Vince McMahon REACTS To ALL IN! SHOCK Ex WWE Star Contacted For RETURN! | WrestleTalk News Aug. 2018

Vince McMahon REACTS To ALL IN! SHOCK Ex WWE Star Contacted For RETURN! | WrestleTalk News Aug. 2018

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News
– I’m Oli Davis. The Cody Rhodes and Young Bucks-run wrestling
show All In set records earlier this year when it sold out all 10,145 of its tickets
in just 29 minutes and 36 seconds – making it the first non-WWE wrestling show to sell
over 10,000 seats in North America for the first time in the almost two decades since
WCW folded. Which isn’t just great news for diversity
in the wrestling business, it likely also pleased WWE and Vince McMahon – because they’re
all about not killing their competition and letting a global wrestling scene thrive.
Sarcasm! But according to Chris Jericho on his Talk
Is Jericho podcast interview with Cody and the Bucks… that’s actually totally how
he kind of reacted: “I told Vince about All In four or five
months ago. We were just discussing it, shooting the breeze and I go, ‘yeah the show is in
September in Chicago.’ Vince is like, ‘ah I wish they would have called me. September
is the worst time of the year to promote – it’s terrible! …they should have called me!’”
Hey, Vince, just wanted to spitball some ideas about how to best promote my upcoming giant
indie wrestling show, and-oh, ok let me take some notes.
-change name to All In-A-Mania. -book members of your family as the top stars.
Got it. -and anyone the crowd organically cheers for,
present them as a bad guy, and vice versa. Interestingly, on the Starrcast phone conference
– which you should order your FITE weekend pass tickets for by clicking the link below!
– Cody discussed how he’s approached booking All In and how some promotions *cough WWE
cough* are stuck in the past: “The approach and the attitude of a booker,
promoter, performer, competitor… however you wanna put it, towards the audience is
still a bit gripped in the concrete of old. A little bit. There was this whole thought
process of “We know what they want more than they know what they want” …But what I’ve
learned, especially since I paired up and hooked myself up to the Bullet Club, which
has been so beneficial to me, what I’ve learned is that you cannot force anything… anything
on the fans. So open-minded, in fact, that when Cody was
asked on Twitter if he “could book anyone in WWE (besides his real-life brother Goldust)
for All In”, he replied: “Zack Ryder. I know he doesn’t fit the
indie model exactly, but at one point that dude was getting his name chanted…in msg…while
the great one was in the ring, I think he works too hard to be just a super jacked dude
in the background.” While Zack would be a big surprise, the biggest
All In appearance would be from Chicago’s own CM Punk. But Punk’s now not the only
one in his house rumoured for a wrestling return…
…because according to Slice Wrestling, WWE have reached out to his real-life wife AJ
Lee for an Evolution comeback. “AJ Lee Has Been Contacted By WWE In Regards
To A In-Ring Return. Vince McMahon Personally Sent Message That She Would Be Welcomed Back
In The WWE Universe For The #Evolution PPV Or A Later Date Of Her Choosing. WWE Made
It Clear The Door Is Open” And you know it’s serious, When Every Word
In A Tweet Starts With A Capital Letter. Joe Peisich also claimed on Barnburner’s
No Holds Barred podcast that WWE is “closing in on a deal with AJ Lee”, and The Ring
Report say that included her on their website poll asking ‘which former Superstar
would you like to see return to the ring at WWE Evolution’, “because they were confident
she would win and the company actually contacted her a few months ago too” – which she did
win with a whopping 69% of the vote. Huh, 69.
Whether Lee is interested in coming back, however, is another matter. She retired from
wrestling in April 2015 because of a spine injury and that she felt “caught in the
middle” in the bitter feud between WWE and her husband CM Punk. And with that feud only
deepening after Punk’s court trial with WWE Dr Chris Amann earlier this year, her
coming back for Evolution would be a shocking development…
CM Punk return confirmed! The Young Bucks just got some funky new theme
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WrestleTalk on Patreon to make weekly NXT reviews happen. I’ve been Oli Davis, and
that was wrestling.

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  1. If AJ Lee were to return, I'd expect her & Punk to be divorced within the year. & even though a lot of smart marks are upset with how Punk did Cabana in the lawsuit, I think that the crowd at Evolution would still chant "CM Punk" if AJ returned there.

  2. The wan her back but u know what the real reason they wan her back is that they can talk to her and getting cm punk back she will peacemaker between wwe and cm punk so he can came is the same thing they did with jr and Austin kinda thing so can Smoove things up if u can’t get through with punk let’s get his wife bingo

  3. "Which they were confident she would win" – Well yeah they would be when they're obviously rigging the vote, I mean, Michelle McCool getting double Molly Holly's score, yeah right LMAO

  4. I know people throw shit at Punk about his attitude etc, but I actually think that he would not stand in her way if she wanted to return in any shape or form.
    He might not be happy about it, but he would more than likely just want his wife to be happy.
    That said, at the same time, I am not sure she would want to return as I am sure she is loyal to her husband.

    It would be great to see her return, even if just for a one off or short run, but I seriously do not see it happening.
    If she ever steps back in the ring (I do not think she ever actually fell out of love with wrestling like Punk did), I very much doubt it would be in WWE.

  5. i think aj has moved on from wwe. i think she would return just for a moment and royalties. not like u can blame her. but this would be one of the better things wwe would do. BUT then again we know wwe. even if they got her, they wouldnt make thee best of that moment like they could.

  6. The way Oli verbalizes the capitalizing of every single letter….priceless.

  7. She's been invited back with an open door so WWE can bury her character since they are probably salty about the CM Punk lawsuit loss.

  8. Not impressed with the Evolution card so far…….. I hate to keep going back to Bayley and Sasha in NXT….But what they showed was that a blood feud can be pulled off just as well by the women as the guys…..WHY? HOW?……For the SIMPLEST DAMN REASON….It wasn't TREATED like WOMEN'S WRESTLING….It was JUST WRESTLING. The WHOLE DAMN POINT is to put the women on par with the men. Wrestlemania battle royal, half the ring got cleared of people not even eliminated to have a diversity circle jerk moment mid match. Battle Royals by their nature are one of the hardest matches especially for the live audience who aren't privy to camera angles to keep up with….Do you smell what I'm cooking there? And so far we have the BEFORE WOMEN facing the NOW WOMEN…..Yeah, that's great….There's no fucking story to that. Not like there would have been had we got Becky as champion at SummerSlam more intense than ever after getting her title back…ending up with Charlotte at Evolution and LOSING. Don't you think that it would have made a far more effective heel turn if she had become 2 time champion got on serious run, lost to her best friend….And THEN busted her upside the head on a night that was supposed to be about celebrating women in wrestling? But NOOOOO because MY PROPHECY that I laid out here in the comments of wrestletalk came true…..WITHOUT PSYCHIC POWERS OR AID OF STORYLINE….Becky became a renegade vigilante HERO, who people cheered for smacking that Flair bitch for hogging the spotlight, and they had her come out Tuesday spitting cookie cutter heel speak about not caring what the fans….(Still chanting her name and cheering for what she did) like she was deaf and dumb to those cheers…..Way to screw over one of your best promo people…..Yeah STILL NOT INTERESTED IN EVOLUTION.

  9. Only way AJ returns is if she and Punk get divorced. The guy completely cut off some of his best friends just because they still had some connection to WWE. Do you think there’s any way he’d be cool with his wife working for them again? No way in hell that happens unless their marriage falls apart.

  10. Punk and aj lee are my two favorite wrestlers ever. Especially Punk. I know people called him an asshole and shit but he was frustrated amd wanted to have time alone. I think he didnt want his friends in wwe bugging him about a return. Also the cabanna thing seems like a ploy to get money from punk. Punks a guy who paid for his friend's house so why would he do that to someone.

  11. CM Punk will absolutely return to the WWE one day. Especially if his wife is willing to go back. He’ll be there sometime within the next 3 years I’m predicting.

  12. 3:03 OMG, I almost spat my drink everywhere. The door is open for a AJ Lee WWE return might as well just bring both Punk and Lee back.

  13. I would love to see AJ Lee vs. Sasha Banks….Sasha was sad knowing Vince would choose Golden Girl Bliss to face Trish. What about give this opportunity to real talent Vince.

  14. Cody Rhodes is not the first youngster to think he knows better than someone who has been promoting for decades.

  15. AJ was never a great wrestler she just stood out because all the girls at that time was trash but she was pretty that’s it all this time off ion think this a good idea

  16. oh i hope aj comes back
    she looks unique great physic has great mic skill and is great all around
    fucking punk and his ego ruined her too

  17. I feel like vince is only contacting
    aj lee to keep her from all in. Or any future all in. I'm for it though. As long as Vince apologizes to her and pretty much gives her everything she ever wanted

  18. Please, everyone just wants AJ back cause they're praying her husband returns with her. Then they'll get bored of them within a month. Remember when everyone begged for the Hardys to return? Remember when everyone wanted Matt to bring the Broken gimmick to WWE? These fans are the reason why WWE sucks today…

  19. At this point,I feel anybody going,debuting,or returning to WWE is just going to be restricted from their full potential as both a wrestler and entertainer.I'm not saying they will be mistreated,I just now feel the WWE is NOT the promotion to go to become the star you've always wanted to be.

  20. there are a lot of wrestlers who the fans like but doesnt get pushed because of management… cough cough..Elias

  21. If AJ Does not return… I will kms skksksks. But seriously, AJ vs Sasha vs Alexa, NEEDS AND I MEAN NEEDS, TO HAPPEN.

  22. I think I finally understand why wwe fans hate Roman reigns. You can’t boo Vince McMahon so you boo who he’s pushing.

  23. I have the sinking feeling if AJ comes back to WWE. A few things will happen:

    -Stephanie McMahon will demean her again
    -she'll be fed the Charlotte
    -she'll be fed the Ronda Rousey
    -don't give her a shity gimmick
    -should we buried in commentary
    -they will book her to Oblivion

    Unless she does something in the contract that is in her favor, I don't have much faith in her coming back. Nor do I want her to come back if they are just going to fuck her up.

  24. The wwe bubble got popped this past weekend and the womens match that was on All In made every match thats been on the MAIN roster lately look like a episode of the three stooges but with chicks and what every Wwe bubble fan dont relize Vince thinks womens wrestling is a joke

  25. Please never use or credit Slice Wrestling for anything ever again. Slice just steals reports he reads from other sources, then fails to credit the prober people, all while claiming to be an “insider” with real info (LOL). When he’s proven wrong, or things don’t happen like he said they would, he just deletes his tweets and hopes people forget.

  26. I'd love to see AJ Lee return. I just hope that she doesn't get showered with CM Punk chants if she comes back. That would definitely piss her off and it would piss Punk off too because that would be disrespectful of the crowd to do something like that.

    Yes she's Punk's wife, but that alone shouldn't entice people to chant CM Punk over and over again. She is more than just CM Punk's wife.

    SHE was the true trendsetter for the Women's Revolution. SHE was the first one who was outspoken about how the women's division in WWE was treated years ago. So of course, Stephanie McMahon takes all the credit for it.

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