The Undertaker’s rookie mistake: The Broken Skull Sessions extra

The Undertaker’s rookie mistake: The Broken Skull Sessions extra

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  1. I don't know why anyone who wants to be a wrestler WWE has more Revenue then the NFL they don't pay their athletes nearly enough they're worth and why can't WWE pay for 100% of the travel expense

  2. this wasnt in the interview how can we see the entire interview seriously why didnt they show all of it on the network?

  3. Now picture undertaker fully dressed in his dark spooky ring gear but with this version of his hillbilly voice saying:
    Y'all will rest in peace.

  4. The Undertaker is the backbone of WWE. But he is now too old to play. So WWE authority should bring a new man for the role of the Undertaker with an announcement of the Undertaker to WWE universe. But it means not to bring other person. It means WWE can bring undertaker’s son and like that. If they can do it, WWE will become more popular all over the world. the Another thing is that the authority should not cut the undefeated record of undertaker. Rather they should remain it unless the undertaker retired. However, now it is your main duty to bring the Undertaker’s son or any other like that so that again the streak remains. If WWE failed to do so WWE will fall down day by day.

  5. Never knew the Undertaker spoke like that. Testament to how great he is as an actor. Truly professional that he kept the mystic for all those years.

  6. These two men…..its my whole childhood in one video. Believe it or not, the undertaker got me suspended from the bus when I was like 8 because this boy was talking trash and I choke slammed him. He wasnt hurt. The bus went crazy cause they didn't think a female had that much power……i learned from the greats.

  7. Look up Texas red vs bruiser Brody for this match. Not quite as taker remembers it, but Brody beats him so badly he basically collapses at the end.

  8. The 2 greatest of all time right there back when WWF was rocking nowadays it sucks it really does I don't blame anyone who watches AEW now its better

  9. I always heard that Brody was a really polite and calm guy, but he would make the younger guys respect him, It seems that he got that respect.

  10. It is so refreshing to hear Taker, Stone Cold AND others OWNING their "Rookie Green" back in their careers. Makes their stories even more enjoyable and authentic. See Everyone At Ringside Soon…..Salute From Ohio

  11. Undertaker sounds different with out his dead man gimmick voice but what accent is that I know it's American u know what I mean like maybe a Texas accent maybe?

  12. Seeing Taker like this makes me so happy. I could listen to him talk about the business all day and all night. So much knowledge.

  13. I had this same reaction hearing brody speak out of character about behind the scenes stuff – there's very few wrestling characters in my 30+ years of being a wrestling fan when there's a moment that my eyes & ears don't believe what there seeing & hearing.

  14. This is audio dub lmao that’s not takers voice hahaha cmon the guys huge 6.10 … sounds like a teeny bopper haha love it

  15. In defense to Taker, Brody was very notorious for not selling to anyone for any reason to the point where he would go into the business for himself and promoters would say he was unprofessional. Brody could have cut the kid some slack and ask him to lighten up next time after the match.

  16. Legendary! The Undertaker is my all time favorite wrestler. I love and respect him so much. Stone Cold is my second all time favorite. I’ve been waiting for this interview since Steve started podcasting.

  17. Shows the amount of respect Brody got when people got in the ring with him, the guy was one of the toughest guys to hit the ring

  18. I just watched this match and laughed because I remember this story and that chair literally snapped and broke lol. It was only a 3 minute match

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