Triple H On Ronda Rousey 2019 Return To WWE! Bayley Heel Turn! WWE Draft Botch Today! Wrestling News

Triple H On Ronda Rousey 2019 Return To WWE! Bayley Heel Turn! WWE Draft Botch Today! Wrestling News

Here’s is your news for October
12th 2019 Just one week after their premiere
on FOX, and this week’s
SmackDown was another huge show, thanks to the
WWE draft. During the show, RAW’s Universal
Champion Seth Rollins got a huge
win over SmacKDown’s Roman Reigns, allowing RAW to get the
first pick, which ended up being RAW Women’s Champion
Becky Lynch. Over the night, RAW got some huge
stars, with the OC, Drew McIntyre,
Ricochet, Bobby Lashley, Alexa Bliss, Nikki Cross, Kevin
Owens, Natalya, the Viking
Raiders and NXT’s Street Profits all heading to the
red brand. In response, SmackDown drafted
Roman Reigns, the Fiend Bray Wyatt,
Sasha Banks, Braun Strowman, Lacey Evans, the SmackDown
Tag Champs The Revival, all three members of the Lucha
House Party all representing
team blue. Since this was just the first round
of the draft, there are now several
stars who are free agents, including Cesaro, Humberto Carrillo,
Akira Tozawa, Sin Cara, Eric Young,
EC3, Chad Gable, Drew Gulak, the B-Team, Tamina, and Heath
Slater, who fans may recall going
undrafted in the 2016 brand split. One Superstar who isn’t in either
RAW or SmackDown’s draft pool
is Matt Hard despite the former ECW Champion
having a legion of fans. A veteran of the industry, Hardy
is seemingly preparing to embark
on a singles run, especially after Jeff’s recent
troubles with the law which
may take a while to be resolved. Taking to Twitter, Matt wrote about
not being in the draft pool, which
according to the rules classes him as a free agent, so he can choose
where he wants to go next. At this later stage of his career,
the Woken One seems focused on
helping other talent and help cement his own legacy in the company,
so expect the V1 Superstar to have some interesting feuds
and moments over the next few
months. If like Hardy, you couldn’t wait to
see who was being drafted,
then you didn’t need to sit through a two hour RAW when you
could’ve just checked
during the show. On Thursday, WWE posted their
draft pools on the website, and
many fans noticed that the ones seen on TV were happening in the
exact same order as the one listed
on WWE.COM At some point during the show,
someone backstage must have
noticed what had happened, as Stephanie McMahon shuffled
up the last draft picks, and the list on the site is now listed alphabetically. The WWE draft will continue on next
week’s episode of RAW, so hopefully WWE can avoid
giving away the results before
the show is finished. There was more on SmackDown
this week than the draft, as ten-time
Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair had her latest reign cut short,
but the fully-heel Bayley. Showing up tp SmackDown with
a new haircut and no ponytail,
it seems the old huggable Bayley is gone, and this was
confirmed when she popped
all the inflatable Bayley buddies. After losing the SmackDown
Women’s title at Hell in a Cell,
Bayley got her rematch against the Queen last night, and
shockingly won the match, getting
her new persona over. Showing a much meaner streak
in the ring, Bayley wasn’t afraid
to get in the referee’s face after
a two count, and even pulled on Charlotte’s hair when the Queen
attempted the figure-8, to get
the pinfall win. As of now, Flair remains undrafted,
so this could be a sign that she is
returning to RAW, but only time will tell. What we do know for certain is that
Bayley is the champ again, and after saying “bitches” and telling the
fans “screw all of you”, it seems
the Hugger is no more. Well whilst SmackDown was a huge
show, there was plenty more huge
news yesterday, as Cain Velasquez has reportedly
signed with WWE, and retiring
from the UFC. According to ESPN’s Marc Raimondi,
the 37-year-old fighter has signed a “Lucrative, multi-year” deal with
WWE, and has withdrawn the
USADA’s testing pool from UFC. At a special press conference held
in Las Vegas before SmackDown,
Velasquez was announced as the opponent of new WWE Champion
Brock Lesnar, who will defend the
title on October 31st at Crown Jewel. This will be Cain’s third match of the
year, after competing at TripleMania in August, and their New York
Uprising event shortly after. There had been reports of Velasquez
potentially signing with either New
Japan or AEW, but after his debut last week, as well
as the press conference, it seems
Velasquez is here to stay in WWE. Speaking to ESPN last week,
Velasquez spoke about wrestling
being his focus, saying: “My family is into it. They love it.
They’re super-excited. I haven’t seen them excited over something
like this in a while. It’s cool.” Fans of UFC will famously remember
Velasquez defeating the Beast at
UFC 121 for the Heavyweight title in December 2010, but after a 13-1
record, injuries would cause the
Mexican-American star to slow down, and he had just three more
matches, losing two of them, over
a six-year stretch, with his last bout seeing the former champion lose in
just 26 seconds to Francis Ngannou
in February this year. After the announced of Lesnar Vs.
Velasquez, the Beast appeared on
SmackDown, where he and advocate Paul Heyman spoke about
the upcoming match, saying Lesnar
is ready to get his win back. The ECW magnate didn’t have long
to talk though, as he was interrupted
by Rey Mysterio and Velasquez, who promised to give
Brock another scar, similar to the
one he received back at UFC 121 Though many fans aren’t thrilled of
the idea of a part-time Superstar
defending the WWE Championship against a fighter-turned-wrestler in
his first match, it seems the match
will happen in what will be a hugely
physical contest. Also from the Press Conference, WWE
confirmed that Braun Strowman will
take on boxing champ Tyson Fury at Crown Jewel, and these
matches will join the Team Hogan
Vs. Team Flair matchup, that will take place at the latest show
as part of the company’s ten-year-
deal with Saudi Arabia. Speaking of fighters joining WWE,
former RAW Women’s Champion
Ronda Rousey hasn’t been seen on TV in a while after suffering
her first-ever loss in the main event event of WrestleMania 35 to The
Man Becky Lynch. Rousey, who is currently rehabbing
from a serious finger injury she
suffered whilst filming FOX’s 9-1-1, is currently listed on’s alumni section but could be moved back to being
a part of the roster very soon. Speaking in the media-scrum
following the Crown Jewel
Press Conference, WWE COO Triple H was
asked about Rousey, and
very confidently said: “She’s coming back.”
Bold words by the King of Kings, “She’s coming back.”
Bold words by the King of Kings, but there is currently no timetable
for Rousey’s return, though Triple H
did say it would happen sooner
rather than later. Since her departure, there has
been speculation on Rousey wanting
to start a family with her husband
Travis Browne so ultimately, it all comes down to
what the baddest woman on the
planet decides to do. Back to the WWE draft now, and
next week’s RAW will kick off in a
major way, with a special inter-
promotional match. In a rematch from Hell in a Cell,
SmackDown’s Sasha Banks will face
RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch, with the winner getting the very first
pick for her show. With RAW being
a three-hour show, expect many more Superstars to be
drafted, as the WWE prepares to
shake things up, one more time. Now, we all know that WWE name
changes happen all the time, and
whilst some are good, others aren’t. For example, the transition of Rocky
Maivia to The Rock arguably saved
the Samoan’s career, but at Hell
in a Cell, King Corbin decided to rename
Chad Gable Shorty Gable, and the
nickname has stuck since then. Now, it seems Gable’s name if
officially shorty, as it’s what appeared
on his nameplate during SmackDown, where he lost to the King of the Ring.
According to reports, Vince McMahon is
giving Gable the nickname because
he likes him, though we feel there are better ways
to show your affection than
embarrassing one of your employees. WWE has seemingly been preparing
this storyline for a while, as they
trademarked the name Shorty G
several months back, so fans can only hope that the
former Olympian and Tag Champion
is able to pull it off. Whilst Gable came upshort,
on this week’s SmackDown to the King,
things were much better for the New Day, who were able to topple the OC in six-
man tag team action. In a hard-fought
match for club supremacy, it was Kingston who got the win for
his team, pinning the United States
Champion AJ Styles, in a truly mixed-week for the
African star. It was only a week ago that
Kingston lost the WWE Championship
in shocking fashion to Brock Lesnar, being pinned by the Beast in seconds,
and whilst it was nice to see Kofi,
Woods and Big E get the win tonight, it’s hard not to see this match as a
major stepdown for Kingston. With Cain Velasquez appearing
and the match with Lesnar set
for Crown Jewel, it seems Kofi has already been dropped
from the main event picture, and is
now once again back in the mid-card. Well we spoke about Crown Jewel
earlier, and the matches that were
announced during the press conference, and one Superstar who has had
plenty to say is Braun Strowman. Appearing at the Press Conference,
the Monster among Men had an intense staredown with the
Lineal Boxing Heavyweight Champion, and whilst Strowman gave props to
his upcoming opponent, calling
him a quote “bad dude”, the Monster warned fury that the
WWE is his world, where they
don’t wear gloves. In response, Fury said how although
he is a big WWE fan, he doesn’t
fear Braun, and during a handshake, the two would get into a verbal
altercation, that saw Triple H
get involved. When asked how he’s preparing
to take on someone who isn’t as
experienced as he might be in the ring, Strowman said he was following
the standard protocol. “You know,
I go about it just like I do every day, it’s no different than any other WWE
superstar I’ve had to face in the
past in WWE. Tyson Fury is just another opportunity
for me to go out there and show the
world what I’m capable of doing, so I’ve been in the gym as usual,
eating, fueling the meat castle,
getting ready to take on Tyson Fury.” Strowman was then asked if he’s been
studying any tape on what Fury has
been up to in order to keep prepared, but Strowman gave a much wilder
answer. “I’ve been head-butting brick
walls to toughen my skull up,” he said. When it came to the near altercation
between the two at the press conference, Strowman acknowledged it was just
the competitiveness between the two. “It is what it is, we’re two grown men
and larger than life personalities, and
sometimes things get a little escalated, and with a big fight like this coming
up, I might be poking at him a little
bit to see if I can get him rustled.” Needless to say, Fury and Strowman
are preparing hard for this match,
so when the two duke it out later
this month, it’ll be a must-see event.”
Fury further talks on the transition
from boxing to wrestling, he says “
“It’s gonna be an amazing transition.
I’m a natural entertainer. If you watch boxing then you know
that I’m the biggest personality
in the sport, so to come over here and get involved
in WWE, it’s an excellent opportunity
for me. I’m a quick learner. I’m like a duck in water when it
comes to learning things, so hopefully I’ll learn some good
moves and try them out on Braun. I’ve been training at the
Performance Center in Orlando
for the past week. I’m gonna train there for another
two weeks, go to London and
train there. I take everything seriously I didn’t come here to throw a few
punches and Braun Strowman
is knocked out. I came here to learn and appreciate
what these guys do. I don’t take
anything for granted, I work really hard at everything
that I do. The match between Fury and
Strowman is a big deal for WWE, and whilst some fans may not like
the idea of the match, much like
the Lesnar-Velasquez bout, expect some big hits on
October 31st at Crown Jewel. And finally today we’re ending with
some news from Bray Wyatt, as the newly-drafted SmackDown
star made his presence known
on last night’s show. As we reported earlier, Seth Rollins
was able to defeat Roman Reigns in the show’s opener to give
RAW the first draft pick, but that win came via a DQ, after
the Fiend got invovled.
Crawling from under the ring, Wyatt would proceed to drag
Rollins to the depths of hell, though the Architect was able to
escape, but was left shaken
by the attack. The controversial ending to their
Hell in a Cell match last week is
still fresh in the minds of the fans, with rumors of a rematch at
Survivor Series, it seems WWE is ready to try
and do things right this time, and help preserve the character
and mystique, of the Fiend.

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