Top 10 Raw moments: WWE Top 10, Sept. 12, 2016

Top 10 Raw moments: WWE Top 10, Sept. 12, 2016

(heavy metal music) – You know what Sami Zayn really is? Hmm? Tell ’em Felipe. Tell ’em what Sami Zayn really is. – A stupid– – No! Sami Zayn is a stupid idi… (crowd applauds) it! (crowd cheers) – [Commentator] Wait a minute! Seth Rollins from behind! [Bell Rings] Rollins from behind! And remember what Mick Foley said, Rollins had to stay out of this. The official calls for the bell. – You do what I say! I said stay out of the match! I asked you one favor! And you couldn’t do it! And now we’re going to have a
talk! We’re gonna have a talk! – Oh we’re gonna have a talk? What are you gonna do about it, huh? – [Commentator] Uh oh, look at Primo! Primo helping out Epico! And Epico picks up the win! (Latin music) – [Announcer] Here is your winner, Epico! – [Commentator] Guys for
the second straight week The Shining Stars have stuck it, or outsmarted Enzo and Cass. – [Woods] Hey, we did the math, and Gallows and Anderson wasted 5 minutes and 37 seconds of your time. 5 minutes and 37 seconds
that you can never get back! I mean, can you think
of all the cooler things you could have been doing
in 5 minutes and 37 seconds? – [Kingston] I mean, you
pretty much could have listened to any song on the Hamilton soundtrack. – That’s true. I mean, all of
y’all could have been online looking up Baltimore Ravens highlights. – You want to get crazy?! – [1st Commentator] Oh my god! If you did not hear Nia Jax she asked Alicia “if
you’d like to get crazy?” (Nia screaming) – [1st Commentator] Oh my god! – [2nd Commentator] Destroying Alicia, through the barricade! – [1st Commentator] Good grief! – I got a text from Kevin Owens. Telling me what to expect from you. You want to know what he said? I’ll show you. – [1st Commentator] Oh man! (crowd cheers and gasps) – [2nd Commentator] My goodness! And a Codebreaker! – [Commentator] Bayley
looking to capitalize. And look at Bayley to
Belly! Bayley to Belly! Is Bayley going to close the champion, now Sasha breaking things up! Stacking up Bayley! And Sasha pins Bayley! (bell rings) (crowd cheers) – [Announcer] Here is
your winner, Sasha Banks! – [Commentator] And that is who Charlotte is going to face in two
weeks in Indianapolis. A Clash of Champions! We’ve got a SummerSlam rematch! Sasha versus Charlotte for the title! – [Commentator] Rolls through. – One! Two! Three! – [Commentator] Cesaro’s got the ropes! And he puts up the win!
The ref never saw it. (sirens) – [Announcer] Here is your winner, Cesaro! – [Commentator] Well, you
gotta do what you gotta do! – [2nd Commentator]
You’re absolutely right – This is all your fault!
This is all your fault! – [Commentator] Oh boy. Why on earth would Dana Brooke do that? – [2nd Commentator] I
think Dana was fed up. – Machka! – [Commentator] Rusev is
just… Rusev is insane here. And Rusev looking for The
Accolade against Roman Reigns. And Roman Reigns is helpless! Defenseless! There’s nobody out here to… Rusev is just locking in The Accolade! Looking to punish and damage Reigns! – [2nd Commentator) Rusev wrenching back on that lifeless frame of Roman Reigns. (crowd cheers Rusev) (heavy metal music)

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  1. #RAW 12/9/16
    Hour one – 2,833,000 viewers
    Hour two – 2,717,000 viewers
    Hour three – 2,520,000
    Average – 2,690,000 viewers


  2. Finally the Old Wrestlers are Back!Such as : Rhyno,Tajiri,Primo,Epico & Randy Orton ( 1 Question : Are the Los Matadores Primo and Epico?)

  3. there is also main event and wwe superstars.raw has been chosen wwe superstars on friday and smackdown has been chosen main event on thursday

  4. Mick is looking more homeless. Ugh, can we please get a RAW episode without Mick in it. So that's why Smackdown is more entertaining than RAW.

  5. Whenever Sheamus breaks the rules: This is ridiculous!!! When Cesaro breaks the rules: You gotta do what you gotta do.

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