Top 10 Female Wrestlers Who Are Sadly Butterfaces

Top 10 Female Wrestlers Who Are Sadly Butterfaces

Who said wrestling was a man’s sport? We don’t care because women surely have
proved him wrong, that too in a big way! Over the past few years we have seen more
females being employed in the sport and we absolutely love it! Come on, men have always loved fights and
there is a thing about women fights that really get us attracted, so you obviously see us
glued to the television screens to watch them do their thing in the ring! Yea, we agree it is partly to watch their
hot bodies as they twist each other’s bones but you can’t blame us! Sadly, not all of them were made from the
same mould, so there are a few who come with sexy bodies but a total butterface! Wanna know them? Here they are! Number 10. Ivelisse Vélez
This Puerto Rican wrestler began her training at the age of 14 and soon debuted in World
Wrestling Council. In 2011 due to a leg injury she was eliminated
from the fifth season of WWE Tough Enough but soon after in November she was signed
to a developmental contract with the company. She certainly was a good performer in the
ring but was released from her WWE contract in 2012 for which she holds Bill DeMott responsible
who she had reported for mistreatment! She might not feature on WWE but her physique
can never be forgotten, uhmmm wish we could say the same about her face! Number 9. Taeler Hendrix
This American professional wrestler and valet started her career back in 2008 but got limelight
only after winning the OVW Women’s Championship in 2011! She won it again the next year which definitely
is commendable! But we can’t attach much to her credit after
this, which still can’t put us off her. You guessed it right, the reason definitely
lies somewhere in her curves. Man, what a body she has got, truly amazing! It pains us to say that there is no way our
eyes are losing their track and wandering to her face, which is obviously not her strong
point! Number 8. Mia Yim
You know this Korean American wrestler for her time in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling
where she was a knockout champion! Her wrestling career stretched for varied
championships and she left her mark in the industry! She was a volleyball player during her high
school years but started training at the age of 18, just 18 months before making her debut
in 2009! All her hard work led her to own an incredible
body that can’t be forgotten anytime soon but she couldn’t wave the same magic on
us through her face but that’s life! Number 7. Bea Priestley
If you are anywhere remotely interested in women wrestling, you know that Bea Priestley
is on the rise! She may just be 21 but already has 24.3k followers
on Instagram, my, that girl isn’t even that old in the industry! There is little doubt about whether those
people love her face or are drooling over her sexy figure! She may be dating Will Ospreay but appreciating
the right curves isn’t going to harm us, or will it? Number 6. Taya Valkyrie
You probably know Taya Valkyrie as the longest reigning Reina de Reinas Champion in history,
that’s not something you forget so easily! But would you believe us if we told you that
she is a trained ballerina dancer and gymnast? Whoa, that is too much of talent packed in
one body, uhmmm a sexy one at that! No wonder she has featured on many magazines
and calendars throughout her fitness career! Seems like fitness magazines give less importance
to the model’s face because that is where Taya loses all her chances! Number 5. Cheerleader Melissa
If you are a wrestling fan, then we expect you to have some or a lot of respect for this
woman here! The American wrestler started her career at
the age of 15 after being inspired by her father who wrestled professionally in the
80s. It was her dedication and talent that led
her to become the Shimmer Champion that too twice! That’s not all to her credit, she even topped
the Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s annual Top 50 Females list. Though she has a body to die for, her face
fails to leave a mark on us and it definitely is sad, very sad! Number 4. Angelina Love
The Canadian wrestler is best known for her work in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling where
she held the TNA Knockouts Championship for a record tying 6 times! Whoa, that indeed is something! She was working on promotions in the US when
WWE invited her to tryout in 2004. She began managing Johnny Parisi in 2005 and
made her in-ring debut at Deep South Wrestling by defeating Michelle McCool! She proved her worth in the field not only
through her fight but also through that chiseled body, sadly her face could mesmerize us but
that’s okay! Number 3. Traci Brooks
If you have ever watched TNA, chances are that you have seen Traci Brooks. This Canadian woman was a professional wrestler
and had a career majorly around TNA. Apart from being a wrestler, she has also
worked as a valet and referee which makes for an interesting resume! She was once a model and it was only 2000
when she began her training and made a debut in 2001. You can always remember her contribution to
the industry but there is a sleek chance that her face will be with you, though you can
still drool over her ripped body! Number 2. Alisha Edwards
This American wrestler debuted on May 7, 2006 at a joint New England Championship Wrestling
and World Women’s Wrestling, defeating Mia Love. That is quite a start! That very next year she won the championship
and could hold it for a year and half before losing it to Ariel on March 9, 2009. Her career is a mix of wins and defeats but
she will stay fresh in our memory forever, you see her physique helps us! But her face fails to make that impact on
us but never mind, we can love her for those curves! Number 1. Bayley
This American wrestler is currently signed to WWE where she performs for RAW brand and
has also proved to be a champion at that, cool! From the time she was a girl of 11, she had
been interested in the sport and watched matches, maybe we could call it a fan girl thing! But looking at her body, we feel we can do
with a whole lot of drooling, she is just wow when it comes to her curves! She might be a true treat in the figure department,
her face is where she lacks the spark. Hard luck girl! Which of these butterfaces did make the most
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