Weekend Contest + Summerslam Tease – WWE Champions

Weekend Contest + Summerslam Tease – WWE Champions

hey guys and welcome to another video
there is still no sign of any month-long contest but for this weekend we have to
return to the hardy compound for a chance at hardy boys working Matt Hardy
showboat Matt and Jeff Hardy once again the reward seems to be the requirement
if anyone has showboat Matt then you will win working Matt still makes sense
I guess for this event we have three blitzes with names it’s not normal heart
or hell this time they are gimmick with Woking universe names three one the
first one is the lake of incarnation we have five holograms available from the
inbox message from the de depths five Holograms to play which we will get back
if we finish it but if we lose there is no progress unless we buy it from the
store the Holograms I mean the other two blitzes have lesser nodes and are faster
in terms of getting points for the event tickets for these blitzes are available
in the store tickets for blitz named dome of deletion and skarsgård
express Scott Express is has only two nodes which is faster in order to get
the points and I cannot do the Blitz gameplay today for this video because I
don’t want to risk failing if emulator crashes it’s okay if I failed by playing
this but I don’t stand for any crashes so event states we play blitz on
Holograms beat bosses with Matt Jeff and Elias any one of those three to get
maximum points as I said reward is the requirement this time it’s an individual
solo contest that has plenty of bags the bags look promising now but we shall see
and if you look at the milestones Jeff is guaranteed reward at three star
bronze back contains shards of Shabbat mat and
higher milestones contains shots of woken Matt he needs 800 shots to recruit
him as a three-star gold but bags may also drop him as a two-star bronze that
shouldn’t be considered but we shall see the results later okay so overall this
event might give some resources even though there are no doors
I trust the bags to do that chances are chances of getting woken Matt is as low
as odds but we get a shot with every bag so there is also a prize wall but only
for players who finish as first 200 from the event woken matt is just waiting
there for these 200 players I usually don’t see leaderboards because
personally that’s out of the question for me meanwhile I think players who
really want to work in Matt will definitely get him so let’s let’s you
guys for the play free blitz we need like 67 with 67 runs with the Showboat
matt to finish all milestones while 47 for elias and 105 runs with jeff
accurate I suppose and I may be wrong but it’s around that let me know if you
guys get woken matt has the two star bronze from the bags and hope for the
best also one thing I have learnt with these
live games is any update done has to be checked live and most of the time there
are bugs and errors depth to figure it out and fix it for us but we have to
know this part in order to not mess up anything in the first hour and beg for
compensation just saying it’s the story of every life game or or is it the
composition that looks more rewarding for players food for thought anyways
thanks for watching stay subscribed and see ya in the
next video bye-bye you

1 thought on “Weekend Contest + Summerslam Tease – WWE Champions”

  1. Today I pulled 3 star silver matt showboat and 2 star bronze matt trickster from y
    The event 2nd milestone. Thinking to skip the event but I got both matt hardy and do not have them earlier. So a lucky weekend for me

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