The Undertaker make Joker Submit in 2 minutes WWE August 2018

Undertaker vs. Joker Submission in 2 minutes Provide this match that’s for sure The following contest is a submission match making his way to the ring from Death Valley weighing in at 328 pounds the Undertaker Here comes the Phenom and I would not want to be in his yard right now I’d like to point out. Just how focus these guys look here tonight They really do Michael which makes me think we’re in for one heck of a match here tonight And his opponent from your darkest fears weighing in at 220 pounds We have one-on-one action on the way and this one should be nothing short of amazing I don’t doubt that for a moment Michael. In fact, I would go so far as to say this match might just steal the show In Byron, I’d say he appears to be at the top of his game right now Well, he’s gonna need to be if he wants to survive this match. That’s for sure As one of the reasons I’m sitting in this chair He has a lot of time here to drag an opponent into the pits of despair We’ll see if the Phenom is able to carry another body with them through the gates of hell It doesn’t get much more one-sided than this guy’s I cannot believe what I’m seeing This one’s over guys If it did he got him to tap out Here is your winner This one’s over folks Undertaker picks up the win Michael your pride definitely takes a hit when you’re forced to tap out and That’ll do it here for this one-on-one match. I hope you enjoyed it as much as this live crowd appears to have enjoyed it

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