財布を無くしたかも 嘘ついてるんでしょ Thanks for treating. Thank you. 君が言い始めたことなんだから
責任もって払ってくれ じゃあまた後で
酒はちょっとだけにしよう First of all, we defended the titles.
We did defend them. A successful defense match against Suzuki-gun,
a first for us. They are cheaters, but they’re still tough. Honestly, I really do hate them, but… I would like to fight them again. Also, this is fourth time we’ve been champions. In my own history… I’ve been so determined
to keep defending this title. Because I want to make the
Junior tag scene more exciting. So, I will take any challenge
from anyone that’s interested. And Coach and Rocky came at us. We haven’t surpassed them yet.
We’ve never beaten Taguchi. Rocky is still amazing as a wrestler, too. Although the date hasn’t been set,
we’ll keep bringing up this division. Because I have a certain stage in mind.
So, I will reach for it. This year. I won’t hesitate in going for my desires. Thank you. We will defend what we have to.
We did today. But this year, not only defending, But I will go on the attack.
Or else I won’t grow. In the year 2020,
I will attack and attack… Although we hold these
Junior tag titles right now, How many more titles are there in New Japan? And tonight’s main event is for a double title.
It’s okay to hold as many titles as possible. I will go after any chance I get.
I will become more greedy. I will attack and attack… So, if the people in the New Japan office, If other champions are listening to me now, I want you to understand that I’m
always ready to take what you have. In 2020 I’ll go after as much gold as I can.
Maybe even more than just becoming a double champ. I will go after anything,
any title and any trophy.

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  1. Rocky been held back to help push 3K to be dominate in this division but he forget that he is also a wrestler, good job taguchi for remind him that.

    So overrall, I'm happy with this for sure.

  2. SHOが転向するとなればこのタッグのストーリーもどこかでケリを付けなければならない。

  3. 昨日のぶさん、ウイスキー毒霧のあとの受け身

  4. Taguchi bringing out Rocky's true potential! this is a tag team i did not even think about til now. This def reminds me of like R Truth and Kofi! I could see R Truth being part of this tag team if he was in NJPW or if Mega Coaches was in WWE

  5. This might be the greatest challenge for roppongi 3k, if they win though, they will cement themselves as one of the best junior heavyweight tag champs and then be heavyweight tag champs

  6. 生死かけてたなぁ!



  7. Desperado is an open book of truths when it comes about his opponents. He's really good in his division beside Nobu and Taka.

  8. W監督コンビ王座獲得してくれ~~!ロッキーは3年振りの返り咲きを楽しみに待ってる!!!

  9. I didn't know how much I would appreciate Taguchi's English until now. The Funky Weapon is a legend!

    I'm hoping the Mega Coaches win. They can collide later on.

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