The Tragic Story Of Wrestling Star Sasha Banks Is Just Plain Sad

The Tragic Story Of Wrestling Star Sasha Banks Is Just Plain Sad

Most of Sasha Banks’ wrestling fans know the
basics about her, including the fact that rapper Snoop Dogg is her first cousin. After making a name for herself on the independent
circuit, she eventually transformed into a World Wrestling Entertainment superstar. But there’s much more to her story than that,
and it hasn’t always been pretty. Here are some things you may not know about
Sasha Banks’ tragic story. Deadbeat dad During a candid interview on the Making Their
Way to the Ring podcast, Banks claimed that throughout her childhood she feared her father,
who she claims was abusive towards her mother. By the time she turned 2, he had allegedly
left their family in the dust to start a new life in Oregon. Banks, her mother, and her autistic brother
traveled across the United States in search of a better life. By the time she was 11 or 12 years old, her
mom broke the news that they would be relocating from Iowa to Oregon to be closer to her father
and try to get some support from him. “I’m like ‘Help us? He’s never helped us before, why are we going
there now?'” She explained that her father, who happens
to be Snoop Dogg’s uncle, owned a restaurant and a record label, yet he still never helped
support his daughter. “So he has money. But he’s never helped, he’s never paid one
thing of child support, anything.” Banks claimed she was, quote, “miserable [and]
depressed” during that time, and it apparently didn’t take long for her mom to realize that
old habits die hard. “Finally my mom’s like, ‘He’s not helping
us,’ so we packed our stuff, we left.” Life-altering decision The family of three left Oregon and proceeded
to bounce around in search of a school suitable for her autistic brother. Banks told the Making Their Way to the Ring
podcast that her brother had experienced abuse in some of his previous educational settings,
and once they arrived in Minnesota, things didn’t get much better. Her mother was unemployed. They lived in a hotel room for years, and
Banks said she was relentlessly teased at school about her appearance. When her mom finally landed a job, Banks made
a bold decision at the age of 13 to quit school and take online courses so she could become
her brother’s full-time caregiver, a decision that forced her to grow up incredibly fast. “I don’t know what a childhood is. I never had my teenage years. I never went to prom. I never really had a boyfriend. I knew nothing.” Because she was willing to make such a huge
sacrifice, Banks did ask her mom for one thing in return. “I told my mom, ‘I’ll do anything for this
family, just give me wrestling. Just give me wrestling.'” Hiding her marriage Banks is very open when it comes to talking
about the struggles she faced during her childhood, but one topic that she hasn’t always been
forthcoming about is her marriage to former wrestler and WWE costume designer Kid Mikaze. It wasn’t until her March 2017 interview with
Making Their Way to the Ring that she finally let the cat out of the bag. “You’re the first one I’ve admitted it to. I am married. I just hide it because our fans are so crazy
sometimes.” She’s referring to those so-called “fans”
online, otherwise known as trolls, who try to contact and harass her man on Twitter. “If you’re saying he’s ugly or he shouldn’t
be with me because of this or that. That hurts me.” Working for pizza Banks wasn’t always making the big bucks for
her show-stopping performances in the ring. There was once a time when she was forced
to take whatever scraps she was offered. During an interview with First We Feast’s
Hot Ones, Banks answered a series of questions about her life and career, and she had a thing
or two to say about, in her words, “scummy promoters,” who made her early wrestling days
difficult. When asked what she doesn’t miss the most
about the independent wrestling circuit, she said: “I don’t miss getting paid $25 or getting
paid by just getting a slice of pizza. It was legit. Either you get pizza or a hot dog, or you
get $25.” Those days are now in her rear-view mirror. As of 2018, this boss was no longer trading
pizza for suplexes, reportedly raking in a salary of $225,000 a year, according to Sportskeeda. Being ‘annoying’ The WWE’s Women’s Tag Team Championship was
established in December 2018, and Sasha Banks and Bayley, better known as the Boss ‘n’ Hug
Connection, became the inaugural champions by winning an Elimination Chamber match in
January 2019. But this title might not have happened if
it weren’t Banks. She told Sky Sports that Vince McMahon had
to be convinced that bringing women’s tag-team titles to the WWE was a good idea. So she and Bayley went to work. She explained, “It felt like the whole of last year we were
asking, like we would be knocking on the door of Vince’s office every week.” She went on to say that McMahon would frequently
flip-flop on his answer and change his mind from one week to the next. In the end, he gave the title the green-light,
of course. And the whole ordeal taught Banks a valuable
lesson. She said, “If you’re annoying enough you can make things
happen and that’s probably what happened, he just got annoyed with us.” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Nicki Swift videos about your
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  1. I like banks attitude, why did not win the belt against Becky, becky so boring Banks so more to offer, Charlotte is a Daddy's girl know nothing about strugle, lot of respect for u Banks

  2. Every wrestler talks about struggling in the beginning to make it to the big leagues. Other than her childhood that is sad, I don't find it that tragic

  3. I grew up in the hood, this is nothing new and how we grew up. My mom did it alone with the six of us and no one to bat for us in the south Bronx. Sasha's situation is not unique; I am not down playing her previous situation but if you want a tragic story, go to NYC and visit the foster care system!

  4. First off I love Sasha Banks her husband is a lucky man Second her dad leaving was the best thing to happen to her made her stronger more independent so it's not a sad story

  5. Never even heard of her until now. Imagine how strong she has become inside and out. True love and a real marriage a rarity in life.

  6. she's drop dead gorgeous and a strong woman. Sacrificing herself to help her autistic brother makes her even more beautiful, from the inside too. 👊👍

  7. Now I know Sasha Banks is one of the many reasons I dont watch wrestling anymore. There are way too many things going on. To many divisions, too many titles when it gets over complicated of course the story lines are going to be boring. They should have kept it simple instead of trying to get contemporary somethings are not meant to change. The money WWE made BACK IN THE GOOD OLD DAYS is keeping them from feeling the loss of followers and fans I guess but they sure are not making it like they did 20 years ago and for good reason.

  8. I can’t be the only one wondering how she “feared her father” when she was two years old. There’s literally no way she could remember what he was doing from newborn to 2 years old. Tf.

  9. Kind of like my growing up,went through a lot of crap,after all said and done,I retired at40, been married 30 years,kids grown and gone.can't complain.

  10. She's an amazing, strong, smart, talented woman. I see where she gets her drive and passion from. She was the poor girl once.. Im happy she doesnt have to worry about money anymore coz she crazy rich now. Bank on that!

  11. Sasha Banks is a stuck up overrated c. She hates her fans, you can tell when she talks about them with such distain. Awww poor Sasha, they ask her for autographs when she’s in public. She’s got such a rough life.

  12. She’s a drug addict and can’t pass the wellness test to continue wrestling. I don’t understand when you have it all, you can just throw it away, just like that.

  13. That’s sad how she’s kin to these celebrities and her fam never received support. I’m happy to see to see and her fam persevered thru it! ✊🏿

  14. Tragic story this is very essence of clickbaiting. Sounds like her life was way better than mine and a lot of people I know. Then and especially now. Fuck if that's tragic her dad not being around and having to take care of her brother than mine and a lot of other people I know have had a miserable torturous existence. Toughen up

  15. I like the boss Sasha Banks. But tear me a river. Everyone before millennials had a tough isolated bad childhood. I'm playing the worlds smallest violin for you. Boohoo boohoo. So rock your awesome career and never look back.

  16. I used to think she was so great in wrestling but her issues has gotten in the way of her career and that i hope she gets the help she truly deserve

  17. These white women keep mudsharking and destroying their lives. They better quit listening to Hillary Clinton and the media who constantly push the race mixing narrative on white women and start sticking with their own kind.

  18. I don’t know this woman at all. But I’m happy that she’s working her way with her husband to top of the world. She deserves it.

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  20. Like all celebrities, they’re ego maniacs, so any story that has to do with them pulling themselves up by their bootstraps, only take about 5% of it into account, and they exaggerated the rest.

  21. Tragic??? Where? It sounds like a "struggle" that she overcame but it doesn't sound straight up tragic to me. I mean I've been through shit you don't even see in movies. So her life to me sounds like the struggles most people go through (excluding the wrestling aspect).

  22. They should've let her win the belt from Becky what's her name. I'm so tired of "The Man" gimmick. Shit is old & played

  23. For her to have gone through what she went through she shouldn’t be so rude to her fans off camera. I ran into her one day, she was extremely rude. The person she was with was more friendly than her. That moment made me dislike her very much.

  24. And Vince McMahon still makes sure she is below his boot. It doesn’t matter how talented you are if you’re not white Vince won’t promote you.

  25. The things we go through in life either make you or break you she didn't let it break her and she is now known around the world

  26. Not really a big wrestling fan but I caught this video. You have an empathic warrior soul I hope your brother's doing well..peace.☮️☮️🎵🎸🎼

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